Brain Fog From Just 1 Pill



How severe were your cognitive symptoms? Mine feels like there is a constant film around my brain and my eyes, though there’s nothing wrong with my eyes at all. It is like I am in almost a dream world, disconnected… I’m hoping to reach out to as many people as I can with identical or similar cognitive sides.


I had trouble remembering things for a time and would be really forgetful. Had brain jolts, extreme dizziness, but they all went away. The only thing that remained is if I shake my head it hurts which is worrying.

Be careful with Pseudoephedrine, it’s a vasoconstrictor and I’ve read reports of people having toruble with their sight later on in life because of regular vasoconstrictor use.


Thanks for the advice. I might try it. I don’t see how just a vasoconstrictor could help me with experiencing and perceiving things more clearly, and ultimately feeling more connected though.

What was your time-line of improvement? Being 4.5 months out, should I expect more improvement in symptoms with time, is there time to still develop new symptoms?


I don’t know how it will either, but that Andrea guy in that topic said it helped his.

You can see my timeline in my post history, I took 1 pill too lol, and I kept improving even after a year so don’t lose hope.


Sorry to read about your symptoms. If you haven’t already perhaps try using meditation when you awake and in the evening to steady your mind. Put more focus on yourself. Perhaps be more selective about what you read/see and remove negative things and review what gives you value and what doesn’t.
You may want to look at things that increase blood flow into the brain, and use these through different times of the day. Increasing blood flow is important and a recognized treatment for various brain conditions. I would consider incorporating foods, practices and then look to add certain supplements later on that you can tolerate e.g. gingko on a empty stomach. There are warnings on the site about Ginkgo so read these first.