Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

I got my partial results according to preliminary values even with 1mg everyday dose arimidex ineffective at the moment. This must be the reason about my failure of replicating first weeks improvement. Total e2 is 34 it was 35,5 3 years ago My total T went out of the charts… i will update when i got the other results…

Okay i am still waiting for free T results i am sharing what i have now

Arimidex 1 month / Before arimidex

TSH 1.37 uIU/mL.
Free T4 1.01 ng/dL
Estradiol. 34 pg/ml. 35.5
FSH. 12.7 uIU/mL. 9
LH. 8.2 mIU/mL. 7.9
Prolactin. 15.2 ng/mL. 8.8
Total Testosterone 1230 ng/dL. 780
Free Testosterone
Glucose. 115 mg/dL
Insulin. 11 uU/mL. 7.9
Cortisol 9 ug/dL
ACTH. 12.5 pg/mL
Growth Hormone <0.05 ng/mL
IGF-1 113 ng/mL
DHEAS04. 238.5 ug/dL
Albumin. 47.2 g/L
Blood urea nitrogen. 17 mg/dL
Creatinine 0.96 UI/L

I think they lost my free T result or they confused with free T4

@VinnyG @Jaime @Invictus what do you think?
Should i change to aromasin for reducing estradiol to 22-25 range ?

Hey @DHT ! Where did you get this arimidex from? Is it an underground lab, or pharmaceutical grade? I’ve seen people on bodybuilding forums claim they’ve been taking arimidex and still have itchy nipples and high E2 symptoms. Then they check their E2 and it is very high (60) and they conclude it’s because they got sold fake, or ineffective underground arimidex.

Are you still taking 7 mg of arimidex per week? I feel like in most men, that would be enough to literally put you at an E2 level of 2. I have no idea how your E2 isn’t tanked. I have two theories.

  1. You have mildly ineffective arimidex.
  2. PFS somehow is messing with your body’s hormones and has created a super high state of E2 that is only partially brought down by arimidex.

Also, did you test E2 via the sensitive assay? It is the gold standard and the most accurate.

Either way, I do not recommend aromasin. It is a irrerversible inhibitor meaning that your enzymes will be destroyed until rebuilt. That is exactly how I ended up here, taking an irreversible aromatase inhibitor. I know I’m biased, but for that reason I don’t recommend taking aromasin. Plus, the dosing and regimen will have to be retested and relearned until you know it’s safe to take.

The only thing I might recommend is trying to lower prolactin. I did that with cabergoline and it made me feel better while I was on it, but it wasn’t really a cure. Again, that’s a risk you’re willing to take and it might not be effective at all. As far as the very low growth hormone test, I’ve heard the gold standard of testing for it is the stimulation of GH test. Is that what you took, or simply a serum level?

I know your personal goal was to lower E2, but I’m actually relieved you weren’t able to achieve that because it’s really not safe to do so with the kind of dose you were taking. If you go to any bodybuilding forum and tell them you’re taking 7 mg of arimidex, they will think you’re absolutely insane. If you do want to take arimidex, be conservative and take waaaaay less. I know I sound like an old man harping away at your decisions, but I’m just trying to keep you from really hurting yourself.

No judgements with whatever you decide to do, because it is your body in the end and I get that we’re all trying to find health again. But I just had to input that :slight_smile:


nothing to worry about, beside your adex being bunk like others said

Lets hope not because if your free t is 1, you’d be immobile.

SHBG would be interesting to see as well.

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Okay, Today I went to lab and yell them a bit.
They say my free Testosterone result is ready and just waiting for final approval. They send sample to another lab with a sensitive array i will summarize results down.

FSH 9 —> 12.7
LH 7.9 —> 8.2
Estradiol 35,5 —> 34 pg/mL
Total Testosterone 780 —> 1230 ng/dL
Free Testosterone 1.70 —> 4.61 ng/dL
Prolactin 8.8 —> 15.2 ng/mL

My first e2 and free T results are from 3-4 years ago others are from just a month ago Before arimidex.

It is really weird it I was sure that I had estrogen crash when I started arimidex at 0,5 mg per 2 days or 3 days also my ed was almost disappeared.
Then I made a break for a week then I unable to crash my e2 to that levels, paradoxically opposite of tiredness, I became more awake and extremely energetic.
Now also I have high rage, thank got my self control is also increased but, I really want to smash some thing :slight_smile:
At gym my performance almost doubled I am using maximum weights on the machines I was stuck at %75 of max weights for three years. Now in 4 weeks, I max outed them easily.
I have very mild joint pain when I take arimidex.
I got some restoration on brain dick connection also visual lost restored a lot until this time I had bad days good days but these improvements are huge for me especially visual lust.
I am sure that arimidex is legal and taken from legitimate pharmacy.
Like you say may be I am unable to crash it because of pfs.l or my balls generating to much testosterone and overwhelms arimidex or some how my receptors became oversensitive.
I can confirm that I have weird tingling sensations on my nipples but I do not know if it’s related with estrogen or prolactin.
For short after one month of arimidex my testosterone almost doubled my free testosterone increased more than x2.5
Also my prolactin doubled for some unknown reason…

May be I have to add SERM to my regimen instead of changing to aromasin
Tamoxifen, Raloxifene or Clomifene. With Receptor blockade may be i can reduce my estrogen activity to desired levels.

Or maybe my improvement in first week only related with neurosteroid changes and i will not be able to replicate or sustain same improvement :frowning:

Yeah that’s so interesting. I do believe it’s real arimidex and effective because your testosterone went up significantly. But how you haven’t crashed it is a mystery to us.

As far as the SERMs go, they can actually mimic high estrogen symptoms because they act on the estrogen receptors. I took clomid and it gave me high E2 symptoms, but my E2 never rose above 25. It took my testosterone very high (1200) too. Clomid and tamoxifen usually raise E2 due to the high test. The way I understand it, ralox doesn’t “jump start” the HPTA like the other serms, but is very effective against gyno because it binds the chest receptors tightly for some reason.

Im glad you’re feeling better, man! Fingers crossed that it is sustainable for you.

According to my free T level my SHBG must be lowered a lot because normal ranges of free T is between 0.1% to 0.2% of total Testorterone. Mine is currently in supra-physiological range at 0.4% of my Total Testosterone.
Even with these values, I only got partial restoration.
My biggest improvement was in my first week, when I was hit by low estrogen symptoms but got almost total recovery from Ed.
I was able to hold it up more than 30 minutes without the help of any pde5 inhibitor. I thought it was impossible and I basically returned before start of the my first symptoms, which is 10 years before today. I can do anything to replicate that achievement.


As of today I increased dosage to 1.5 mg anastrozole per day. @VinnyG @Jaime @Invictus

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I have increased arimidex 2mg per day my libido increased proportionally but still i am unable to crash my estrogen though i feel like i got flu i think my interleukin 6 jumped because of crashed aromatase inhibition if i get an estrogen crash i will let you know. At the moment my nocturnals and morning woods increased also my dreams are sex oriented weirdly i got a lot of sleep disruptions because of painful woods. Everybody thinks i am on steroids or Trt because my muscle mass increased a lot also my upper body enlarged a lot according to papers arimidex should not have acted like anabolic steroids and gives more muscles but my strength almost doubled since the start.
I got 3 kg lean body mass even with fasting i gain weight but not as fat. Also i suspect water retention because i got a little bit moon face.

This looks very interesting

It seems logical that DHT concentration would increase concomitantly with elevations in TST because DHT is a TST metabolite. Relative to the change in FT and the significant increases in DHT over the eight-week period, the present data suggest a role for 6-OXO in up-regulating the activity of the 5α-reductase enzyme. Unlike TST, DHT is a non-aromatizable androgen


I think that is pretty much what is going on for tribulus, which does for SURE hold anti-estrogen properties for some, and why longer cycles are needed.

Update, i was on 2mg per day regimen for several days but it was too heavy…
I did not hit by fatigue instead, I got random pains in my body and extreme flu like symptoms.
I reduced to 1 mg per day my libido leveled down then increased a lot.
My plan is to switch aromasin then inhibit aromatase for one more month.

Also I noticed that my short term memory improved a lot, I mean I always forget small things then, got panicked about thought of lost them.
Now I do not forget and if I forget I think calmly and remember where did I left them.
This was a surprise because estrogen is essential for memory and aromatase inhibition is strong in brain. I would expect increased memory impairment but opposite has happened.

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Guys today i stopped arimidex and started 25mg aromasin.

So far my Arimidex experience is;

First 10 days I almost restored to my pre pfs state maybe 10 years before today.
Ed did not solved but i was able to have sex three times in 5 hours before i have to wait for minimum 3-4 days.
Then i made a break couldn’t replicate first weeks improvement may be my body adjusted high androgen level idk.
Until today i got maximum gain on genital sensitivity and orgasmic pleasure. Then visual lust restored may be after 14 years also i have urge for sex and i am daydreaming about sex I didn’t noticed what i lost until try this.
I am more masculine my muscles are enlarged in gym and work people thinks that i am on steroids.
Also i am more tense but relax at the same time, really weird. My mother says that, what happened to you, what are you taking, you are like your old self…
i can become angry but i can hold my self and my temper easily, some how slowly, my way of thinking and behavior is changing.


I’m glad you’re feeling better. I hope your improvements are retained. Cool you’re looking swole again, too! Keep on checking in with your aromasin improvements/changes, please!

Hello Guys, This my forth day on Aromasin 25 so far it is more stronger than arimidex i am able to replicate my first weeks improvement at some level. Thank god i have that funny feeling in my genitals again but, i am unable to crash estrogen. Also my joint pains are eased a lot, almost disappeared.
On this side effect it is way more better than arimidex.
My libido is extremely high almost on hyper sexual levels unfortunately on ed side nothing changed i can became erect but really hard to hold it i am also trying sperm retention. Before aromatase inhibition i was able to hold my self for three weeks and i can hold more now after 10 days i had to ejaculate otherwise i got huge genital pressure and ball pain.
My Psychiatry is really weird i am definitely on down mood that also happened on arimidex in my first week. I am still very tense but at the same time my limb muscles are relaxed so much also i can easily hold my temper it is really hard for me to explode with anger though i have low level constant anger. Again like my first week on arimidex i think sex all almost all the time even in my dreams are sex oriented.
And sensitivity is perfect, i got the most sustained improvement on this.

About my extreme improvement in first week of aromatase inhibition i have a theory. I believe it is related with serotonin depletion and serotonin modulation.

Check this quote;

Finally, the effect of estradiol on mood must be considered. As mood can correlate with sexual interest, it is reasonable to consider these data when discussing the role of estradiol on libido. While cognition, well-being, and depressive symptoms improve in men whose low testosterone levels were corrected,24,25,26 higher levels of estrogen also have been associated with less depression in older patients of both sexes.27 In addition, estrogen supports serotonin levels and affects the amount of 5-HT receptors in the brain, and depending on receptor subtype, there is sexual inhibition or facilitation.28,29,30 A recent study showed a significant positive correlation between endogenous plasma estradiol levels and cortical 5-HT2A binding in men, with no independent effects on these receptors from testosterone.31 In addition, when serotonin binds to these 5-HT2A receptors in the cortex, limbic system, hypothalamus, and midbrain, sexual desire is inhibited with subsequent induction of refractoriness and sexual satiety.32 The interaction of estrogen with serotonin is complex, with overlapping influences that reaches beyond sexual desire including mood regulation and cognition.33 This fact makes its true impact on sexual desire and behavior difficult to fully elucidate.

This looks very interesting.

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@Demon i need your input too. Do you have any opinions .?

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Man, you completely mad to use Aromasin. Stop it immediately!

[ QuantumFaith”s Blog. Recover or Die Trying (RIP)

Firstly, you might know me from another username here. I have had to change it due to some privacy concerns and i will be posting on this account now. Perfect timing anyway as i have just got my bloodwork back today from my baseline after quitting TRT.

For anyone who should recognize this member, please refrain from revealing the old username. - Enden

[size=5]My Story[/size]
I took Saw palmetto Extract in March 2012 due to rapid diffuse thinning. After about 2 weeks of taking it i developed severe testicular pain and had an ultrasound but it came back as fine. I kept taking the SP because i didnt know it was the problem, then my mood started to swing like crazy. I started to feel hypersexual in April 2012 and i got oil all over my face and acne. I went to a party and had a few drinks and a cone of weed and i had a 8 hour pannick attack and woke up with PFS. At the time i didnt know i had PFS i thought weed caused braindamage or something lol. When i first woke up i had bad brainfog and over the next 6 months all the PFS symptoms started.
Original PFS Symptoms[/size]
Low Libido
Loss of random erections
loss of erection quality
loss of morning erections (only once a week)
Apathy, borderline psychopathic
chronic fatigue
lack of refreshing sleep
lowered body temperature
Chronic Constipation
Joint instability, mostly in the lumbar spine
lack of body hair
puffy face/water retention
Brain fog
severe concentration problems
loss of enjoyment for hobbies
social anxiety

Because all the symptoms developed over 6 months i did not notice how much i had changed, only my friends did. They started to ask what was wrong with me, as i had quit the sport i was becoming an elite athlete in. THey started to hate me and i didnt know why, but now i know. I lost all interest for things that used to excite me like carpentry, snowboarding, engineering etc. I flunked college hard and basically turned into a couch potato. One day in 2013 my friend said he has some girls over and he wants me to come. And i did not want to. This was very strange for me and this is when i knew something was wrong. For the next 2 years i went down the rabit hole with "“Adrenal Fatigue” “depression” and other theories i had for the lack of libido. When TRT did not work that was when i knew something was very wrong with me. I tried TRT for 2 years with no benefits at all. Then in May 2015 i took progesterone cream and i had a full recovery for 3 weeks, literally went through a second puberty and got a job, then i crashed and had to quit. That was when i discovered Propeciahelp because of the progeterone threads and i traced back my transactions and found that my testicular pain in 2012 started 2 weeks after i bought saw palmetto, and the Crash i had was 1 month after. This made me FREAK out and i started to try many things.

I was on JQDs protocal from August to september and i felt 75% better but i had no libido, so i experimented with clomid and for some reason it brought me to 100% but i couldnt maintain it and it gave me some sort of hyper estrogenic effect. I tried taking a tiny dose of arimidex on top and i was 100% recovered. I drove my car for hours crying with joy, i went to the shops and looked at the women like a bull, i rediscovered my WHOLE personality it was fucking INCREDIBLE. I was planning my life, catching up with new friends etc. Then it started to slip away, and i tried another tiny dose of arimidex and it came back, but only lasted 6 hours this time. Because of how PROFOUND this recovery was i could not think properly and i kept redosing the arimidex untill it stopped working at all. So i tried some aromasin and i crashed really bad. I quit them and as i expected i recovered 7 days later and decided to go the natural route at recovery, because this is not sustainable pushing my body into balance when it doesnt want to. Then on the 8th day i crashed again and i have been plagued with SEVERE symptoms on top of my PFS for the past 8 months, which has probabaly ruined any chance of having a normal life again.

[size=5]New symptoms since September 2015[/size]
Extreme connective tissue weakness: Have to wear a neck collar due to cervical instability, cannot bend my back or pick anything up from the floor. By far the worst side effect and the one that leads be to thinking about suicide. I literally cannot turn my head without getting neurological symptoms from the lack of stability in the cervical spine. I have to look straight at all times, and i cannot drive a car anymore. This includes the connective tissue ALL OVER my body. I dislocate my jaw if i yawn, i can sprain the ligament in my eyes if i look to the side too far. Its terrifying. I also wear a back brace and i can only shower twice a week because its very scary. I feel like a puppet, literally. It must be because i triggered another persistent change, but this time in a estrogen pathway, and because estrogen is very associated with collagen synthesis i have suffered severly due to already having hormone problems from PFS.
Severe brainfog, about 50x worse then before
Eye floaters
Visual snow and flashes
Severe orgasm intolerance
Severe fatigue
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Overwhelmed feeling in my brain
Intractable Constipation: Cannot move my bowels without an enema
Supplement intolerance

So what i have essentially done is make my condition go from bearable (i was self sustainable and working, and making a life formyself) to housebound requiring care 24/7. The situation is so incredibly unlucky that i cannot believe it everyday. Its hard enough to get saw palmetto PFS, then to have severe problems from an AI is such ludicrous. My body is severely damaged now

[size=5]Course of Action[/size]
I am now seeing a VERY good functional MD who has ordered a whole host of tests to get me a solid baseline, which i have just posted below. Sadly they dont show much at all. I will be seeing him tomorrow to follow up the tests and start a protocal.I would like to follow a plant based diet with high amounts of juicing but its not possible with my severe constipation. Eating fiber is dangerous and could end up putting me in the ER, if not killing me due to obsructing my bowel. RIght now i am juicing up to 8 glasses a day of organic produce, and im eating organic meats, liver and some cooked vegetables like asparagus. My diet will change as my gut improves. If i can fix my gut i will be able to drastically alter my diet, but for now im eating a gerson/weston a price diet. Using coffee enemas and juices from gerson, and utilizing grassfed fats and meats from weston a price.


The biggest issue for me is connective tissue/collagen. My symptoms are on par with elhers danlos syndrome which is a congenital disorder.

Only difference is i induced it. My DHT stopped working from saw palmetto and my estrogens stopped working from aromasin.

Add in HGH deficiency on top and you have a recipie for collagen disaster. I can injure my fingers by spreading my hands.

My entire gastrointestinal tract is effected too. My rectum is now so weak its almost prolapsing. I have colonic inertia, small bowel dysmotility and now gastroparesis. All found in elhers danlos syndrome.

All of this on top of chemical castration

IF fmt doesn’t work then i want to try boost HGH with mk677 if i can get it. If i can get more collagen synthesis i might be able to stay alive longer. Im getting neurological problems from my craniocervial instability and over time it will probably lead to cranial settling where the head compresses the brainstem causing seizures etc. I’m already nearly blacking out from turning my head.

Its a total nightmare. If i went back to pfs only id love my life forever.

Please keep me in your prayers. FMT is my last hope. If it doesn’t work i truly have no idea what to do. I have no money for stem cells etc… Im degenerating way too fast.

I suspect its all antibody related and with 2 blocked hormomes, fucked connective tissue and totally destroyed gastrointestinal system recovery is impossible.

FMT is it folks. Im praying


@Jaime why not say anything?
For me here you are all crazy.

Be careful people.


The article is very interesting.
Estrogens are fundamental for us.

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