Experiences with attempting CDNUTS protocol

I want to make a thread about people’s experiences with using the CDNUTS protocol. A few things I want to mention before I get started:

I am not claiming to know what the exact causes of PFS is. I am not attempting to tell anyone that I believe “homebrew” is the way to go. I am not telling anyone that it’s best to use their money on buying the necessary supplements, T boosting herbs or Pro hormones that are involved in the CDNUTS protocol over donating their money to the foundation.

This thread is simply for the purpose of giving people the opportunity to share their experiences with attempting one of the best if not the best protocol ever to be discussed on this forum. its clear that CDNUTS was just as messed up as the average PFS sufferer and it is also clear that he made a full recovery that does not depend on ANY prescription medications or hormones to maintain. With this said, I don’t believe his protocol has been giving a fair chance by enough members on this website.

His methods are not easy and therefor I understand if people do not want to try it. But I am trying it as I believe the small amount of guys who have followed his methods while mirroring these methods exact or something close to exact have recovered or made major progress. I’m familiar with some, for example:

bizzybee- Active member who has been following the methods of CDNUTS for some time now and who has made major improvements.

Three other Guys suffering from PFS who are currently getting assistance from CDNUTS on another website who have almost recovered.

It’s important that more guys try his protocol. The basics of his protocol are this:

  1. Get your body clean. This is done by water fasting, Juice fasting or a fruit and veggie only diet. CDNUTS in his recovery thread recommended one two week water or juice fast. It’s important to keep in mind that during he has done several fasts during his journey to recovery.

  2. Cycle DHT pro hormones in 4-6 week cycles. CDNUTS in his recovery thread said that he did six week cycles. He has done at least four cycles of AndroHard from PP. This product is not for sale anymore because it’s been shut down by the FDA. You would have to know someone to get your hands on it and even than it would be an old bottle that has been sitting around for a while. There are two well known alternatives that are currently available which are Andro 300 and Alpha Hard.

  3. Proper PCT/Proper Testosterone maintenance via PCT and Natural Herb/T boosters cycling, The way step two and three look is like this:

DHT pro hormone cycle for 4-6 weeks (6 weeks better for best chance of increasing 5AR activity)

PCT for four weeks COMBINED with cycling of natural T boosting herbs.

Another one or two months (one month better for sake of moving onto next cycle quicker) of cycling natural T boosting Herbs

This is one complete cycle. The idea is to do these cycles until you recover/ notice improvements. If after let’s say two complete cycles you are not making progress than fasting again may not be a bad idea even though the protocol only calls for one fast.

These are the basics. The purpose of this thread is to trade stories and experiences with following this protocol. The protocol is about being able to recover with out the continuing need of taking prescriptions meds/hormones. It’s about constantly moving your body little by little back into the right direction by using a one hundred percent natural approach.

What this thread is not about:

People bitching and crying and using this thread as a support group.

Peoples opinions on what PFS is, what is going on in the studies, why they don’t like this protocol or other protocols and why they are victims because the system let them down. It’s important to keep this thread on topic, I don’t care about any of this other BS.

It’s time to work with this forum and not against it. It’s important not to give up and submit to this. This forum is a weapon if you understand how to use it. Let’s take this back to the good old days and make progress using the best protocol invented by probable the most intelligent member ever to have posted on this forum. Let’s do this by remembering one important thing:

Four or five guys actually followed this protocol and they are currently cured or almost cured and living normal life’s.

The more people who contribute to this thread in a POSITIVE manner the more we can put this protocol into practice

The goals of this thread should be as follows:

Document people’s progress cleaning their bodies before stimulating 5AR activity with DHT pro hormones and by keeping their testosterone levels at good levels using PCT and herbs.

Discuss the best T boosting herbs to cycle and the best DHT pro hormones to cycle.

Encourage each other and support each other during difficult times such as fasting periods.

Let’s get a good group of us working on this and let’s keep these bitchy wine bags off of here. This is not home brew or people discussing theories. This is natural treatments to improve your health. So please the guys with PMS just stay the fuck off of this thread and go continue to have your periods somewhere else in your little support group threads.

I think we can use Proviron instead of using Androhard? And just doing water fasts. Wish it was this easy to recover. I will try it though

CDnuts is a fraud. He is a salesman.


Cdnuts scammer, I agree. Don’t fall for it.

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Im not trying to defend him, but i havent found anyone here who used his Protokoll religiously as he is advocating…People who are affected with PFS are relatively very few, and you can buy his recommended herbs from any other company and use the same protocol (So im not sure how much money he is making, and if it is at all worth it for him)…Again im not saying his Protokoll should work, but at least from everything we tried here and thousands of dollars spent on supplements, his Protokoll is definitely one of the cheapest, and hardest to do at the same time…Some alleged success stores has been well documented as well, which is quite rare in the pfs world.

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I thought I remember his protocol being pretty expensive. I remember he recommended cycling like twenty-something different herbs. Maybe it’s not so expensive if you take one at a time.

Not exactly…20 is the max. Number as i remember…The main thing is to keep rotating…The least number i guess would be 7 herbs…Comparing to the number of supplements that has been tried and to the price of Mediherb tribulus, it is really one of the cheapest

has anyone had any success/improvements with any specific herbs?

Apr1989 was cured by mediherb tribulus but he injected himself 1 shot of tripotrilin prior to his tribulus protocol so it was key

I did exactly the same as he did and got no results.

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What are your sympthoms ?

Where should i start my friend?
Depression/insomnia, Anhedonia, brain fog, tinnitus, complete sexual dysfunction, skin numbness, loss of taste/Touch sensations etc…
I wont lie, i really think that im one of the worst cases but i guess that what most here thinks, so…

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You’re not one of the worst , many people are suffering from the evil drugs , we’ll get there my friend , i’m confident we’ll soon find a cure , things are moving from different parts , stay positive

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I think you must be misremembering. I just checked his website and he recommends two dozen supplements for boosting testosterone. They’re pretty expensive too. Ant extract from the site he links to (which he’s also [allegedly] an affiliate/salesman for) costs $45 for 3.5 oz. Ashwagandha goes for $35 for 2 fl. oz, and that’s just checking the first couple. He also recommends 3 more daily supplements, 4 more for “optimizing the brain”, and another 4 for sleep. And who knows what other affiliate links he might be shilling for.

Im really not trying to defend him in anyway, but after all how much is he getting in commission for each of these purchases?..And how easy is it to get the same herbs from other companies other than the one he is recommending?..I really and truly believe that he is better off selling some secret herbs mix and advertising for it than advertising for herbs that are available all over the internet…
When i wanted to try his protocol i bought like 7 herbs from amazon and never touched lost empire stuff…
To be fair to him again…I am unaware of anyone here who followed his protocol religiously, and i would be happy if someone who tried it (As it is supposed) can chime in here.

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Please don’t use the word protocol, because is just bunch of random herbs. I can choose random androgenic herbs as well and name it ‘’ slick’s protocol’’. He is a scammer, and there is no point referring to his so called ‘‘protocol’’. Since when trying androgenic herbs became a unique PROTOCOL ? can someone explain me .

My friend please be patient and read into it, Becuz jumping to your conclusion just support the fact that no one has really given any thought to CDNut protocol…
It is a protocol, the herbs are just a part of it…If it was just the herbs, i would have already said, that i tested it and it failed, but the CDNUT is waaaay more difficult and definitely more than just taking some supplements…
Again im not saying it would work, but again to me no one here has given it any real chance lately, and i understand way…Its just hard to keep up with it.

it’s not a protocol. It seems to me you are defending him and it’s quite suspicious. DOn’t mislead people with this, because his only interest is monetiziation.

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You seem to me as the someone rather misled himself…It is a protocol whether you or me like it or not…Its a set of things you have to do daily and be strict about it (and ffs its not just taking HERBS!!!, did you really read his protocol at all?? If not, i can send you his Webseit in private???)…
Now whether those things help with our condition or not, I DONT KNOW…Whether he invented the whole thing to earn some money, I DONT KNOW either…But either way it is definitely not more costly than buying 5 bottles of Mediherb tribulus, which i dont see anyone around here complaining and bit***ing about, and either way you can buy and find the same herbs he is recommending literally everywhere on amazon.
Accusing me and using words like suspicious or whatever just makes you look a bit ignorant, and i dont think you are…You just dont want to read, and i cant fix that for you.


Maybe just do everything except the herbs and supplements? None of his affiliate linked herbs ever did anything for me, but I eventually found a few other things that do.