Contemplating suicide

The brain is highly complicated and neurology and diagnostics only go so far esp if neurosteroids are concerned there’s really no way to measure unless a lumbar puncture is carried out. Perhaps our immune systems are highly sensitive and the change in chemistry sets off a cascade of problems. That’s all hypothytical but finasteride is a non competitive inhibitor that much is true and until anyone here says otherwise then it’s the truth and isn’t a speculative comment as can verified by a simple search. Funny you say that about the SSRI’s I had a severe reaction years ago with one wasn’t right until months after.

I don’t see your message mate pm again thanks

Hi Blueryan, do Your PMs work? I sent You a message

listen, you are out of your mind if you dont think we have a decent idea of what’s going on with us. it’s gene silencing, so you dont have to re-theorize about a whole bunch of other stuff that a lot of the members tend to be obsessed with.

we are working on 2 community projects that will help us get closer to a solution
IF we get lucky, then the baylor study wont be compromised

so that’s definitely 2 things that will benefit us, and depending on our luck, 3.

how is that not progress? this is how accomplishing goals work, its a lot of nitty gritty hustling moves that aren’t sexy and loud.


And you’re out of your mind if you can’t take what I’m saying seriously. I’m not getting into arguments here and wearing myself out only that what I’m saying has concrete merit otherwise I wouldn’t fucking bother my ass and waste time. If only those would do some digging instead of attacking me. Denaturing of the receptor site would go hand in hand with gene silencing which is what I’ve been saying it causes epignetic changes!

Cough up the proof. If you are able to post here you have internet acces and thus you are able to find the research confirming your assertions; phone or no phone.

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I’m using a fecking xbox do you know how hard it is just to type. I can’t wait to shut you up, it’s a disgrace that people like you are too lazy to look it up yourself you need it fed to you on a platter! I took at least 30 screenshots to prove that finasteride is a non competitive inhibitor which would denature a receptor and was actually planning making a youtube video explaining it in detail. I was near enough convinced this was mentioned here seeming that there a lot of intelligent folk on here and that this forum has been around quite a while.

I can tell already that you’re lying

I’m done here

Btw what incentive would I have to lie in all honesty? Holy shit it’s like talking to a wall.

Nor can I.

Forget all that.

If what you are saying goes with the gene silencing, why not just help us advance the goals?

We clearly are working on the right path. Why just give up just cause it’s tough

Listen, I have read countless stories from men losing their families, Jobs, houses, put into mental homes, brains flatlining, alzheimers, muscle wasting, dicks dead, not able to father children, fatigue that bad they can’t function men who’ve been trapped inside for so long in such pain never to find relief and with some like myself who only took 1 pill destroying their lives. This has reached a point were there needs to be action not sitting waiting for a study that may never come, I’d say this could be the worst man made disease ever for men except HIV although I’d be happy as fuck to have that any day over this. What I said earlier was the truth why shut me down like that? A rule of thumb never discount anyone because that could be the person that unlocks this shit and they don’t need a science degree.


Btw a lot of PFS sufferers can still get on with their lifes with me I’m completely fucked, absolutely turned into a fucking retarded robot minus the intellect feel like a walking alien where you at E.T. Might I also give a shoutout to that dickwad CT nuts or whatever the fuck you call him biggest scam artist going spent a whole day researching his protocol only to find out he’s a fraud, I’d stick him in an oven If I had the chance along with those vultures at Merck and Co.

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Hello @Blueryan123

Firstly, I’m deeply sorry this has happened to you and can wholly understand your desperation and situation. We are very aware of the extreme gulf between PFS patient cases and personally, like yourself, I also took a very small amount of Finasteride.

However, your posting is erratic, emotional, scientifically illiterate and quite rude. Please try to understand that there are many other people like yourself who had rich and happy lives before exposure to this drug, and treat other posters with respect and temper your language. Please familiarise yourself with the rules of the site which we ask you to abide by in exchange for use of our platform, and in future mark your assertions as what you think and as your own opinions, or the moderators will edit them appropriately to make this clear. You may be surprised that people insist they’ve worked “this” all out quite a lot. Ad nauseum, in fact.

The staff of this site work every day - some in extremely poor health - to provide a supportive environment and work towards help for yourself and others. Typing “something needs to be done” and actually doing something practical are, in my experience, quite disparate.

For instance, there’s immediately practical steps you can take to help get something done:

  1. Report your symptoms to your national pharmacovigilance agency. Resources for this are on our website here:
  1. Complete our Post-Drug Syndrome survey. It has been designed with validated measures to represent the scope of the syndrome in appropriate data. To accurately do so, we need cases who are particularly hard hit from low dose exposure to be represented, as - as you note - this is thankfully not the case for most patients. You can access your personal survey from the bar graph icon in the top right. It does not need to be completed in one sitting and you may save and resume your progress at any time. You can read more about the survey and an FAQ here:
  1. Consider how you can help with other projects. You recently mentioned you feel youtube is important and the problem shouldnt be hidden. That’s correct. The media team of the moderators are currently gathering volunteers who would want to participate in this regard. You can read more in this topic:

Instead of anymore xbox-based “research” I suggest you focus on self care for the moment as, as others have mentioned, many find things become a little more manageable over time.

Best regards,



In actual fact, I have done something I spent 3 days looking into Merck and Co and what they presented to the FDA then delved into what was the missing link in all of this. I didn’t imagine this up or would put it down to “xbox research” or whatever that means if you look on my other post you’ll find someone actually went and did their homework now I advise you and whoever else to go read it and stop shutting me off. Please and thank you my fellow PFS friend have a good day.

It’s fair to say that googling on an Xbox isn’t really going to dredge up the answer, versus a decade of people also googling on various devices, it’s unlikely that you’ve covered new ground.

Axolotl (one of our administrators, if you didn’t realise) has very kindly offered you advice on how you might best use this place and participate in the work we are doing. I suggest you take a short break and instead of lashing out at people who are trying to engage with you, instead work with us to create a better future for us all.


I see someone in a highly emotional state demonstrating the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Please re-read my post. I asked you to review the rules which you could not have done between my post and your reflexive reply. Adherence to the guidelines and treating members with respect is not optional. Your account is suspended until tomorrow morning to give you time to do this.



You said that you have done a lot of research, please show it, instead of making a conclusion without any basis.Post it.Ok?

Stay strong @blueryan123.

Given the fact that you seem to be a bad case I would strongly advice against playing with herbs or meds as you’ll likely get worse (I know you may think that things can’t get worse, but believe me, they can). Chances are that with time you may improve in some of your problems or at least they may become bearable (as long as you don’t start trying drugs).


So what if the Baylor study never comes?

We have our OWN studies we can design if we can finish the projects we are working on