Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


I just want to understand why BP7667 was using Clomid during these blood tests.

He isn’t stupid. Obviously this invalidates his results. And if his results are ever published, this invalidates the entire research effort.

  1. When did he tell them he was on Clomid. Before? The day of the tests? Some point after?

  2. Why did he take part in these two research efforts if he knew his blood test results could not be used?


Are you insinuating that BP7667 is some kind of Merck agent, deliberately fucking up the studies? If you are, you might be suffering from some kind of paranoid schizophrenic disorder. And I am deadly serious about that.


He’s not insinuating that… Oscar is just the worried type.

BP said in a separate thread he told the Baylor physicians about taking Clomid and they said it would not be OK with whatever it is they are testing in that study. I communicated with the admins at the Harvard study and was told their tests required patients to have been off hormone based medication for a several month wash out period.



So he basically took clomid despite being told he shouldnt? That would be extremly bad news. But it just shows you how destructive homebrew is. Not only is it diverting resources from science, it is also screwing up the studies.

It would be nice if BP could clarify what is going on here.


Sorry, I meant to say he says he told the people at Baylor and was informed that taking clomid would be OK* with their tests. If it turns out that patients were supposed to be completely off medications, Baylor should be informed and the test subject should be substituted.



Ok, thats a relieve. The scientists will know why they say its OK; so even Oscar should be relieved know. He had a valid concern though.


I am just not discussing more any private personal details anymore with people I do not personally know. Too many people who I don’t really know asking me questions that really are of no concern to any of them personally. I am going to ask Mew to delete certain comments here.


Hey BP7667,

Thank you again for your participation. We would just like to clarify that the study organisers were aware you were taking Clomid. We all want to make sure that the study findings are accurate so we can get closer to an understanding of this horrible situation we find ourselves in. If you could clarify this issue we would be grateful. If you were taking clomid then I feel the best course of action is to inform the study coordinators(if you have not done so already). These studies are all I have a the moment. I hope you can appreciate our concerns.

  1. He told them.

  2. Baylor was is a genetic study. They would have screened him out otherwise.

  3. Harvard did ask these questions in their screening process because it was important to them.

  4. BP was added to the Harvard study. They already had their 25.

This board is not a fact factory in case you haven’t noticed. What you guys are doing is discouraging the few people that go to the studies and post here to stop sharing information. Now go take your Xanax and chill out.



Thanks for the advice and everything mcibofh but to be honest this whole conversation could have been avoided if the guy answered one simple question a week ago. If he wasn´t being so evasive people would not be concerned . He has STILL not answered the question…


No I wasn’t even on clomid at all. Everything I say is a lie and cannot be trusted. Sometimes misinformation is the best offense and defense.

This is an open forum and not only does Merck have their people (or their lawyers and PIs) reading it… so does US federal law enforcement and intelligence (obviously because they have to protect their corporate masters).

Like I said none of these details concern most of you unless you have a Masters or Doctorate in Molecular Biology or Genetics, and if you did have this background you would probably not be asking these sort of questions you guys have been because you would understand the objectives of what the studies are doing better. Suffice to say if you think clomid effecting testosterone, LH and FSH has any real bearing on what PFS actually is then you are sadly mistaken. I am on the verge of simply having Mew delete my entire account because control of sensitive information is very important when dealing with evil sorts such as Merck puppets.
The researchers involved have all the minor issues brought up here well in hand. The topics of argumentation discussed here thus far are essentially just skimming the surface of what the actual research is doing. Unless any of you have access to multi-million dollar labs with gnomic sequencing equipment, software and a multitude of other high end scientific equipment and you haven’t told us you are doing your own self study the nitpicking at details is pointless.

BTW, in reference to what Mci said: Harvard is a considerably larger study then Baylor. If I remember correctly they were going for a much larger sample set.

PS. Everything written above is a lie.




Something happened to this form roughly 2 years ago…
now the insane run the asylum. It’s really a shame what happened this forum it serves zero purpose anymore


Your not going to find the cure through a forum from another guy sitting at home, trying to piece together symptomatology and commercially available blood tests. So I do not know what you expect to find here other then discussion about the topic, sharing of experiences and ideas to further our cause.

As far as insane, is not most of the cognitive side effects that PFS causes’, something that many people who do not have it would in-fact consider insane? 20 and 30-somethings wanting to kill themselves, unable to sleep, freaking out of despair, complaining about their shrunken, numb penises?

When I read anything here I always need to put it in the perspective of what the person writing it is experiencing due to their side effects. Over-dramatization of supposed “cures” and treatments is the most common thing I see. Between that and a handful of young men going over the same ideas that have been gone over the last 10 years endlessly to no avail.

There is in fact no reason for anyone here to divulge any information they do not wish to. Acting like it is somehow owed to you does not change that.

Thus I will not answer this question or any other personal questions that pertain specifically to me, so do not expect an answer.


I don´t fully understand why you could not just answer a simple question with a clear short reply to allay peoples concerns. Anyway, I´m done. I was never interested arguments among forum members and I wont start now.


How about I just say this:

As with all medical studies, the researchers are interested in variables that could effect results so any medications currently being taken or certain procedures that might have been preformed previously all need to be disclosed.

As such is the case I compiled with full disclosure in this regard and any of the medications I may have been on at the time are known to the researchers, and are not believed to be an issue in regards to the studies eventual results or findings.

Now would you also like to know if the other guys who did the studies disclosed the meds they were on too, such as various anti-depressants and such?


Thanks for the clarification and participating in this vital study. It is appreciated


Yes. A simple straight answer, thats all I was looking for. You´re participation, as ever, is very much appreciated.


If you know your Clomid use is not going to be an issue - you must already know that your test results wont be used.

Obviously all your blood test results, including 3aDiol and 3bDiol, are totally useless.

Obviously biopsy results - a gene expression test (not just a Dna test) - are useless as this is effected by testosterone levels.

Unfortunately your plan does seem to remain deliberately ambiguous about the facts - and give evasive answers to legitimate concerns. Please answer my original questions.


In fairness he has answered the question. He informed the researchers about any mediations he was taking . They can make a decision if he his eligible to participate at that point.