Celebs another one to watch

Thanks Jim, and he also has Lyne disease, both rare conditions. Upto 3800 effected genes , there are no bounds to pfs. I still think he has pfs. One to keep an eye on. I expect there’ll be more prevailing health issues

If Bieber does have PFS, then correct, it could be transformative. I don’t follow him closely but I notice he looks a lot better recently vs how he looked when it was first suggested he might be a pfs patient, so perhaps he generally got better from whatever it was that was ailing him.

I don’t see any signs of PFS in his video but I wouldn’t count anything out as an on-drug side if he is in fact still on it.

It was mooted around the time he was said to have Lyme disease.

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Probably worth considering that people are replying to this tweet saying that Bieber’s condition is a result of being vaccinated. I, of course, think they’re crazy. But I can imagine that without proof or anything but a guess or suspicion that we’d be considered just as crazy by the average reader.

To some degree, I think that it’s comforting to think that a major celebrity could announce having pfs and put it in the spotlight, but until that happens, this speculation could be a bit of a waste of time.

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If they had significant physical wastage it might raise an eyebrow but I think people would be unsympathetic. First off the medical community would deny it and people will believe that. And even if they believed the celebrity I think it would be met with derision. You messed with your hormones and it messed you up boo hoo. Nobody thought about Kenny Rogers’s doctor when he turned up looking ridiculous after a face lift, they just thought him to be a fool.

BUT…it might save some lives by discouraging usage.

I don’t think we should assume it would be met with derision. We have to take control of the narrative. These drugs are marketed as safe and the companies selling them prey on people’s insecurities. It’s not an unsympathetic narrative.

Do you guys think it’s pfs causing the problems with his face. Is he still taking it?

I’d say so facial problems aren’t unheard of. I can state my left eyebrow and the lid started to swell, droop then close a few years ago. It’s not as bad now but I’ve lost tissue and muscle use in both lids and brows now wider facial muscles and tissue has saw dramatic changes and my mouth is less full. So it’s certainly not out of the equation.

Guys just a general note here: All this speculation about celebs having PFS seems to be getting out of hand. At least in my opinion. We should be cautious the way these assumptions come across do not cause us more harm than good.

It is highly unlikely Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson actually had PFS. Michael Jackson was a scrawny looking man in the early nineties, way before finasteride got to the market. Justin Bieber is one of the most overworked performers on earth. All these artists go through phases like these.

PFS may be under recognised and numbers are probably way higher than we know, but the majority of people do not use finasteride or 5ARI’s, and the majority of finasteride users do not get PFS.


We as a group no, just my personal opinion.

The fuck is Internet is full of warnings about finasteride. Only one minute google finasteride impotence or only finasteride side effects you get all the TV documentaries, newspaper articles, red hand letter warnings, the keyword PFS and than the all the personal PFS horror Stories.

But nobody can believe, that a proved medicine is a euthanasia pill for a minority and that this is ignored for two decades. It’s to unbelievable to get critical about.

Would be only one prominent, the hidden poison and the pharma cartel had to come out with the truth.

Wondering why they don’t blamed Donald Trump with this hairloss drug, wich make some men lobotomised and castrated. If they did, everybody worldwide would know about the murder drug. And the murder drug and all it’s resellers would be nuked to the backside of the sun.

And I and so many others wouldn’t be zombies.

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I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I didn’t google “finasteride side effects” before taking this bullshit


We and many others trusted what was on the leaflet. Why wouldn’t we. I suspect many more have done the same and don’t make the connection especially if sides develop a long time after.

I just trusted the doctor. I thought why would this drug be any different from the other drugs I’ve taken in my life. I feel very naive in hindsight since this drug messes with your hormonal system. But so many people take it without issues and it’s been on the market for over 2 decades…


When I first took it over two decades ago there was nothing out there but why would I think otherwise when it was advertised as very safe and you could only get it from your Dr via a private prescription. When i started to develop unexplainable health issues there was nothing to connect to fin. Years and years later!!!
We’ve all been misinformed. The system is not fit for purpose.
My nephews friends have started taking it despite him telling them about me. They want to trust what’s on the leaflet because they want to take it and no one believes this is possible.


See I don’t believe that…I don’t think anyone escapes unscathed. In retrospect I can see I had plenty of on drug sides that I never connected to fin. Weakness, insomnia, premature gray hair, early onset eye floaters and cataracts, digestive issues, inexplicable muscle injuries. I believed the old hype that DHT had no role beyond fat, excess body hair, and baldness and that blocking DHT would turn you into an adonis. I still believed it right up until I got PFS then the truth was suddenly crystal clear.


That’s incredible they’re still going to take it after what they’ve been told about you…

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Yes Eric I saw you on a profile and I thought, such a handsome lucky guy fucked up by the evils own company’s perverted drug.
I’m in permanent regret, every second of my life for one year now. I even read that ED can hold on after quitting. But they never wrote that it can persist for years. Gaslighted for a generics devils companies profit. They didn’t tell the truth, because than every body would throw it into finasteride doctors shitfaces!

And I think, why the democrats didn’t talk about that in their anti Trump campaign! Many victims wouldn’t be here.


I’m with u @mstone. I was at the Drs within weeks and got nowhere so I apportioned it to other things never suspecting fin. All sorts of shit started happening to my health. Close to 3800 genes!!! Makes it hard to believe that anyone gets away unscathed. If an A lister made the connection and came forward I truly think it would flick the light switch on for so many… I know people who have developed sides that live locally and when I tell them its because of fin they don’t believe me. I think for some it will only really hit home when the full weight of pfs lands.