Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


My friend Steve, is currently completing the Baylor study as we speak and he tells me, they only need another 6-7 men with PFS to complete the study.

Steve has asked, that if you live in America and can get to Baylor to do the study, then please email Steve direct so he can pass on your details

Let’s get this done please fellas!!!

Here is Steves email:

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Zero replies thus far is very disappointing when so many here moan about how this drug ruined they’re lives!!!

So do something about it!!!

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Ive emailed them a few days back about eligibility criteria… Im out in the USA in March getting married and if they can cover the internal flights cost and accommodation then I’m happy to get the extra time off work for it to help…

awaiting a reply…

Excellent, thank you

Maybe Mew could send out a mass email to everyone on the site reminding them about the study.

Many users have not logged on to the forum in years and may not even know that the study still needs more people.

Thanks thetigershull, i just sent bayer an email offering myself for the study. The probably wont take me due to funky meds but i will let them decide that. What about the other study. Do you know if they still need participants for the Harvard study?

Harvard is finished, results should be out in the summer, maybe August/September

Still no reply or acknowledgement from Baylor… very disappointing

They will reply. You may need to email a few times but they will get back to you…

Guys please send an email to the foundation so they can get you on the study.

Please send your email to

Tell them you want to do the Baylor study and you will get a place and you will get a reply

Gentlemen, they need guys right now who have American Health Insurance… thus anyone who lives in the USA, has PFS and has health insurance is what we are looking for. Once again you can reach this fine fellow by email: and he will get you in contact with the people who can expedite your participation.

Once again:

  1. In the USA + Health Insurance


  1. Have some form of Health Insurance widely accepted here in the states.

The study consists of: paperwork, followed by a penile ultra sound; erect and not erect. Paperwork followed by a small biopsy from the base of the penile shaft (not painful at all as they give you lidicaine) and finally a blood draw of about 5-6 vials.

The results of the blood draw the doctor will provide to you by email a few days after your appointment. The nurse doing the ultra sound can tell you if you have blood flow issue point blank while doing it (I did not have a blood flow issue as I already assumed, since prior to PFS my erections were fine and overnight went to shit, bloodflow ED tends to worsen over years). The results from the biopsy will most likely prove the most vital as they will be looking at genetic similarities between all of us to identify the common genetic markers/triggers that may be at the root of our mutual condition.

Once again we need to identify the source of this condition before we can make any realistic attempt at solving it.

Still nothing from Baylor but I have heard back from the foundation who have been great in fairness… they are looking into whether Baylor can take non US nationals without health insurance (as most of you are probably aware we have state funded healthcare in the UK) and I should hear something about this over the next week from the foundation. Perhaps ill hear off Baylor after this.

Please post the outcome of this.

Its very difficult to know what is going on. What exactly will they fund?

Blood Results from Baylor:

Currently on 12.5 mg Clomid everyday.

Doesn’t this invalidate the results?

BP7667, are those pretty normal test results?

Those are all normal except Vitamin D.

No the doctor said it was fine but was glad I told him. The biopsy is the more important test.

My testosterone has fluctuated heavily since coming off finasteride… 822, 838, 844, 485, now 600…

What do you mean with finished? Filled up the participants ?