New categories: Survey basics and Survey premium


We are now implementing two new subcategories under member stories: A public category, Survey basics, in which we will share basic data from the survey, and a private category for those who have participated, Survey premium :star2:

The first data is participants’ ages, and can be viewed and commented on below.

We will be rolling out many topics from the data over a long time and breaking it down in different ways and contexts.

Please, if you haven’t already and are a patient suffering for at least three months after cessation: Take part in the survey by clicking the bar graph icon in the top right of the forum on a desktop or laptop computer. It is a very important project and the more people who take part, the more powerful the data will be. It will provide analysis of things that have not been possible before and will provide pilot data to scientists. Read more about the survey on the website and in the FAQ topic.

Thank you

axo and awor