Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

Understandable position

So why on this forum in the first place ? If you believe there is no such thing as recovery. People who recovered dont visit this forum anymore.

Maybe he wants some support, maybe he wants to give some support, maybe he wants to keep abreast of scientific developments, maybe he’s waiting for a call to contribute to a study, maybe he wants to help steer people away from dangerous or risky things, maybe he wants to encourage people to contribute to the scientific effort rather than waste their time and money elsewhere.

I’m sure there could be other reasons.


I can say that 0,5 mg arimidex restored me completely for one day.
I mean complete recovery i am experimenting with dosages.

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How about orgasm intensity and semen volume during that recovery? Were they 100% fine. Thats good news.

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What all restored?

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Okay I will explain, morning wood, boners and spontaneous erections were come back I was able to sustain erection with girl without any pde5 inhibitor ( cialis etc) I had weird sensation on my genitals that I cannot explain but the most important thing is sensitivity came back 100 percent. It was happiest day of my life all day my libido were at top. Next day i woke up with several acne on my face and back but, I started to loose it and came back to pfs level after 48 hours of I took 0.45-0.4 mg arimidex.
Next day after 48 hours I took other half 0.55- 0.6 mg. I got my morning wood, libido was high but no spontaneous erections by noon time I felt depressed unexplainably…
This night I will take another 0.4 mg and let you know.

Orgasm intensity was perfect I felt satisfied after so long time may be a decade. Semen volume did not changed or affected. I am extremely careful with dosing and taking it very slow. Also at first day my floater problems in my eye almost disappeared this was not expected.

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Hey @vanquish, Do you have an opinion on using Tribulus and rotating it with other herbs ala CDnuts? I tried Tribulus, it worked, but after not too long it stopped working. Is there a theory as to why this happens? Also, what are your observations about the effectiveness of TRT?

I don’t believe cdnuts protocol, or any other treatments work at all. I’ve tried tribulus, other herbs, fasting, drugs, ECT, stem cell, etc, and none of them made me feel any different. I have better days and worse, but in general it’s been a slow downward spiral for me.

I never tried TRT because I’ve felt exactly the same even when I had perfect hormone levels.

My theory about why tribulus stopped working for you? Who knows? Maybe it was a placebo effect, maybe it’s a peculiarity of PFS, maybe it’s just a coincidence and you were going to feel better during that time anyway, even if you weren’t using anything… What I think is certain is that it ultimately doesn’t work, there is no known treatment for PFS yet.


Wait you even tried stem cell??? Can you elaborate more about this?

I’ve written about it on several other threads. I had placental stem cells taken from a donor injected once iv and once inside my penis. It didn’t do anything.


This is brain thing guys like I said before recovery in one day can only be explained by neurological/hormonal issues.
I suspected that my tool was damaged but it seems it is intact and ready for action. It is exactly like a downward spiral for me too. I am unable to replicate my first day reaction but, I did not crashed I am somewhere in between 40 percent better I can say. Morning woods and reaction to visual stimuli is restored. I will give it a month and will see what happened.

In the past I’ve had an have an odd reaction. Anytime I inhibit aromatase, either with meds or herbs, my morning wood would come, but I’d get so tired. Iodine for instance would do this. But again, major fatigue. Become a zombie basically. No joy.

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May be because increased dht has a modulating effect over gaba receptors like benzodiazepines…

It’s possible. I feel very similar when I use pure DHT, either with androhard or R andro (now). Wasn’t always that way. Most likely because my DHT is back online now (Beard growth, etc.).

As far as aromatase goes, I won’t continue to mess with it unless nothing shakes further over the next few months. Good luck to you though keep us updated

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That extreme tiredness hit me today feels like sleepy all time. I researched it a little some people said aromasin won`t cause this. May be i will try that but at the moment i will try to endure this because my libido is restored.

It will if it tanks your estrogen