Brain Fog: Triggered by Certain Foods?

Hi everyone,

I believe I have had PFS for about 5 years. My main symptom is brain fog. However, mine is “triggered” by various types of foods. Is this common, or am I unique?

I notice that high histamine foods are a big trigger for me. Does anyone else experience an overlap between PFS and histamine intolerance?

Mr. GG

You’re not alone. I’ve been gathering evidence about potential PFS link to gut inflammation. I don’t subscribe to the old school of thought, which posits that some foods are blocking 5AR/anti androgenic and cause issues. My hypothesis is that finesteride has somehow caused microbiome dysbiosis via altering hormones.

The result can include symptoms like brainfog, excess inflammation, muscle aches, food sensitivities, fatigue, sleep disturbances, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, weight loss or gain, autoimmune disorders, post exercise malaise, low libido, anhedonia, depression, anxiety, etc.

Re-balancing the gut is a challenging task but it’s possible. Microbiome analysis is usually the first step.

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Many medications and antibiotics cause stomach damage resulting in food allergies to everything because the stomach is no longer able to digest them easily. Probiotics should help you recover somewhat. Avoid wheat, gluten and most processed food. If you drink milk then switch to lactose free unless you are sure you’re unaffected.

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