Dr. Alan Jacobs Patients: Please report your experience

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After this inspiring blog post, we are eager to hear about some of the success stories from Dr. Jacobs’ patients. According to his blog, there must be MANY out there! Please come forward and share your experience here!

I won’t hold my breath.

I saw jacobs and all he did was give me chlomid and told me that xanax would fix my anxiety and it didnt make since that my T levels were high and I didnt recover after the chlomid treatment. Then He wanted me to go on a heavy lifting schedule with a lot of squats. Waste of money really, he sounded like he knew his stuyff about it but assured me that in time I would get back to normal, he said in a few months… 9 months ago or so.

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i have not been able to find a single person who was fixed by alan jacobs, so i am very excited to hear these success stories too! according to him, there are lots and lots!

i cannot wait for these success stories to start rolling in …

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i have a feeling if alan jacobs is ever forced to PROVE these supposed success stories that he is going to be in a very tight spot


Well at the very least he believes in PFS…

The PFS docs are snake oil salesmen, cashing in on a group of men ready to do or pay anything for a cure. It’s disgusting. I doubt you’ll find a single person who they have cured, a fact they don’t give you a straight answer on when confronted.


Boston332, Clampdown33, Finatruth, please add to the data.

All the PFS doctors are cowboys. I don’t care, no relevant studies have been done by specialists or GP’s. Wasting your time going to these Doctors.

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Propeciashiz how have you been? How are your sides currently?

I’ve been really good. I’d say i’m 70% better. You?

Unfortunately immense amounts of bad stuff going on in my life right now. I am gonna hopefully nove back home and try to regroup… PFS wise no significant changes outside of increased appetite.

Sorry to hear it. Keep your head up. I’m probably not going to be on here much anymore. So if anyone has any questions shoot me an email.

I saw Dr. Jacobs once, in late 2010.

His hypothesis at the time was that PFS is a function of lowered androgen sensitivity and that the cure is therefore to inject high doses of testosterone, I assume to make up for the effect of the supposed lowered androgen sensitivity (along the lines of “lowered take-up per unit of testosterone times increased testosterone levels equals normal total testosterone take-up”). He was hoping to try this idea out on me by having me inject testosterone for some time and see whether my symptoms would go away. This sounded like a risky and not very promising proposal to me, not least in light of my recent failed experiment with AndroHard (see http://www.propeciahelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3684&p=26157#p26157 for that story if you want to), so I refused.

I haven’t seen him or spoken with him since. I hope that he doesn’t therefore simply count me as one of his supposed success stories. “Cowboy” sounds about right. To put a patient with by all appearances healthy testosterone levels on the equivalent of what bodybuilders refer to as a “cycle” just to conduct a “proof of principle” to me is medically irresponsible. As to the fact that he “believes in PFS,” I agree with Cap that this isn’t necessarily a redeeming quality. He may simply be exploiting a market in which he faces very little competition.

No improvements for me under Jacob’s care. I do not know of any other of his patients that have improved and I suspect he has zero success with those of us with “true PFS”. His office told me they “help everyone” with PFS. That was inaccurate at best. At this point I havn’t seen him in over a year and like most others I’m disallusioned with the PFS docs.

While I don’t believe Jacobs currently has any effetive treatments I havn’t seen anything to make me question his motives. He lent credibility to PFS by blogging about it with more to lose by doing so than to gain. Maybe his clinical observations could be useful as we move forward with research. Honestly I don’t think $180K is significant amount of money to Jacobs so I’m not sure that’s his motive. Further, I think you know who will have a very hard time discrediting him with his pedigree so at the very least he holds that utility for us.

Jacobs once told me about a patient who lost sensitivity to thyroid hormone. He loaded her on huge amounts of thyriod hormone and eventually she begin to respond favorably. This was controversial treatment and he was taking a bit of a gamble by attemping it. I think this might be in part where he got the idea of the supraphysiological T treatments. All T-treatment did for me was make my testicals seemingly disappear from their already shrunken state which caused me even further depression/anxiety.

I think at this point we all understand that we’ll get much better return on investment from the PFS foundation than with any of the PFS docs.

I went to Dr. Jacobs while still on fin (1mg) after crashing. I was still on the poison when I first saw him. I found him psychologically helpful to speak with. I came to him after seeing a rheumatologist who ran lots of tests but thoroughly dismissed the notion that finasteride could cause my troubles. So the fact that Jacobs seemed to believe me gave me some hope and a helped my mindset. He did not attempt to put me on TRT, Benzos, or Clomid, and kept telling me that I was most likely to recover on my own, so we should wait and see. He was also the first doctor who seemed to run more appropriate tests (he knew to run total, free, and bioavail T). Now, it is 2.5 months off the poison, and I have had lots of ups and downs, but have had some improvements since the initial crash in the summer. Those are the pro-Jacobs factors. The cons to me are that he seems skeptical that finasteride has caused me any kind of nerve/joint pain, thinning of skin, low blood temp (surprising, since he’s an endo), muscle wastage, or fast and severe depletion of the ‘padding’ around my feet, hands, and glutes. So did he "cure me? No, but I felt seeing him at least gave me a more positive mindset which helped me take more action on my own (diet, exercise, supplements) which hopefully have helped general improvements. I don’t feel that he’s exploiting me, but I am aware that he’s flying by the seat of his pants with these treatments. I do agree with the group though, in that he likely hasn’t cured any “pure” PFS cases. I will probably see him once more after the latest bloodwork comes back, although I am continuing to search for a different doctor who can help with the symptoms Jacobs can’t/won’t address. PM me if you know anyone!

I’d also like to add that I do believe his theory that having a ‘genetic load’ for anxiety or depression does seem to make one more succeptible to sides on propecia. This call for experiences is a great idea. I hope all 300 guys he saw come forth.

soooo, he did NOT cure you … i am pretty sure you do NOT count as one of the people he has fixed!

i wanted to bump this thread, i am really hoping to hear from one of these 300 patients

Their silence speaks loudly…