Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


mi cant believe that something like pfs is possible. i lost my trust in medicine so big. i alwayd thought you are all hypochondiacs while i had no problem taking fin. now i have the worst pfs possible and dont see any further sense in life anymore. its really hard to hope. i have headaches every min. i cant study , i cant live.


Do you know if it has been submitted for peer-revision yet or are they still drafting?


Hang in there man, I know it isn’t easy. I’ve suffered for about 3 years but slowly some things are getting better.

This study should shed a lot of light on the mechanisms driving this syndrome. From there we will probably see the development of treatments.


thank you but this forum exists since a decade and yet there are no therapies. fun fact: my aunt gave me this shit and told me it would be harmless. i never needed a prescription. havent seen a doctor before. dont want to sound pessimistic but im 100 % sure when i look up here in the next 10 years its still the same. baylor found out nothing like melcangi and yeah. and merck laughs bout us


This is just silly to post, do you know how much can happen in 10 years? Clearly not, you can be sad but if you don’t think so then don’t check the forum anymore


im just so frustrated man… maybe im the heaviest case but how can you all suffer that for years ? how can you study ? how can you work ? i only have it 10 months but its like the hell. im gradually getting worse. edit : i have it 9 months. not 10


but im sry. im glad that there are people here that are willing to change it and help us. i was just frustrated. i cant go to a help group because i dont know any. its sad. but i will fund and just hope. i think it just isnt fair. sry that was childish.


It isn’t fair, @Milando97. But we’re here to support each other and get the progress that’s so desperately needed. There’s many good and determined people here. Always keep hope my friend.


thank you man! and im sry again. i just cant believe that something this horrible exists. im now at a point where i finally accept my condition. i always thought it will go away. hopefully your project can take place! my 23andme data is on the way


didnt that reverse his mental symptoms?

he did that early based off limited information. id say he knows his shit