Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


When I did it, he said they would have the results in 6-8 weeks. I had the biopsy done in mid-January. I was sceptical even then. Last I spoke with him he said they were going to wait until all the subjects biopsy’s had been completed before preforming any analysis.


wow, you gotta be some sort of a genius to pull a stunt like this…

its because of reports like this that makes me wonder how viable the studies really are… people consuming drugs ith a long half life prior to the exam, really blows my mind. you got to be a sabotager or really stupid to do stuff like this.

congrats on prob having fuckedup the results for everyone. do you even realise what you did there? you should be banned from this community,not oscar. why did you even go there!!! i hope your geniality is the outlayer in this study, and you’re completely ignored from the results…


Obviously he is kidding by I doubt being on any SERMS would alter the results. Funny about Baylor though: I didnt provide any information or evidence I had ever taken propecia. They just took my word for it.


can sombody sum this thread?


can u plz give me link to these studies


S. Saitoh and T. Wada, “Parent-of-origin specific histone acetylation and reactivation of a key imprinted gene locus in Prader-Willi syndrome.,” American Journal of Human Genetics , vol. 66, no. 6, p. 1958, Jun. 2000.


i read the paper
the effect of dacogen is in proliferating(cancer)cells
we need something to work on normal cells
the study aint relevant to us…

god help us


What paper are you talking about ?


@zadig777 in the study @Dubya_B posted above, they use 5-aza on human noncancerous cells and induce demethylation of genes. At the end they even suggest it could be used in patients with that disorder.


Yes. I will talk with melcangi.


im not shure about that and i don’t understand much about epigenetics
no one on this forum understands epigenetics by my opinion
only nasibi from pssd forum knows some,but even he doesn’t know enough for our problem


i don’t think you understand epigenetics if we’re being honest


i said i dont and no one in these forums knows enough
i admit that i dont understand and i state no one understands unless proven otherwise
thats it
thank you


i don’t know what you’re thanking me for but i’d say there’s a few guys on here with a good amount of knowledge of epigenetic regulation, awor and axolotl being a few of them.


awor used procaine for demethylation so,tnx but no tnx…


Could you invite nasibi here to join the discussion?


hes too lazy and disappointed to discuss i already told him
the last significant finding was that if one wants to demethylate globally,must use azacitidine and nothing else as agent
cause decitibine targets DNA and proliferating cells only,not normal cells,while azaC targets RNA and RNA exists/happens in all cell cycles,so aza will touch every cell not just proliferation.

It would be good if u donate some money for nasibi for his experiment.
The price for a single azaC injection is 100€ on the black market and he needs 14 bottles for 1 cycle,and mostly likely at least 2-3 cycles
He’s currently getting money,but it will take more time.
It would be good if u invested in real stuff like this, instead of a never ending study, but its ur choice.
U can follow his line of thought on if u want



I can’t find his postings, what should I look up?


Do we have an ETA on when this study is expected to be published?


No. And I doubt there will be any official date beforehand. Things like the peer-review process etc. are not always predictable. I know it’s frustrating, but we need to be patient. It will come.