Crashed Vitamin d3


My joints are worse. It is also possible also the increase of testosterone worsened me.

Obviously I do not take anything anymore, whatever I take I get worse.


I take it daily with cod liver oil, going to parachute it for a while to see if some of my symptoms abate! I cracked one off last night after a period of abstenance and I’ve got elevated mental sides and testicular ache today. Great eh lol


I also testicular pain!


It’s a pain - pardon the pun! For me it subsides after a few days. It was consistent when taking the propecia and led to the removal of one of the pair. Got a prosthetic now. Keeps me balanced lol


it does not say it is an aromatase inhibitor but vitamin d supplementation is associated with lower estrogen levels. and that is in women. this may be through another endocrine negative/positive feedback loop, but it does not directly outright block estrogen production.

in addition, i have blood work showing that vitamin D does not affect my estrogen levels.


Thank you, it seems like I’m recovering from the crash.


A PFS patient gents and I are in contact with worsened late last year with an increase in mental symptoms and severe testicular pain after a large dose of vitamin d3 which took a fair while to resolve. He went into hospital in the meantime I believe. He feels better with anti androgenic supplements including the mentioned broccoli extract, incidentally. The same as ever.

Vitamin d exacerbated my symptoms at half that dose. For me the worsening passed in not too long.


Ciao Axolotl! In your opinion there is a supplement that can give us a little benefit? l-Carnitine? Vitamin C? Aminoacid? I refuse to believe that any supplement can make us worse, fuck! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I know it’s crazy, virtually everything I have tried gives me initial improvements then I suffer a crash, from then on in I become sensitive to it. Got my best uplift from Turmeric. It lasted for 2 weeks the longest run I’ve had. I actually thought I was on my way to getting better. Then boom it fell apart. Had a curry Wednesday evening and had an increase in sides on Thursday. Poor show!


Yes my friend is crazy


Might be because vitamin D displaced vitamin A.


one of supplements i was taking at moment where i started having crashes again was vitamin d3 so its possible it can affect negativily some of us