Baylor Study only needs a few more men to complete the study


Everything that I have should be up there. I know Harvard tested even more bloods than Baylor did but I didn’t get results from them even though I asked multiple times.

I have had 3 Adiol G tested 3 times since crashing I believe it was always 240 ish (260-1000), except when I was loading on creatine (10 grams a day) I was able to increase it slightly above 400 with minimal positive effects. Creatine does in fact increase 5AR…

I should have continued taking creatine longer to see if I had better results but consuming massive amounts of it has been linked to kidney issues, and I wasn’t seeing any huge benefit from 10 grams a day for 2 months.


Many here are obsessing over blood hormone values. The Italian doctors are focusing on hormone values in the CEREBRAL SPINAL FLUID as these are more indicative of the underlying problem in PFS. If you read a post from bens earlier, the Italian doctors believe PFS is a brain metabolic problem, i.e. 5 ar in the CNS has been down regulated thus resulting in low DHT in the BRAIN and possibly spine. This likely also explains why there are PFS patients with normal blood values. This would also explain why there is minimal effect of testosterone supplementation or boosting. It is not becoming DHT in the brain.

Another interesting thing that I recently found out is that DHT does not cross the blood brain barrier as early as testosterone does. If this is in fact true, and I’m trying to verify this with scientific journal articles, that would also explain why DHT supplements don’t help either. Therefore, it may be that we just don’t have enough DHT in our brains.

And another interesting fact… orgasm increases prolactin and prolactin decreases 5 ar activity in the brain… This would explain the worsening of symptoms after sexual activity.


What particular metabolic portion of the brain? The issue seems to be more systemic, hence the androgen receptors in penile skin tissue being affected.


I don’t know which portion of brain, you will have to ask the scientists. Androgen receptors in penile skin may have upregulated as a compensatory mechanism. We (and I don’t think the scientists) don’t know yet. But there is a lot of focus on neurosteroids, and it must be for a reason.


I hope your not just saying that because you “think thats what scientists think”. Their looking at nuerosteroids because of the strong mental side effects of finasteride and the mental side effects have been largely ignored by medicine as a inherent factor of PFS in and of itself. Most of the media even out there seems to insinuate that the mental side effects are the result of being “impotent” this isn’t at all true. If finasteride effects nuerosteroids like it has been shown to… even if one didn’t become impotent, even if someone wasn’t prone to depression/anxiety/insomnia or whatnot it could still very well cause major mental side effects and the causation for this is just another avenue of investigation. If the data from all the types of analysis being done appears to match up; blood, tissue biopsies, spinal fluid samples… all showing a common symptomatology, its going to be tell us a lot about whats causing PFS even “if” we are not able to identify the root cause through genetic analysis (which is currently our most promising area of study going on).


Neurosteroids would be involved with a lot more than just mental sides. The entire body is controlled by the nervous system. Sleep, erections, libido, muscle twitching, pelvic tension, and everything else.


I agree, hormones, neuroactive-steroids, and biochemicals are at the root of this. But they are not all exclusively produced directly by the CNS. PFS just doesn’t seem to be centered completely within the confines of a single bodily system, organ or tissue. It would appear to be effecting a host of various biochemicals (hormones/neuroactive steriods) inter-connected with the 5 alpha reductase metabolic pathways.

It is important that we have studies looking at neuroactive steroids as well as gene expression… they both will play a role in piecing this together.


Hi everyone, just remember what your good buddy finatruth said years ago about this syndrome


Oh and here Finatruth even tells you to Print it!!



I’d always wondered why my symptoms always got substantially better when I abstained from sex masturbation…


Has anyone tried ways of decreasing their prolactin and has that helped?

The two key herbs I’ve read about are Ashwagandha and Mucuna Pruriens.


The problem is you didn’t do anything with this information. If you actually wanted to help, you could have contacted research institutions to get them interested in a study, as Awor successfully did years ago; you could have gotten in touch with the foundation and explained your theory; you could have leveraged your connections with doctors you say you know to push for some sort of action. The list is infinite, but instead you chose and continue to choose to seek validation from a bunch of guys on a message board through these useless and incessant posts.


Hahaha!!! Man you can’t even get a “nice job” around here. I did try telling some doctors and they looked at me like I have 4 eyes.

In any event people, this is all great news, I think they are narrowing down some important things.

But if anyone would like to pat me on the back I am more than willing to accept it!!!


It is widely known in scientific literature that the cerebral cortex is one area where 5AR is produced in large amounts so assuming this is an area that PFS would have a large impact is a logical step. As it appears to have a heavy influence on every tissue in which 5AR is produced


There is a scan of blood tests from the study that you have not posted. Between test1.png and test3.png.

I get the impression you don’t want to post these.


If someone doesn’t want to post something that is their personal choice; the only thing I have purposely excluded were my name and PII; but I went back even though it was essentially a waste of time and there was one screenshot I didn’t post that had my progesterone, FSH/LH, prolactin, DHEA, and TSH on it. But like I said, nothing significant here are the levels:

Progesterone 0.6 (no reference range)

FSH 9.0
LH 6.9

Prolactin 7.5 (3.0 - 30)

DHEA 348 (103 - 446)

TSH 0.7 (0.5 - 4.7)


OK thanks. I’m just working on an idea.

Do you have any test results yet?

Particularly 3aDiolG and 3bDiol (aka 5a-androstanediol) results?




Dear Jorbie. I am very seriously ill. Would you mind posting your test results? Maybe I’ll see something in them that will help. Thanks.


man, for a study that really needs people, they sure take a fucking long time to reply. I’ve asked this lady three times now what demographic information she needs to get the ball rolling and no reply.

frustrating to say the least.


you need to contact the foundation if you want to speed up the signing up process.