Following Numbs protocol and its working

Hi guys,

I have a strong libido improvement that I wanted to share.

I wrote a few posts so far and had full blown PFS in 2018 after 6 years of finasteride. I recovered quite quickly mentally which I’ve posted here: 100% mental recovery - libido still low

However, libido has only ever improved temporarily with tribulus (not sustainable) and in a two week vacation in which I meditated a lot. Apart from these two events, sensitivity and horniness are a constant 2 out of 10.

As in 2018, I just recently took a year off to hopefully repeat my success I had in the two week meditation vacation and finally get rid of PFS. Searching for meditation in the archives, I found Numbs protocol who did pelvic floor exercises and meditation and improved almost to full recovery: Towards the recovery without any supplements

I started day one with a Pranayama deep breathing session followed by the first pelvic floor exercise Numb mentioned. The crazy thing is, that this was the first time I felt an instant improvement of libido. I felt my balls, my penis and arousal when I thought of women. Especially that warm feeling you used to get in the belly area was back.

I wanted to wait with my post until I am further into the program since I am only on day three now. But improvements are just great so far, so I thought I’ll share right away and keep you posted. I don’t want to get my hopes up yet however. Maybe this is just something the PFS brain will adjust to over time and the improvement is gone.

Interestingly, there is a third guy who also did pelvic floor, deep breating and meditation who recovered: ED Recovery from PFS

Since I haven’t seen a lot of protocols here that worked for more than one person I am very excited about this.

I’m planning to incorporate more and more Pranayama exercises over time.

Will keep you updated and all the best to you in recovering,


Quick update after one week: Libido and sensitivity increased a bit more . I’d say I am somewhere between 6-7 out of 10 which is enough that I have to think about sex constantly. It’s almost becoming a problem since it’s so enjoyable after all these years that I find it hard to focus on anything else. Meditation is almost impossible which is why at the moment, I only do breathing and pelvic floor exercises, roughly one hour a day overall.

Man seriously. I just feel I can’t take you seriously unfortunately. You come and go here saying you are recovering and at the end you NEVER really are. And the interesting thing here is: EVERY post of yours that implies recoveries mentions some product.

I can’t really know if you are actually a suffer or just a scammer. But anyways, I would surely bet u are the last, with great odds. If so, you are fucking sick honestly.

PS.: Even your username shows something like was created to make money on. Then, be less dumb next time you try to explore other people’s disgrace.


I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sure if you google “Deep breathing exercise” you’ll find stuff for free you can use. You’ll definitely find the exercises from Numbs protocol on youtube.

I don’t quite understand though how I should make money from random recommendations such as a book and a pranayama tutorial. Plus, if you read EVERY post of mine, you’ll find that your accusation is not true. It seems to be OK to recommend every drug on the planet in this forum, recommending an online course raises suspicion…

I’m a bit sad that your negtive post will keep people from trying this.

All the best to you on your way


It just doesnt sound natural people recommending supps with every post too. Its literally dangerous with our condition, but at least, most of the time, its just a report and they only say the name of it. You are always posting some very specific product and site.

And btw, its okay because its not even dangerous as their recommendations, but well, it looks much and much suspicious than their. And u just miss the time at your reports. 5 days ago you were 1/10 libido and then 5 days after your are 6-7/10. Like seriously, WHAT THE FUCK.

And by the way all your recoveries follow this completely non-sense pattern. Wish it was that easy. I followed a very strict routine for months and didnt feel ANY better. Then you are no doubt suspicious.

Be good.

How are you doing now? @fightfin

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sorry. I wanted to give a two week update yesterday but I was pretty devastated to be honest. All the improvement I made slowly started fading after my last post and libido is back to where it was. On top of that I “lost” a girl I fancied a lot. Not the best day.

Interestingly, Numb experienced the same thing after his first pelvic floor exercises: “Relaxing my pelvic floor helped me for a few days sexually but the improvements faded away after a while.”

Unfortunately he is not responding to my messages, but it seems that it took him half a year of exercising to get to the 80% improvement he spoke of. So I will continue and expand the program.

What I can say is that my breathing got a lot better. I breath deeper now and I am more relaxed due to it. So my already good mood I had before improved. I have hope. My next update will be in a month.

As promised my monthly update on my progress. First of all, it’s going well.

After the initial peak in libido a couple of weaks ago, it went back to almost baseline again. However, I continued with the exercises and slowly things got better again. Especially the last days libido and sensitivity went up significantly. I’d say I’m at a 5/10 right now. I can have sexual fantasies and get pretty aroused by them. Orgasms are much better as is sensitivity.

I read everything I could find on this forum on pelvic floor issues since this is the angle I’m trying right now. One guy claims that he got cured by relaxing his pelvic floor muscles while masturbating. So the opposite of what we usually do. He got back to almost 100%.
Someone else said, Kegels make things worse for him. Which makes sense from my own experience:

I observed, that I almost constantly contract my plevic floor muscles. So besides the exercises described by numb, I also concentrate a lot on relaxing the muscles. In my opinion, the initial spike in libido I got from my first muscle training down there, was a bit like PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) where you overcontract a muscle to get more relaxation afterwards.

I can’t tell you why or what theory might support this pelvic floor recovery thing, all I can tell is that I am making progress and that I’ll continue. Will keep you updated and all the best to you,