ED Recovery from PFS

Hi everyone,

So i’ve had PFS for almost 2 years now (was on it for only 3 months).

My symptoms:
Watery semen
Excessive hair shedding (reflex-hyperandrogenicity)

Recent recover in penis size, testicles. My balls are hanging pre-fin (almost back to same size). My penis size is about 95% back to original. Maintaining erection during sex is about 85% to pre-fin. My hair shedding has slowed down ALOT. Maybe 50-100 hairs a day now. Still not pre-fin (i’m hopeful though).

What i’ve been doing:
Asparagus (raw)
Cialis (5-10mg once a week)
Bathmate (penis pump)
Meditation (I focus on my penis when i mediate and can now connect my mind to penis, its pretty crazy and took about 3 months to achieve this)
Pelvic floor yoga with deep breathing (really trying to relax that muscle. You will be surprised how much deep breathing can achieve)
Very strict diet
Workout 3-5x a week (mainly do 150 pushups through out the day, 100 pull ups, 150 sit ups, etc. Nothing extreme)

Thats about it guys, im still not fully recovered but my progress since day one makes me so happy and grateful for my achievement to battle this shit. I’m mainly sharing this for people to have hope. I know reading all the negativity on this forum can lead you to a dark place and spiral downwards. But I am here to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anything is possible if you just focus, stay positive, and work for it.



Good to hear mate. Keep going


Happy for u mate. I wish i just had some sexual symptoms, unfortunately, i cannot do 150 pushups and situps. I get disabled after doing 10.

Will u plz fill out the survey? It will help us.


Wow congrats man, thats great news!!

Did you have any of the mental PFS sides?

Asparagus contains inulin fiber. It’s said to boost gut microbiome (specifically Firmicutes). It’s a stable in my diet. Congrats


Hi fxckfin,

Are you able to maintain the erections without the Cialis?

Luckily, not much. In the beginning of pfs I had slurred speech. Slight depression. But those went away with time

Eat them raw

Yes. I still take like 10mg twice a week. But I had sex with my girlfriend yesterday (full erection) and haven’t used cialis 3 days prior.

The bathmate honestly gave me my size back. It’s pretty much fully returned to natural size. Girth and length

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What strict diet are you on


So have you stopped cialis ? Or still on it

still on it. I take it twice a week. It def helps with blood flow.

actually recently stopped my diet because I noticed certain foods that would set me back have not been affecting me (knock on wood). Bread, dairy, and sugar used to worsen my symptoms. Now not anymore.

But the diet consisted of a lot of greens, lot of protein, no sugar, no refined flour. Pretty much it really, and I also make daily VitalGreen smoothies. I have increased my meditation though. Damn guys, i swear this helps sooooo much. Especially deep breaking pelvic floor training.


Few weeks update:

Balls still hanging. Penis still full. Erections still hard. I had sex last weekend, and my erection was not as hard as it was 2 weeks ago. But I have been off my workout/meditation/diet game last week so that was the consequence. My girl didn’t notice any difference though. It was only slightly softer for me to notice.


Of course it helps. So once you quit cialis your EQ most likely will get worse. Not being negative, just seen people on cialis, claiming recovery, and then they being surprised why they getting back to baselin after cessation.

PFS typically causes genital numbness. Did you have too or just ED?

Haha you are quite negative, but lot of people are on here. I remember when I first tried Cialis when I was like 6 months on PFS. Yes, I would get hard…but my penis was still hour glass shaped, thin, balls shriveled up, not full length.

Now, my penis is full…even when I go pee, it just looks full, my balls hang like a yoyo again, no dent in penis, no hour glass, and my penis length is literally pre-fin again when hard (maybe 97% pre-fin).

And also, Cialis WAS NOT the key component in my ‘‘recovery’’. It was just a little piece to the puzzle. Goodluck!!

I used to…not anymore

Hi @Fxckfin

When you have 30 minutes, could you please do us a massive favour by completing the patient survey via the link at the top of the forum? It would be very helpful for our current efforts with researchers.

Thank you!

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Hey guys.


Things are still strong (no pun intended).

Very happy with my progress.

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