Bloodwork for Dr. Alan Jacobs

Hey guys,

I reached out for a consultation with Dr. Jacobs and he had me get this bloodwork done.
Despite these crazy physical changes, the bloodwork doesn’t even seem all that bad. My SHBG has gone from 120+ to now just 89. Bioavailable and Free T are low, so is Estradiol. Idk maybe these values don’t even matter. @Greek @Jaime @Dubya_B
The consultation with him is September 5th.

Total Testosterone: 810 ng/dL (300 - 1080 ng/dL)
SHBG: 89 nmol/L (11 - 80nmol/L)
Bioavailable Testosterone: 240 ng/dL (131 - 682 ng/dL)
Free Testosterone: 82 pg/mL (47 - 244 pg/mL)
Testosterone, Percentage Free: 1.0% (1.6 - 2.9%)
Estradiol, Ultrasensitive: 17.3 pg/mL (10.0 - 42.0)
FSH: 2.0 MIU/mL (1.5-12.4)
LH: 3.68 MIU/mL (1.24 - 7.8)

Hormone readings don’t generally mean much with pfs. It is suspected to be a problem with the receptors rather than the levels. My hormone readings were haywire for months after crashing but settled about 7 months post crash, with my estrogen remaining very high compared to pre finasteride use.


Yeah, unfortunately my bloodwork has balanced out somewhat, yet my condition has gotten much worse.

Clomid will raise free test and your estrogen and might provide some relief…That’s all he will do for u anyway…All these drs do is charge a fortune, do labs, and put you on a round of clomid…Usually 50mg eod… Look at my old posts/protocol here…Some its helps, some not, mainly just leads to a dozen more questions from the patient that you or no one else can answer…Pfs is a broken record or a circle of never ending questions until more is learned…No dr can treat and your labs are very good anyway as is most…

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I know man, I have to try something though at this point.

We have very similar symptoms.
My advice is do not try anything without medical supervition.
I worsened my situation, because read about tribulus and tried it.

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What did tribulus do to you?

Read my story on last update

Dr. Alan Jacobs is a liar and a charlatan. People should avoid him.

Jacobs claimed to have successfully treated a load of PFS patients yet not one of them came forward to say that Jacobs had cured them.


@Dknighten , it doesn’t seem to matter much. My hormone levels were ideal (except 3-a-diol-g) the last time I had a comprehensive evaluation, which coincidentally was for Alan Jacobs, and I felt pretty terrible around that time.

btw- I don’t have a high opinion of Jacobs either. He didn’t even want to discuss Accutane possibly triggering a PFS-like condition for me.


Hey @Dubya_B do you have any idea what is to be done if one has low 3-alpha diol g levels?

Nothing really. Not as far as I am aware. It is simply an indicator of low enzymatic activity in the 5-ar - 3a-hsd pathway.

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Ah all right. Thank you.

Just an interesting paper I came across wrt low 3-a-diol-g.


as referenced by this thread:

And finally, 5AR1 reduction by isotretinoin has a direct implication in production of 3-alpha-androstanediol, while 5AR2 does not. That would explain my DHT being in the normal range (above average), but the mental issues perhaps caused by the decreased neuro-steroids.

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