Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


Dubya, do you know of any way we can unmethylate these genes?

I was thinking epitalon or maybe trying the spinach 200gr a day.

Do you think there is some validity to this?

Where can i learn about this topic?


I’m not familiar with epitalon or any effects of spinach on DNA methylation.

-There are potent DNA demethylating agents like 5-azacitidine that have restored expression of silenced genes in diseases of imprinting (a mechanism involving DNA methylation) like Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndrome.
-These studies were done on cells in-vitro though, probably with amounts of azacitidine that would not be tolerable to a living human. …It’s a chemo drug too.
-Genome-wide hypomethylation is associated with cancer and may potentially lead to a whole slew of other problems.
-It may require such a potent effect to restore normal expression of the gene resposible for PFS, “IF” hypermethylation is even the root cause.
-It has recently been discovered that some histone modifications that modulate expression are heritable from mother cell to daughter cell too. If that’s the case in PFS, then DNA demethylation wouldn’t work.
Knocking down the mountain to get rid of a mole hill and you might miss.

There may be therapies right around the cormer that can pinpoint single genes for demethylation, but a target would need to be identified first.

The best way to go about this IMO is to support the PFS studies however you can and wait.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Dubya, please read on epitalon

Its early days but 2 people who tried it are seeing imprpvements just after a few.days. as in oilier skin, morning erections, etc.


Interesting thread. I’ll ask them at Baylor what we can do test wise to support their studies if they even have any suggestions.


thanks for going.


Is the study closed now or do they still need participants ?


They have there last person coming in July. After that it’s done.


Finally , thanks for sharing and what you did for us to spread awareness SoccerGuy .

I am going to play soccer tomorrow by the way :laughing:


Yes! Finally. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


Great work everybody.


I wish I had some things to report but same old story. Khera knows nothing currently. All my labs came back looking pretty normal except for low vitamin D. The main portion is the genetic component which I’m waiting on those results. I’ll share when they become available. Funny thing is Khera offered me cialis to take daily along with recs for a good sleep specialist in Houston. So even though they know PFS causes insomnia, they still have trouble thinking much of this in our head. Let’s see what the study determines.


Pffff how is this a solution!

I just want to say i took dexa yesterday and today and i feel amazing.

So much suffering…im.hoping the good vibes go on


I mean nobody can appreciate or understand this. Even scammer Dr. Jacobs believes in his heart that much of our anxiety is an emotional response to the physical rather than a forced depression caused by finasteride.


Yes I know, as someone who has spoken extensively with him… he doesn’t “get it” that finasteride itself causes intense anxiety/panic attacks and depression and that its not simply a result of being impotent.

It makes no sense because there are already plenty of scientific studies detailing how finasteride screws with nuerosteroid pathways and can cause depression and anxiety. Medical professionals… what a joke. Just another lesson to the world on why you cannot trust authority.


Yeah I wonder a what point he learned of PFS and was like I bet I can make a lot of money selling these poor souls clomid and arimidex. Before fin kills me, I will even the score with that asshole.


It will be very interesting to compare the genetic differences in those with PFS and those without.

Particularly the variability of the 5a-Reductase gene between the two groups. I really hope this is finally tested.


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What gives?


I am particularly interested in your genetic results compared to PFS sufferers BP7667.


Still waiting. Gonna be waiting awhile it looks like.


Yeah I never asked him when the genetic results would come in. Any idea?