🎉 First survey data: Age of patients

Hey guys,

I’m pleased to share the first of many reports from the survey. Basic data will be shared publicly in this category, and more detailed data will be shared in a private category for those who have taken the time to participate. Read more about this in the announcement topic.

This, like all future survey data reports, will be continually updated as new data comes in. Please, if you are PFS, accutane or post-SSRI patient, take the survey via the bar graph icon in the top right.


I am surprised that so few people have taken the survey.


82 is certainly higher than I had anticipated.

82 is very low compare to all users number

Active users? Or people who have created an account and disappeared into the wilderness (like most accounts).

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it’s a reasonable amount by now - probably what I expected, though not exceeding it unfortunately. This is a long term project and all these topics we will make are coming from live data, so as more people take it in the future the results will become more robust and the data in these topics will update and increase. I am hoping that the roll out of lots of topics in the public and private survey-takers forum will encourage other patients to take the survey themselves.

It’s quite often the case that patients haven’t noticed it’s available. This weekend I’m going to try and sort out the implementation of a much more obvious and nice looking (dismissable) banner for logged in members that will draw their attention to the survey. I am also working next week with a coder on the implementation of the reactions/therapeutics survey, so as these things all become more obvious it should drive participation. As always Rome wasn’t built in a day.


I don’t know how to take this, I don’t see that bar

Are you on a desktop or laptop computer, @snake? The survey is not suitable for mobile devices.