Find help in my country (France)

I introduced my story yesterday : 18yo: Erectile, pleasure and libido problems due to accutane

I’m 18, ans I took Isotretinoin for 7 months. I have ED, lack of libido and pleasure and the major other sexual and penis side effects that I read in the post of some of you.

I’m from France and I didn’t read anybody with our side effects. My dermatologist does not know the problem and I have not read any testimonials in French on the internet.

What kind of doctor do I have to see? (Urologist, generalist or other?) How to choose someone who can answer this particular and rare problem? I would not know how to tell my story and show your theories and messages seem important to me. How to tell him without doing too much?

Another thing, I would like to find people who have the same problem and come from my country. How to find these people ? I thought about tweeting my story but I do not have many subscribers and no one will see it.

Thank you for your help, I have nothing but this forum (in a language I do not speak)


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this, especially at 18.

There are some french language articles that you might find helpful to read / show your doctor.

This is not a dermatological problem. You should visit a doctor and have your condition recorded. Research is ongoing and there are reasons to feel optimistic about the future but a doctor will be unable to offer a treatment for the root cause today. I know that is very difficult to hear.

It is quite important to know that some people here have experienced a complete and quick reversal of symptoms. When a treatment is available you can expect it to be very effective and quick.

As for your language problems (your English seems fine to me) there is a translation button under posts here (globe icon at the far left) which should make things a little easier.

People here are generally nice, and will support you.


First of all, thank you very much for this answer. I could not find any answers and this forum has helped me a lot since I found it and read your testimonials.

Thank you for the link of the article in French, I did not find it because I was looking for people with side effects because of Isotretinoin / Accutane. But it’s a good idea and I will be looking for the French community that has problems due to Propecia.

I know that I have to see a doctor but I do not know how to choose him (which specialty and especially that he is ready to read what I read here, it would not be an innocuous consultation). I have not told my story to anyone and I do not want to repeat what I live to several different doctors. That’s why I have not already seen a doctor ans because the problem due to Accutane is obviously not known at all in France. I’m afraid of being seen as a hypochondriac or a paranoid who has found scientific theories.

I do not know how to tell my story so that he has all the elements while not passing for a nocebo effect victim.

Ok, you need to get over telling doctors what’s going on. You’re going to have to do it.

You should probably speak to a General Practitioner (GP) or a Urologist.

Perhaps you should present just your symptoms if you’re worried about being accused of being a hypochondriac. Don’t say what you think the cause is. However, you need to report that it happened post taking accutane and make sure that’s recorded.

As I said, the doctor won’t be able to treat the root cause so you just need to ensure you’re taken seriously and that the relationship between your symptoms and accutane are recorded.

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You’re right, the solution is that I explain the symptoms and that it happened while taking this medicine. If it goes well with him I’ll tell him the rest after.

I needed your message to wake up to the idea.

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I have to admit this guy is so right to be worried about telling his symptoms to a doctor they just screw their faces up rather than accept the facts they try to put things into your head like depression.
I asked one doctor for blood tests which they did when I went back i had the not so great pleasure of seeing a different doctor who initially told looked on the computer and told me your blood tests have not come in yet I told him yes they have the receptionist told me they had come in hence I’m sitting here talking to you.
He messed around for 5 mins looking again then said yes i found them he then scanned them for all of 5 seconds and declares everything looks ok but didn’t tell me any of the results.
He then asked me about Finasteride and why i took it so I told him to stop hair loss and to my amazement he asked me did it work and how well lol i looked at his thinning hairline and said yes it works but at the cost of your manhood.
At this point it wasn’t hard to realise i was talking to someone that knows NOTHING.

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You should report this to your doctor. Even if he tries to convince you this is simple depression, you know it’s not. This is a reflexive reaction on the part of doctors to claim depression when nothing can be found.

You should also report your side effects directly to the French regulatory agency.

Sorry to hear what happened and sorry that there isn’t more help available for us.


Hey man, sorry to hear you’re going through this. I’m 18 too so I can relate.

You could try taking a product called Pine Pollen powder, it really increased my libido to pretty decent levels. I was completely impotent for two months before this.

Take care and feel free to PM me if you feel like it.


Hey that’s great of you to share that you’re using pine pollen. Could you give a link to the exact product you’re using, how much you’re using and how often.


Hey man, I’m taking this:

Three tablespoons daily. It’s great stuff.

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Pine pollen also brings back my acne and masculine body odor. Now i gotta find something that helps with the mental sides…

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Huh, that’s interesting. I find that I get my body odour back when I’m feeling better and it disappears when I’m getting worse.

That’s convinced me to give it a go.

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Let me know how it goes. For me, everytime I take it for 3+ days, I get some pretty good libido, some acne and my body odor back. When I stop taking it, everything goes away (except libido, it only lowers)


I take it it does nothing for mental sides?

It does give me a bit of an “alpha” feeling, making me more confident with women. Doesn’t seem to do much for other mental sides, unfortunately

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Thank you ! I will report my side effects on the website as soon as I can.


Thank you ! I’m happy to find someone of my age here, your story interests me I’ll send you a PM later.

For the Pine Pollen Powder I do not believe in miracle product but happy that it works for you. After a very fast research the consumption of this powder is apparently not innocuous and could cause problems with the kidneys. But it’s great to have shared this, I think I will test anyway it’s hard to do worse than what we have.

What is your body odor problem? I have not smell much for a long time (probably because of Isotretinoin) but I do not think I have this problem.

Basically as described. Less body odour, if I’m feeling better, it comes back. It’s one of the measures that I can judge my condition with.

Since I saw your two messages on this symptom I was very attentive and I think that I also have a disturbance at this level. I tested a day without putting deodorant and at the end of the day I had not sweated. It was impossible before.

But I’m pretty sure it’s not a side effect that I have constantly, I would have noticed otherwise, even with a lack of sense of smell.