Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


been there, done that. three times in fact. and it’s not Philip Roberts’ fault either. just gotta wait it out for this Sharon lady to get back to me. I don’t understand why the process isn’t just 3-4 emails to gather information, assess my eligibility and schedule an appointment. not hard.


For me it was quick… two emails back and forth and a phone call to confirm the appointment.


Has there been any recent developments that anyone that is participating in the study could share?


If there are problems with the application process you should message a user named awor on this site. Go onto the messaging facility and tell him about this. You should do this ASAP. He has requested for people to do this.


"Mr. ******,

Our site has a recruitment goal that will be met with the number of patient we have on the schedule. I will not be able to schedule any more patients at this time unless someone cancel their appointment. I do not know if they will increase the recruitment number in the future. I will keep your information on file."

looks like they’re full up boys. which is nothing but good news, really.


As long as those people go and don’t flake out.


I am pleased they are full, when I did the study in Jan. they said they still needed a few more so it appears this thread met its goals and inspired a few to contribute.


That’s fantastic!!


So what now? 18 months until results?


Somewhere between 8 months and a year.


Did you also use Clomid when you took part in the Boston (Harvard) study?


Sat in my hotel in Houston ready to go to the study tomorrow. Travelled from the other side of the World but worth it. Great news that the study is now full!


We greatly appreciate your effort. Good luck!


great Swill. Please let us know how you get on


So I’m guessing that’s a ‘yes’.

[b]So that means two unusable blood tests in two studies - as I’m sure you realise.

[/b]Why did you use Clomid during these studies?


BP 767 please inform those conducting the study if you were taking Clomid. … if you were taking this medication we will get skewed results, you will be ruining the studies . If they are aware of this fact your blood tests may still be useful but you need to inform them please.


He did tell them. Since when were T levels applicable to this condition? If it made a difference we would all be using TRT or Clomid and be okay.


Obviously the researchers have to be informed of all the medication participants are taking. I am sure he did inform them of his Clomid consumption. As they apparently did not object, we shouldnt worry about it. However Oscar does have a point: Be honest and upfront with the researchers and if possible avoid taking any medication during testing, just to be on the save side.


How do you know he told them?? I am sure a medication that interferes with your endocrine system may render his
blood tests inadmissible.


don’t you get another anamnesis questionnaire shortly before the treatment ?