Cured after 11 years

I replied to the post above. Yes, hcg can’t convert to estrogen on its own as its a synthetic lh. I meant that the testosterone that is produced with the help of hcg will convert to estradiol at a high rate.

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When you read the memberstory of chi Chi's Member Story & Progress I think it’s the same principle that he used. I think he raised dht with his daily sprints and weightlifting. He did this for 3 months. After the three months he took a break and that’s exactly the time when his first really big improvements happened.
Very interesting!


I don’t believe it. Many folks on this forum have tried Proviron with no luck. Eleven years and no posts and now he posts after he is cured. If it was this easy we’d all be cured years ago. Sounds a lot like CDnuts.

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He likely surpressed his HPTA and his body rebalanced or receptors rebalanced. Others may have taken smaller dose proviron without shutdown? Or it doesn’t do much with TRT?


Did you read what he did?

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No one has tried proviron at this high of a dose if im not mistaken


I do support you on that one! Pretty sure someone will try to replicate this protocol, then will get so much worse that the only way out for him would be suicide. I do hope this won’t happen! But as I see what is going on here on this forum, all these theories without any scientific backup, or if there is any, it covers just a small fraction of the whole picture, which is more dangerous than not knowing anything what is going on, as if you know nothing usually you don’t try to fix it…

I too felt a little skeptical about this post but you are missing a huge point. Only few people used HIGH doses of Proviron without quitting while they were feeling worse using it. The protocol’s main point is to use high doses of it

Just like, @JustQuitDut. He and his friend recovered like the same method too. I wish i was a very severe case so i could try this high dose Proviron treatment myself… Im too young and a mild case to risk it.
@nw0ordeath Justquitdut used and recovered. Read his famous thread.

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Jfyi, Zadig tried the JustQuitDut protocol…

Would you say that your symptoms are better, same or worse after your dht cycle than before your dht cycle?

I am wondering if good results could be achieved with several “low dose” cycles, to avoid the very bad state and probably higher risk associated with the high dose dht.

As I said. I was taking it during a specific period where I had high E2. It balanced my T:E2 and raised my DHT at 25-50mg/d. The result was increased sex drive and higher strength. If you have a recent bloodwork that shows you have high E2, low T and DHT. Then it could prove very useful. Having low E2 is a different ball game, though.

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Thanks for posting. Sorry you have to deal with so many cynics that still think going and getting a DHT test taking Tribulus could be the cure…

I took injectable masteron for just a few days to a week. It made my hair start to fall out fast and also made my muscles look much bigger and chiseled. I stopped taking it because I didnt want to go bald.

Anyways, I think your theory / recovery has merit to it and I hope a few people are willing to test it out themselves.

  • When you stopped, did you just stop cold turkey?
  • You said you took 200mg a day for 7 weeks right?

You haven’t answered my question. Do you see a difference in you symptons between the time before you took proviron to the time after you took proviron? I am not talking about the time on proviron.

Another question: Did you experience accelerated loss of hairs?

It’s hard to say whether the perceived benefits during Proviron treatment produced lasting effects for me. That said, I remember I was symptoms-free for months after dropping it. I had a bunch of other issues that surfaced later, more specifically in 2016-2017, such as gut dysbiosis and low E2. Yes, my hair thinned out considerably on Proviron.

It shouldn’t be problematic should you decide to experience with it in low doses of 12.5-25mg/d to see how you react.

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Okay thanks.

Makes me more optimistic that this idea might have value. Several low dose cycles.
Let’s see if my doctor agrees to prescribe me a sample tomorrow.

And about my hair: Fuck it…


Fantastic idea. But as I said earlier, if your E2 is low then Proviron is not your best friend. Good news is, my hair grew back after I stopped it for 3-6 months.

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Unless I am missing something later in thread, he took Proviron (an oral) not Andactrim.

Good call. I edited my post to not confuse people.

Pls give us more info about your miraculous recovery, I’m thinking about doing it myself in the near future.
I think this could be the real deal.

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Renegade here, awakening from his slumber to chime in on this interesting topic (and thanks for invoking me, Redivivus - you inspired me to post my final update to T-Nation). Pal, your experiences and symptoms are almost identical to mine - a lot of them took time to creep up over the past 10 years, but I know they’re all PFS induced.

Anyway, I did try a small dose of Proviron (25mg/day) back a couple of years ago which wasn’t successful. However, I do think that Pal is onto something here. I was on TRT at the time (and when I came off), so my androgens were fairly high before, during and after, which was probably the reason my stint failed.

I think that flooding our bodies with DHT (only) for a while, and then suddenly withdrawing from it is actually something that might work. It’s essentially mimicking what Fin/Dut did to most of us in reverse, and thereby could theoretically normalize our AR’s/methylation pathway.

Pal - I think I’m into trying this. Maybe now that I’m off TRT (which is key), I’ll try it with much higher doses of DHT steroids. I’m thinking 50mg/day of Masteron Propionate (injectable) and 50mg/day of Proviron. (By the way, I would never advocate using steroids for vanity purposes, but anyone here that worries about this being too risky or is afraid of losing more hair, obviously hasn’t suffered PFS long enough).

I would like to hear any constructive feedback from Pal or anyone else who has some experience with this type of protocol. This is one of those topics that needs serious exploration/updates.