Autoimmune drug question


I notice that if a miss a nights sleep my frequent urination problem goes away completely for a short time.

I think my frequent urination problem is caused by an autoimmune problem thats why LDN works so well for me but it does not cure the problem.

Does anyone know of any autoimmune drugs that would have the same effect on the body as missing a nights sleep ?


LDN? Can you say what that is?


Methylprednisolone is a drug for autoimmune problems.
There is even a recovery here based on this medication.


Low Dose Naltrexone.


Hello Mark, and thanks for posting your experiences with Naltrexone. What’s the dosage you are taking, and assuming it was prescribed by your doctor, what follow ups are needed?

And how soon did you start to notice an effect? Does the effect taper off or stay the same over time?
Thank you


I’m taking 9ml which is not the standard dose but it works for me.

When I first took LDN I felt better within a week of using it.

Yeah the effect does wear off over time that’s why I upped my dose to 9ml.

You don’t really need any follow ups you can stay on the drug as long as you want if you feel you are benefiting from it.


Would taking the whole tablet so 50mg be of benefit? I know that’s a very high dose but just curious what’s the difference between a lose dose and a high dose? Would a higher dose provide greater effects or would it simply lead to negligible results with more side effects :thinking:


No 50mg wouldn’t work at all. At that stage it would no longer be LDN.


Back to my original question.

Can anyone recommend any autoimmune drugs that might help me ?

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Not really auto immune but I’m in the process of ordering prep bc I believe it’s mechanism is quite interesting and only lasts a day so if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, nothing to lose can’t keep Doing this unfortunately

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Interesting, it sounds as like it acts as a firewall almost, so HIV can’t get past or something. How do you think it would work for our endocrine distributor disease? What would it be doing? I know nothing about these drugs so just curious is all.


Let me tag you in the post, have you been keeping up with Irish’s success ?

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I’ve only popped in and out to see how he’s been doing, haven’t read the details about how it works.


Check it out ! Dubya made a post as well, I feel it’s promising enough to try and side effects are minimal and drug is only in system for a day… I’m gonna order !


I’ll proceed with caution first, I’m not a fan of Russian Roulette but if we see more than one improvement I’d be extremely excited by that, i really hope it works for you guys and if it has limited sides that’s great, I’m just skeptical about drugs these days is all.


Me too, which med caused you problems ?

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SSRI’s for genital numbing and bad excersise tolerance, Accutane for eyes, skin, anhedonia, body numbness, reduced smell etc. The one two punch i call it, the first was a tap, the second was a punch and oh boy, did i feel it.

It’s why I’m interested about finasteride people taking SSRIs, did they get worse? Did the SSRI guys take finasteride and get worse? Did each take accutane? Has anyone tried all 3? If yes is the answer i want to know what effect it had, if they felt something, there’s clearly a link, me taking 2 drugs and having bad reactions to both is what gives me confidence that it’s one condition, but if people tried both and one had bad effects and the other didn’t, how is that explained? It’s like trying to crack the Da Vinci code.


See I had accutane and it caused and I still have decreased muscle mass, shrunken penis no nocturnal or spontaneous erections brain fog etc… hence why I’m ordering that prep I can’t lose much else, which sexual symptoms do you have ? And true, this shits a puzzle


With SSRIs I had delayed ejaculation and decreased sensitivity. With accutane i have decreased sensitivity, weaker erections and penile tissue changes.


Tissue changes is scary man, do you think reversible ?