Discussion about estrogenic symptoms

Some people have floated the theory that estrogen is acting on ar receptors in the body and brain in place of the androgens.

So our bodies have become estrogen dominant but then why doesn’t clomid or other anti estrogens help?

Because people even myself after stopping finasteride the first time I went back to normal and bald spot got much larger in just a few months hair fell out like crazy…Now it’s almost gone and never returned and am almost physically disabled now…

Clomid did help me but nothing changed the physical symptoms but mentally I improved

I had to go to urgent care my back has went out muscles so weak…I think its nerve problem can barely walk…I weighed 272lbs…my normal weight has been 160lbs for the last 15 years…they gave me a shot of toradol

Clomid raises estrogen and testosterone

The real reason baking soda helped me so much…For whatever reason your body not metabolsing Testosterone correctly would appear that something is wron with the adndrogen receptors…I would have no other explanation for why it improved my condition…


I’ve heard this from Mark as well I’ll definitely give it a try thanks for the tip

Yeah Im the one who told him about it…

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Do you just take it once a day with a glass of water?

Organic Baking Soda Helps! A thread here I started about baking soda…

My original thread about the adverse events I suffered…IMO your body is basically “starving to death” for testosterone at the cellua level and all the down stream effects.

What improvements have you seen? It’d be surreal if baking soda actually made a difference.

That would honestly make sense… When I crashed, my body literally feminized. The color drained out of it, and it took on the exact complexion of a woman. It’s like the effect of testosterone and androgens are completely gone from my body.

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Ditto I feel ya brother

It makes me pretty mad when people think the worst this condition gets is a numb dick and brain fog. Are there any users you’ve talked to online that have had these severe physical symptoms?

There was a guy in Cali who crashed, then gained 100lbs as well but don’t know what happened to him…Also just google fin and weight gained and this comes up with a ton of hits all over the net, forums. etc…Its pretty common from the shit. Yeah I have said be glad thats all it did to you…It can leave u physically disabled…

It already has, It left me with crippling nerve pain and pains and aches all over my body must have messed my CNS up. I’m staying positive it’s the only tool I have in my armoury

YES absolutely esp sugar cravings could be our brains wanting a quick sugar fix to release dopamine. How’s your cortisol?

I’ve only had it tested fasted in the AM and it’s been pretty high both times.