Vitamin D3 increases AR, but decreases DHT stimulatory effect on PCa cell growth


This study describes a two-fold increase of AR transcripts in prostate cancer cells induced by vitamin D3, but a strong inhibitory effect on growth:

On a molar basis VD3 was the most effective antiproliferative agonist (ED50 = 10(-9) M). It completely neutralized the stimulatory effects of androgens. Growth inhibition was not due to a decrease in the concentration of androgen receptor: whereas atRA, 9cRA, and PA did not alter androgen receptor levels, VD3 provoked a twofold increase.


I wonder if this might have something to do with an adverse reaction some of us have had to high doses of D3:


The thing is, my vitamin D levels become deficient to the point where I feel even worse fatigue wise than my PfS symptoms if I don’t supplement. Should I consider dropping 5000 iu a day down to maybe 2000?


Consider this:

The recommended safe upper limit for supplemental vitamin D3 is 4,000 IU/day

…But, it’s not as if you’re exceeding that many-fold, as some have.

You might want to get periodic blood tests if you are concerned.


I do get periodic blood tests, and the most recent one my doctor actually said I’m right in the sweet spot for vit D. I’m not good about taking it everyday though. Maybe I can switch it 2000 a day and be fine

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