Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study

He means Harvard is done, completed, Finished. Its [Size=4]Baylor [/size]that needs more participants.

Did the doc mention anything about what they are looking for in the biopsy ?
Other than similar patterns among the PFS group ?

Its very much looking like I’m going, which I’m very happy with. Getting married in the US in March and making the detour down to Baylor. Will keep you guys updated!

Thank you for your participation Swill…


If you can please ask as many questions about this skin biopsy as you can. Try to find out some info about what exactly they are looking for in this bisopy

I can tell you right now; they are trying to find commonalities between us on the genetic level. By comparing our genetic make-up with those who have taken finasteride but not experienced the side effects. But their also looking at hormones, and several other things. Before you ask, I am not sure if they are looking at epigenetic stuff, I’m not a micro-biologist but I would think, since this is a full genetic analysis it would be able to show many different potential avenues by which PFS might occur. I am also not sure if they are going to look at receptors but the Italian study has already proven that our receptors are highly upregulated, so this is known. I can also state for certain that all the doctors currently researching PFS, (Havard, Baylor, Milan) are all working closely together and sharing data and ideas.

I’m headed to Houston to participate in a few weeks.

Thank you!

OMG that website is awesome!

I second this.

btw, how many more people do Baylor need?

anyone has done the biposy? this seems the ost “invasive” thing and I just wanted to see whether it leaves a scar or a mark and where exactly it taken from?


I did the biopsy. No pain, no scar, they take tissue from the loose skin around your ball sac. 7 days no sex, but that’s it and shouldn’t be hard for us PFS guys!

Just be careful you don’t rip your stitches in the few days afterward like I did, I think the hot shower did it…lol

good news

I contacted Baylor but they did not reply. Anyone participating in baylor can PM me please?

If you do not get a response from Baylor then please send a private message to user Awor on this forum. Tell him that you did not receive a response from Baylor when you contacted them. Awor requested to be messaged if you do not get a response from them, so you should do this.

How do you know?

If this is right why is it being posted second hand?

And what is the definitive information on who to actually contact to attend Baylor? … -02-14.jpg

Apparently, Sharon Harrison is the person to contact.

I will hopefully be heading over from Australia, if I’m accepted by Baylor, sometime soon.