Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


Professor Oscar has spoken. Someone who refuses to contribute to anything but this forum. Which is filled to the brim with BS anyway. Oscar I am not going to answer your questions. End of story.

I, along with many others here already strongly question your intentions being on this forum. I suspect you are a troll of sorts as there are people out there with nothing better to do then stir up trouble on the internet unfortunately. In worst case you may actually be here to discredit people because you actually work for Merck in some capacity, which I hope not but you have not told anything about yourself and since if you had any legitimate scientific credentials, or training you probably wouldn’t be here.

Think whatever you guys want, bicker back and forth on here for hours, days and months if you want. Thats why so many of us who have been in this game for so long don’t come here to read the non-sense anymore, and why I personally don’t trust almost all the people here except for the ones I have spoken with in real life who’ve had the balls to do something about the state we’re all in.

And that is why I am not, and will not be any more forth coming with anything here now or into the future. I have a direct line to the research and get most news on it faster then this forum does so there is no point in me being here. I’ll be going for some time now, good luck to all you legitimate sufferers.


Oscar, he was quite clear about the facts. However you obviously suffer from some kind of paranoid schizophrenia. Good luck. You have bigger problems than PFS.


So, BP7667 has flown across the USA providing unusable test results – but I’m the bad guy for pointing that out?

He broke the rules of the study at Boston (Harvard) and then again at the Baylor Study. Probably telling the researchers about Clomid afterwards - which makes this whole episode even more bizarre. He then acts like a child when not everyone is happy with what he has done.

I am outraged at BP7667’s actions. Its the normal response.


I was concerned also. He informed them of the medications he was taking and they conducted the tests. This means that the most important people i.e. the researchers are aware . If his test results are inadmissible they will be the ones deciding that this is the case. The most important thing is that he informed them. Do you not agree?
I was concerned about this issue also but I think you should reread the answers he provided.


Your a joke Oscar, none what you wrote is true. You are wasting my time, and everyone else’s here. I hope you are enraged. You know what I was on a bunch of hormones and AI’s when I did the study too! I also lied about how much finasteride I took. I took a a huge shit that morning and ate fried catfish for lunch, it probably effected my DNA, I also did a bunch of opiates, LSD, MDMA, and cocaine a few weeks before the study. And I smoke 4 packs of ciggerettes a day the last 15 years which all causes genetic damage. I also I allowed myself to be experimented on by the government, they injected me with unstable radium isotopes, no telling how messed up my original DNA might be! The whole study is fucked! We’re all fucked Oh my god, kill youselves now!

Seriously Oscar though get a hobby besides trolling, if this (my study participation) is the biggest concern in your life, you don’t have a life so maybe you should go back on fin and hang yourself in your closet. At least then we can write a sob story about how you killed yourself because of finasteride post it on the foundations website and get a little press. But since you are a self-admitted coward who does nothing but bitch I doubt you have the guts to use a method that would actually work.

Oh BTW your a lunatic, I just feel bad for any of the naive people here that give you any credence. I’ve been around this forum long enough to see you get into it with pretty much everyone at least once over some non-sense. So when I come here and comment to these sort of threads its more for my own humor.

It is beyond me why Mew hasn’t banned you. But you would probably just come right back under a new name. But your internet status as a troll is legendary. … troll.html


Does anyone know if the Baylor study is still recruiting for men to partake in their study? I’ve been trying to get a hold of Sharon Harrison this past week with no luck. I’ve already talked to Philip Roberts. If anyone knows of anyone else I should reach out to, let me know.


He did not break the rules! I was concerned about the screening process as well because I am on TRT. I was quite aggressive with asking if it was okay because Baylor didn’t ask me shit when they booked my appointment. So I straight up asked if I am taking testosterone can I still go and the answer was YES!!! You should be thanking the guys that take their time and use their own resources to participate in these studies.

Thank you BP, your a very nice guy that takes his time to help the collective good here. Then posts details about what you find out. Its better then most of the total crap that’s posted here. In fact when I was in the worst part(s) of my crash he took the time to just talk to me. Even though I was probably talking about complete bullshit he has heard a million times. Thank you BP for just being there for me when I was in a very dark place. Same goes for Paul! Thank you!


So past SSRI use excludes you from the Baylor study, but current steroid use is OK??

But was he using at the Boston (Harvard)? Which was my original question that he refused to answer(viewtopic.php?f=33&t=10144&start=100#p96981).


This internet forum is filled with disinformation and is not a reliable source of information.


The Baylor Study still needs 2 more people to participate. If anyone in the US can go please do go. This is a genetic study and will be helpful in the long run in determining the cause of our problem.

Spread the word. The other study has enough. Just 2 more with this one!


Hmmmm I tried to sign up like a month ago but they said it was full. Wonder what happened.


Last I heard from the foundation it was full. Maybe they scheduled the biopsies but haven’t performed them yet.


No I contacted them and they said they needed two more people. This was a couple of days ago. Perhaps email them again?


Yes, please contact them again at the earliest chance you get.


Anyone who is willing and able to do the study should contact them, to see if they need any additional people. If you need help with contacting them PM me and I will get you the contact info for the correct people.


This is what Sharon said to me:

“The study procedure cannot be done outside of Texas. We need two more participants to complete our enrollment for this ARM of the study.”

She was very brief.


Any word if she has her participants?


Come on guys we need to fill this. If you’re in America then you can get the majority of the cost covered by your insurance.


I am awaiting to hear back from them. Will fly down if they accept me.


Ok I confirmed and will be going first week of June. Would have gone earlier but that is soonest they said we could do it. Guess we need one more.