ED Recovery from PFS

That’s good to hear!

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@Fxckfin this is all great stuff. I appreciate that you were able to get a lot of help through mostly non-drastic changes. I’ve occasionally tried Cialis and noticed a difference, too. But I would agree with you that it may not be necessary. I’m able to alter from decent to non-decent performance without it, and better performance with it. Can’t underestimate the perceived positive effect something may have.

My main questions are - Can you point to the pelvic floor yoga resources you use and did you experience any muscle loss in the beginning?

Hi there.

Cialis, had very little to do with my improvements. As far as yoga pelvic floor muscle workouts. It involves a lot exercises to relax that muscle. Many people say on here to tighten it, but for I felt I needed to loosen and relax it. I do a lot of stretches that focus on that muscle with heavy deep breathing.

Also, if you have ED I HIGHLY recommend a Bathmate. My penis is literally bigger than pre fin

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^^^^ . Also my balls have drastically gotten bigger and hang again. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s from asparagus. I eat 8 shoots raw a day 4-5 days a week and take 2-3 days break.

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Thanks for that. I’ll definitely give it a try.

This is an off topic add to my post, but this has got to be one of the most emasculating things any of us have ever dealt with. For all of you in your late teens or 20s who read this post, I feel for you. I am lucky enough to be going through this after starting a family (with no plans for more kids). I simply wanted my kids to remember that their dad had hair (plus I didn’t think my wife would mind if more was there, too). But for those of your who were planning to do those things and are suffering this setback, I am empathetic. I do think reducing stress has a direct correlation, and once you can put some blind hope and faith into that idea, it will move the needle. All other strategies are unfortunately less tried and true albeit sometimes promising. For my two cents, abstaining, reduced alcohol use, exercise of any kind, and LOTS of kombucha (bottle/day) have helped with several things.


Hmmm do you think this can really help ED? I am legit desperate to try anything (early 20’s)
im already doing the previous that you mentioned and i agree but kombucha? I tried that once it was gross. whats the best tasting flavor

That is true! In general, consuming alcohol is not good, expect for moderation. Drink like a few beers a week won’t do anything. As far as methods, things DO WORK. Just gotta try shit and see what works.

Just an update : my penis is fully back (maybe 97%). I can now have sex and keep an erection without cialis. But still take 1 pill a week

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If you are desperate to try anything, do what I did. Do it for a month. I’d be sooo curious if it doesn’t work for you

I have fully recovered from severe ED (couldn’t get hard for the first 1.5 years without meds). The most noticeable improvement came from HCG.


What was it you think HCG did? Like what separated it from the other interventions

Hey man,

Your story gives a lot of hope.
You mentioned shrinkage. How bad was it? Honestly, this is what’s freaking me out because it looks so permanent. Mine is severely shrivelled, narrow, numb, veiny and dead. As if it lost mass.

Tried bathmate for a while but it hurt a bit, even at low pressure. So wasn’t keen on continuing.

Thank you for sharing!

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It was really bad. I had shrinkage, loss in girth, length, balls shrinkage, hour glass penis shape, the whole 9 yards. There’s hope.

As for bathmate I got the one with water in it. Its much more tolerable, and just start off easy with it.

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You made my day brother! So happy for your recovery. Thank you :slight_smile:

I got a bathmate a few months ago and I’m kind of unsure of whether it’s worth it for me. It’s supposed to draw blood and give an erection, but for me it only causes my glans to turn black and blue, which seems odd.

I am nervous to use it much more based on how I reacted to it. But I suppose I could just leave it tucked away until I feel like I need to try it again.

Luckily, about the time the bathmate arrived (I got a defective one and it took an extra month to get a functioning one), I started to feel a lot better on my own, with the ability to get erections and have a sex drive again (which is awesome). I still tried the bathmate a few times anyway, just because. I found it strange that even though I’m able to get erections naturally, the bathmate doesn’t give me an erection. It just turns my glans black and blue.

That doesn’t sound healthy at all.

Yeah it makes me nervous that it could cause injury before it ever actually gets me hard.


Still fully recovered. No symptoms of PFS, thank God.

I now only use the bathmate like once or twice a month. I use Cialis probably twice a month now. Having very strong erections, and sex 3-4x a week.

There’s hope guys. Just stay positive and keep at it. Keep doing new routines till you find yours. There is an answer.


Hey man,
Checking in from that other thread. You didn’t mention the sorghum protocol here- do you think it helped/was necessary? Any other protocols that you did that you think helped?
Also, how long did it take on the diet and exercise to see improvements?
Lastly, if you’re now fully recovered, why are you still taking Cialis? Just for comfort or does your body need it?
Thanks a ton, super helpful to see someone stick around and try to help.

Hey, thanks for updating!

Can you give some details on how exactly you did the penis meditation and did you also have loss of sensitivity that improved?


hey there, i never took sorghum.

it took about 3 months to see improvements. I take cialis mainly for comfort and think my body still needs it. I take now 10mg a month. So 1 pill every other week.