Cured after 11 years

I think a lot of people have tried proviron.
Does anybody remember if someone else used it for 8 weeks?

If anyone could find a legit source for this stuff Iā€™ll be a guinea pig I just donā€™t want to take something and have it be either poison or something fake.

I find it pathetic how doctors will prescribe a drug that suppresses dht but a drug that raises dht is banned in the United States smh.


PFS is NOT a singular disease. There are many facets and components to it since weā€™re all biochemically different and come from different genetic background. AR receptors silencing is one theory to go after, but then we also have HPTA axis disorder, adrenal insufficiency, gut dysbiosis, Immune system disorders, etc. Treatment modality that may prove someoneā€™s condition may lead to worsening condition to someone else.

That said, I tried Proviron in the past at 25-50mg with varying results. If your E2 and SHBG are both high whilst FT and DHT both low then it might prove helpful. It binds to SHBG and compete with E2 at receptors level leading to higher FT and free DHT and thus induce favorable T:E2 & E2:DHT ratios. As others have said, it is suppresive to HPTA in higher doses.


You could look in past posts.

Search: Proviron:

Search: mesterolone, the generic name of Proviron:

If you donā€™t mind me asking, where did you get hold of Proviron?

It shows 24 results, all in this thread.

Can you descibe your results, and duration of intake?

Not sure what happened there. Hereā€™s a search for Proviron that turns up results from various topics:

And a search for mesterolone, the generic name of Proviron:

I wonder what a researcher like Dr. Abdelmahed Traish would think of this case study and if he thinks it would be plausible. I mean if all these researchers go out of their way to call the PFS damage ā€œprobably irreversibleā€ in their scientific medical papersā€¦ That means that in all of their expertise and wisdom they couldnā€™t see a way to reverse the damage done.
If the treatment were as simple as ā€˜desensitize the DHT receptorsā€™ wouldnā€™t it be something hormone specialist geniuses like Dr. Traish would have come up with a long time ago? Or am I giving these researchers too much credit?


What about Proviron(or DHT injectable) and HCG? Will those shut me down?

Proviron alone in small doses for short-term is not that suppressive. Hcg and other injectable androgens are highly suppressive, especially hcg as it converts to estrogen at a high rate.

Nothing in this post makes any sense at all. The goal was shut down and HCG is a gonadotropin, it doesnā€™t convert to estrogen :man_facepalming:

I wonder why these researchers call PFS ā€œirreversibleā€. many people get spontaneously better. I also think doctors like to air on the side of caution when it comes to possible treatments due to the fact that anything affecting the androgen pathway can be potentially disastrous


I donā€™t buy that this is irreversible in the sense that nothing can ever get us out of this. Iā€™ve had periods where libido returns and erections are better. The bodyā€™s signalling is bruised but not severed IMO.

If I had a year off of work I bet I could beat this with diet, meditation, and training like an athlete all day


Duration was 2-3 months IIRC. I had an E2 of 35 pg/ml at the time. I used it at 25mg (sometimes 50mg) per day. It increased my libido and heightened my aggressiveness and strength at the gym. It also gave me a drier and harder muscles tone and of course thinner hair. These are all hallmarks of elevated DHT activity. It slightly suppressed my T. However, I now have low E2 thatā€™s hovering around 19pg/ml so lowering it further (or blocking its receptors) may not be the best idea. I have a bunch of Proviron packs laying around. I may give it a try when I solve my low E2 plight.

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Most of the uses of this term in the literature refer to ā€œpotential irreversibleā€ effects, or they say ā€œpersistent or irreversible.ā€ A representative title from Michael Irwig:

Persistent sexual side effects of finasteride: could they be permanent?

So most of the examples I see are using caution about saying whether itā€™s irreversible or not.

Hereā€™s a search of PubMed for ā€˜finasteride irreversibleā€™:

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I was responding to this comment:

It would appear though that people with severe physical symptoms such as myself there is some form of organ damageā€¦Kidneyā€™s, liver, pancreas, spleenā€¦It is much more than just sexual for some peopleā€¦

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Guys I think this is a very important recovery story and that the thread should be kept on topic.


You probably have accrued some organ damage unfortunately since organ health is tied to the GI tract which evidently cannot and doesnā€™t function properly without functional androgen signalling. The good news is you can 1. lessen the damage through healthy habits and 2. the organ damage seems to be reversible in most cases (not sure about osteoporosis)

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