FEATURE UPDATE: New Surveys Launched (Therapy Outcomes/Notable Reactions and Tests), Ticks For Post Drug Survey Completionists

Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce new surveys for those who have completed the Post-Drug Syndrome Survey have now launched. These are the Clinical Tests Reporting Form and the Therapeutic Outcomes and Notable Reactions survey. From now, the graph icon (viewable in the top right of the forum when browsing on a desktop or laptop computer) will take you to a post with links to all three surveys.

Please note: This is a heck of a project, and data will not be available to users until @awor has significant time to do his side of the coding to make sense of it all. This work is likely to be a christmas project for him, but you can get submitting now to help build the picture.

We have also implemented a much requested way to see who has and who has not taken the post drug syndrome survey - members of the Completionists group will have a blue tick at the bottom of their avatar, so you will be able to tell if new or old members need a nudge to contribute to the survey.

We hope you are pleased as we are to see these features roll out




Great work @axolotl and @awor!

I feel that with proper analysis, the data we can glean from these two surveys you have implemented can provide us with a great deal of insight into this condition, types of presentation, and variations in conditions. It will allow people to compare their blood test results, and experience with substances to those who have had similar experiences and thus infer which substances are risky/safe for them to try.

Perhaps these surveys will be even more meaningful than the first one.

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Ur both great @axolotl and @awor

When we get this cured Iā€™m buying you both beers, wherever in the world you are.

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