Pseudoephedrine works well for mental sides


Pseudoephedrine, a common nasal decongestant, works pretty well to treat my mental sides.
Give it a chance.


It is obvious you have researched a lot.
Interesting post as some guy somewhere claimed the same.
What sides improved? Maybe some here could be helped… Thx!

There are guys saying low dose dexa (0.5mg) every three days helped them curing some mental sides. One guy did this protocol for about a year.


Brain fog, memory recall, focus, mood and well being.
Good stuff.


Oha, that sounds very good. Thx!
Have to check which nasal sprays it is in exactly.


I confirm that pseudoephedrine works very well.
It reversed all my mental sides.
Amazing stuff.


How long are you supposed to take it, just once?


One pill a day is enough.


You have to take it every day forever?


It works only when you take it.


That’s great news ! Plz keep us posted on how it goes

For how long have you been taking it now ? Is it like a couple of days or more like weeks / months ?

I ask this because I found that a lot of things (for me) only seem to work for a short while, usually followed by a crash. ( hate to be so negative here… but really wanna know :slight_smile:


It works indefinitely until you use it.
However I recommend breaks after several days.


Interesting, am on a big break from anything right now.
Surly gonna go and give these a try after a month.
Could be good to keep on hand, for busy days

Can you get it without prescription in Italy ? ( guessing that’s where yuo live :slight_smile: )
If so, probably also true in Belgium, where I live.

I fiend quitting alcohol and also smoking really helped me the most !
Alcohol had this weird effect where I would feel really better for a few days after
drinking. In the long run it made things much worse though


Yeah in Italy you can get it without prescription (it’s an active ingredient in common nasal decongestant).


What about sexual sides, wouldn’t pseudoephedrine make them worse. Have you noticed any negative effects.


It’s a vasoconstrictor. It’s not good for sexual activity. Like caffeine penile shrinkage gets worse.


I resume this topic to tell you that pseudoephedrine skyrocketed my libido and gave me strong erections with intense pleasure.
It’s very strange for a vasoconstrictor.
I don’t know why before it didn’t give me these effects.
At the moment I am not under any other protocols or drugs.
Recently, however, I noticed that I am able again to get drunk.
Benefits on mental and sexual sides.
Definitely an amazing stuff.


can u elaborate a bit more on this topic?
i myself cant get drunk or anything at all
no drug has effect on me

how did u regain ur ability to get drunk



I don’t know exactly but I think that my three complete recoveries have played a big role.


Interesting because usually are the vasodilator the ones that improves the erections.


I don’t know why but probably it counteracts the neurotransmitters.