Brain Fog From Just 1 Pill




My name is Damon and I am a 24 year old male. After months of weighing the pros and cons of Finasteride, I went to a dermatologist for hair loss, and saw the PA. I’ve seen him once before for hair loss, and he recommended I use minoxidil twice daily, which I have done for close to 8 months. Just last week, I saw him again and obtained a prescription for 1 mg tablets of Finasteride. When I left the clinic (about 2:30 pm) I filled the prescription and took one of the pills. Later that evening, I started to notice a very strange sensation as if I was spacey and just totally out of it. The same bizarre feeling persisted onto the next day, and I called the office to tell the PA what I was experiencing, describing it as “possible brain fog”. He said this was not a common side effect of the drug and told me to not take the medicine for about 4-5 days, let me return to baseline levels of hormones, and then re-assess by taking another pill. Well this was last Wednesday guys and it is now Saturday night and I am still experiencing this brain fog. It feels as though I am out of touch, and it is hard to gather and organize my thoughts. I have not taken another pill, it was just the one 1mg pill that has me feeling like this. I’ve also noticed I cannot sleep a full night lately. I have been waking up multiple times throughout the night, possibly due to my mind being clouded. I am starting to worry about this and I want to be able to think clearly again. Does anyone have any experiences similar? Any advice is appreciated…


The brain fog will most likely dissipate but make sure you don’t take another pill.


The main thing, as Pete said, is that you don’t take another pill. Do not use minoxodil, hairloss shampoo or other associated substances like Saw Palmetto.

If in doubt, don’t take it.


Very sorry this happened man I’m sure you will get better with time, for now stay the hell away from this stuff give it time and hang in, don’t even think of using any topical hairloss solutions either they might seem harmless but trust me I got my PFS symptoms from using a shampoo called regenepure DR shampoo which uses ketoconazole and saw pawlmetto two alpha 5 reductase inhibiting ingredients which was a cocktail for disaster in my case. Keep your head up man I’m around your age you have a lot of life left to live I have high hopes you’ll become better just give it some time.
Brain fog sucks but I noticed in my case it comes and goes and isn’t as bad as when I started using the shampoo for hairloss.

For now try to get some exercise in stretching, lifting weights, going for walks to help ease your mind just take it easy.

And shame on the FDA for allowing this poison to be on the market and the doctors who will carelessly prescribe this!


I certainly won’t be taking another pill. I never had adverse reactions from just using the topical minoxodil solution. Does anybody have any experience like this from taking just ONE pill? I’ve read on forums that some individuals never recover from brain fog and I am starting to really worry that I will always be in this mental state. I exercise and lift weights often and I don’t eat a bad diet.


Frustratingly, anxiety and stress seems to go hand in hand with worse symptoms for some people (including me).

Though it might seem impossible, try to calm yourself. You are only a very short amount of time off the drug. The odds are very much in your favour, it is extremely likely that your symptom(s) will resolve and you’ll be able to get back to feeling normal and having a normal life.


I took two pills and suffer from the mental sides. Everyone else’s advice is sound. Make sure you sleep as much as possible and do not do anything that will further stress your brain. Stay away from all stimulants for a while (caffeine, nicotine, amphetmines, etc)


One of the admins here took one dose of 0.25mg that has completely decimated him in a lot more areas than just mental effects. So yes, we have seen it here surely. I’m sure he will weigh in when he has time


If you don’t mind me asking, what is the problem with Minoxodil (Rogaine)? I’ve read about problems with Saw Palmetto and other things found in hair-loss shampoos, etc.


A small update…It has been about 4 weeks since exposure to a 1mg pill of Fin. About 2 weeks in of steady brain fog and difficulty gathering my thoughts, I made a significant recovery. My thoughts were returning to me, and this “shroud” over my brain felt as though it had lifted not completely, but a significant amount. This lasted about a week and a half and I felt as though I was returning to normal. My diet stayed similar (lean meats, veggies, fruits, plant-based protein shakes with almond milk, 85%+ dark chocolate, salmon, ground turkey, lots of lemon water). However, randomly at work while under a fair amount of stress I started to notice the foggy feeling in my brain and I suddenly could not concentrate on the multiple tasks I was doing. That was about 1 week ago and I have had the strong fog since. It is back guys…Is there anyone who can relate to this or provide any suggestions?


Minoxidil has been a trigger for PFS. Stopping and resuming finasteride etc. Has also been a big problem, triggering either the initial onset of PFS or worsening symptoms of sufferers.

In short, using anything from that “family” is particularly bad news for someone with PFS. Mild cases have been transformed into severe cases.


I’ve been using topical 5% minoxodil foam 1-2 times daily for atleast 8 months and haven’t noticed any symptoms from that, only when I took the 1mg pill of Finasteride. I will stop using the minoxodil though if that is the case. Should that be something I taper off of, or should I just stop using it? I haven’t stopped and started Fin or anything either, I just took the 1mg pill exactly a month ago and did not take another one.


What you want to look up is Minoxidil, 5ar and Androgen Receptor.

As for tapering off, I personally don’t know what would be best.

I’m not really across the science of things in a meaningful way. I pretty much just avoid everything that messes with my hormones now. That’s my approach and Minoxidil is on that list.


You dont need to taper minoxidil, just get off. Also search Minoxidil and ED online. You’ll find hundreds of threads talking about guys (who have never taken finasteride) who have suffered full blown ED from Minoxidil



Thank you for that. I’m not going to use it anymore.


Providing an update on my PFS experience about 4.5 months since taking the 1mg pill…
I am still struggling with pretty moderate to severe cognitive side effects. As of now, I have experienced a significant cognitive shift - a change in the way I view things in my field of vision. It is like everything in my vision “runs together”, that is, nothing stands apart. The best way to explain it is the “lost in the woods” feeling, where if you were drunk at a party in a field or the woods and were trying to find your car. When I’m in a grocery store shopping for groceries I have to concentrate extra hard on what i’m looking at, where i’m going, and what needs to happen next. Is it terrifying and very frustrating.

I also have hard eye and facial pressure pretty constantly or consistently. It is worth noting that before ever taking the drug, I had the same pressure which would get worse when I was stressed out. Now, it is that pressure but more extreme and more often. It is noticeably there constantly; when it is gone I definitely notice. It is very apparent and gets worse when I lay down to go to sleep.

I also have experienced quite oily skin, particularly on my face. As of 2-3 months ago, I started waking up in the mornings with my face extremely oily, and I started developing acne on the left side of my face. I am 24 years old and never had a problem with any sort of acne; I have always had a smooth complexion my entire life. This is persisted enough where I have sought out a dermatology office and gotten on an acne regimen : 10% benzoyl peroxide wash in the evenings, followed by a Cerave PM facial moisturizing lotion. It has helped keep some of the oil at bay, but even with this I still develop an oily face.

I also have developed significant dark bags under my eyes, where I appear exhausted all of the time. This is very disheartening, as it makes me look like I am a shell of a person, which I am starting to feel like I am. I have made great strives to combat this condition with enough sleep. I am in bed by 10:30pm each week night and get at minimum 7 hours of sleep at night. I purchased a fitbit heart rate monitor to track my sleep stages accordingly. On good nights, I average 1 hour REM and 1 hour deep sleep. I wish this would increase. My sleep is also very strange to describe. I dream a lot more now, almost every night I remember my dreams. Some nights, I have multiple dreams I remember. I don’t sleep near as deeply, and I wake up almost every night in between 3-4 am for seemingly no reason at all. I tend to fall back asleep, but I don’t fall back into deep sleep after this stage, as confirmed by my FitBit.

Overall, I have made some improvements as far as getting my thoughts together and being able to write and type out sentences, but it is still very much a problem. I have a hard time reading information, digesting it, and just don’t feel the same way. A good friend on here, Mcbbould, has described it as “not feeling at home inside my head”, which is quite disturbing but unfortunately very true. I just wanted to share an update with you all, as I have reached out to a lot of people thus far, and I still have the hope of ultimately returning to normal and feeling like myself again.


Might wanna try this and see if it helps - Pseudoephedrine works well for mental sides

I remember all my dreams now too, I’ve got used to just brushing them off though.


Have you used Pseudophedrine yourself? What has been your experience?


I haven’t used it. My mental side effects got better on their own.