BC007 a promising medicine

BC007 is a medicine treating long covid. It is still in an early stage. I read somewere on Reddit that this is the most promising treatment for PSSD. So wondering if this is the same for PFS as it targets auto antibodies

I will try to get it prescribed by my Dr. So fingers crossed


Keep us posted, of great interest!!!


i dont think ur doc will prescribe it since its on tests phase


First Prof. Luisa Gutteri from Uni Milano jumped on the long Covid Train. Than Risto Roine from Uni Turku. Threir theory auto antibodies triggered by the contact from Covid spike protein with the ace2 protein docking site in human cells causes pfs, pssd, long covid and CFS. Bloodwashing 2.800 € by wash cycle is the therapy for all of it. The sophisticated immunglobulin wash costs 48.000 €.

But next Year comes BCO07 from Berlin Cures what heals all without bloodwash. So best thing, waiting for the BC007 cure for all and donate the money for identifying what pfs is and find a fact based cure. I do that not for me but for the wonderfull fighters, who fight for all of us and estsblished a scientific council with 11 imternational established researchers for pfs studies.


Thanx for your complement.

Do I understand that a bloodwash for 2.800 euro is a cure? Sounds to good to be true.

Good point about BC007, donating and the 11 researchers
I think we are at a very promising stage now!

Show me a single piece of evidence that PFS or even PSSD is linked to the existence of specific autoantibodies.


No for the devil, that was a joke!!

There is absolutley NO EVIDENCE


that this can cure pfs or pssd.

There is also no evidence it’s not. There are many ways an autoimmune disorder can happen. They are not all linked to the tests we think of. New autoimmune disorders get discovered that’s how science works. Look at the post statin muscle wasting syndrome.


What do mean you’ll try and get it prescribed? Who is your doctor?

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Yes, the best thing is stay in the negative mode and don’t look into potential cures.

Sarcastic mode off

Some members over here have given up all hope and want to project this feelings to others. Sad.


The absolute opposite is the truth!

Selfish self-experimentation will never bring a solution for everyone. Even blood washing without knowing what PFS and PSSD actually is, is a lot of money for treating a disease that you don’t even know about yet.

For thirty years “the silence of the lambs”, no videos, hiding in the dark, spending money only on self treatment and 10,000 young men losing their lives because no one spoke up. 30 years of pointless pseudo therapies because no one has researched the basics.

So better to solve pssd and pfs than invest all the money in every new desperation medication. We have a chance to solve it.

And yes, I don’t feel very good with pfs and like others who don’t want to be silenced I detiroate away for 2,5 years now. But I don’t try to lie it away. I try to support help for all, with monthly money donations, engagement in different initiative groups and awarness to warn all the 10.000th of potential new innocent Hims, Keeps, Organon victims.

Spirit of optimism


If bloodwashimg has worked for someone i need to know. I have skin missing progressive from my face an actual hole.

Thanx for comment, your effort and donations!

Hopefully we will - and I think there is a good chance - beat (partially) PFS. It doesn’t matter if it’s by accident, BC007 or with the research from the PFS network.

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BC007 Long Covid Medication should also heal pfs, pssd, cfs, heard and kidney diseases caused by auto immune antibodies against the Covid Spike Protein Docking Site in human cells.

BC007 is hopefully not so expensive as Bloodwash 2.800 € and IG Cleaning with 48.000 €. So no problem, no one should break the journey, no one should stopp other approaches.

But the last 30 years showed that every try and error and quick fix approach without fundamental understanding about the genetical predisposition and the patho mechanism and it’s downstream effects has been a big fail. But the boys don’t want a cure or a banning from the poison I guess, they only want a quick fix for themselves.


show in pic

I think it’s to go both paths. Try other approaches, but also donate :blush:

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence this drug cures PSSD, but if it wasn’t expensive I would try it

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Been biting my tongue, resisting replying, but I give up, so here goes: It is medically and scientifically known and documented that statins (cholesterol drugs) are definitively linked to autoimmunity and auto-antibodies. Therefore, it’s entirely logical to suspect the same might be true for the various substances we took.


And yes, I 100% know a tissue biopsy would reveal people who have post-statin syndrome and those who have never taken statins will have gene expression differences. It’s basic, common sense that all disease states will have gene expression changes compared to healthy states.


I’ve heard about the post statin issue before but never realized how close it is to the proposed etiology of PFS.

I mean the blocking of the enzyme leading to an increase/overexpression which then leads to dysfunction/autoimmunity.

Obviously it’s hard to deny and say they’re healthy and it’s all in their head when they’re wasting away and end up in a wheelchair.

Much easier to claim it’s all in our head with loss of libido/pleasure/drive and other non-measurable symptoms even when they’re very real. And while we have physical symptoms here as well, they tend to be not as disabling as described above, which again opens the door to denying. Even when some 20-30 year old have degenerative signs in their penile tissue for example which is certainly abnormal.


It has come to my attention that the link is broken, so here is another link: https://gazette.jhu.edu/2011/01/31/statin-use-linked-to-rare-autoimmune-disease/

Look at how it emphatically says this is “rare”. I roll my eyes to that. Everything is “rare” until it happens to you. Recovering is also “rare” until it happens to you also.