Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


Thanks, SoccerGuy. Good luck!


I plan on returning fully healed.




Obviously I am joking. I’m going because I know it’s important and I have the time and means to go. Happy to update everyone once I return.


This. Where is the urgency?


If you have money problems preventing you from applying then please contact the PFS Foundation.


Who are the two people that backed out at the last minute and now set us back at least a few months?


I sent them a email but still no response.


they will get back to you. thanks AntonioBR - if they accept you you’ll be the final one! :slight_smile:


It is very nice of you to do it but is it right that you’ve only been off about a month ? So what if he recovers in the 4 month time frame… then we need another candidate .


I would really hope to be better in four months, but truth is that so far I only got worse. You have no idea of the ammount of pain I’m going thru. I quit my job, stopped my studies, lost 8kg and nothing seems to improving so far.

The only thing that has changed is that I don’t cry anymore, but that is totally related to my will to hold it. Um month ago I was a smart, strong and beautiful 25 years old my. Took a pill and became a late stage aids patient.

I’m doing anything and going anywhere if that can help us find a cure.

anyway, just checked my email and still nothing there


Don’t get me wrong it was not my intention to discourage you to do so , it was rather the opposite .

It is just sad that people like you who have to travel a long way up from Brazil to take part in the studies instead of many other sufferer who are located in the US .

But all in all it doesn’t matter and I want to thank you very much for being part of the studies.


Make sure to check your spam folder. In case it has accidentally gone in there.

If you still have no answer, then contact them to ask for an update.




Serious-fucking-ly. I was all lined up to go, funding and everything, but was denied because they said they were full.

If you sign up, and don’t have fucking gangrene rotting the soles of your feet away, FUCKING GO.

it’s frustrating as hell for all of us who want to fly across the globe 3000 km to get this shit done.

so where to now? have they found another two participants?


I want to know if they can prove there are silenced genes or if that conclusion is based on exclusion of criteria?


I’m going monday the 8th. Happy to report back any news.


Thanks SoccerGuy, really appreciate you doing the study. Look forward to hearing how it goes.


Great Soccerguy :slight_smile:

Much appreciated. Keep up the courage

Again i want to ask: is there a way to prove a gene has methylated or do they reach that conclusion based on exclusion?


Yes, several methods:

Though, they would need to single out specific genes or promoter sequences to be amplified before performing the PCR.
I believe full-genome methylation analysis kits exist, but I’m not sure if they would be used in the PFS studies.

Soccerguy, good to hear you will be taking part in the study. Awaiting the news.