Low Dose Naltrexone

Hi has anyone here tried Low Dose Naltrexone ?

I’ve been on this drug now for over 6 months.

It has helped me more than any other drug I have taking so far to treat PFS.

It has vastly improved my energy levels, sleep and overall sense of well being.

While I still have PFS LDN makes my life so much more bearable.

LDN is a drug that affects the immune system.

It is used to treat many conditions from cancer to depression.

People with MS have reported extremely posstive results from using LDN.

Many people consider LDN to be a miracle drug but most of the medical profession are not interested in LDN because its an old drug and they can’t make money off it.

LDN is very cheap and has little or no side effects. If you have any chronic medical condition it is definitely worth trying.

For anyone who is new to LDN here is some useful info on the drug.



I have some that I took at a higher dose once and I felt like it made me depressed. I’ve seen others report similar things. Maybe I should try low dose? I’ve read a lot about it and it does seem to do a lot of good for different things, but I just always figured it was best to be off medication if at all possible.

High dose Naltrexone works in a completely different way to the low dose version.

LDN is different to other drugs because it helps the body heal its self by getting it to release endorphins which have numerous health benefits.

It is the only pharma drug I know of that does not only treat disease but can actually improve peoples health.


Hi Mark -

This is interesting to hear as I am looking into trying LDN and will likely get a prescription for it soon. Could you give a bit more detail to the tangible benefits you’ve seen from using it?

Since taking LDN I have far less chronic fatigue and more much engery.

Becuase of this I’m not stuck at home 24/7.

My sleep has also got alot better one thing LDN does is allow the body to go into very deep sleep.

It has also helped my urinary problem I dont have to pee as much because of LDN.

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What MG do you use? Usually its 3mg…It can be purchased online without a prescription.

I take 4.5mg. They say thats the optimal dose.

If you are new to the drug you might want to start on a lower dose.

Mark, did you try to stop or skip a day to see if some of the benefits remained, as if something had been healed?

I notice if I stop the drug my urinary problem gets worse.

Been on for two week with no benefits.

They say it can take up to 6 months for some people to notice the benefits from LDN.

Some more useful info on LDN.

selfhacked.com/blog/top-22-scie … altrexone/

articles.mercola.com/sites/artic … tself.aspx

Hello I have good feeling about this probably I will try it.

It is definitely worth trying.

Hello Mark im recopilling information about LDN and AUtoinmune related to postfinasteride, can you please me send me your whatsapp number or facebook via PM, I would like to be in contact for you if thats ok.

Thank you.

Hi Belikewater,

I just sent you a pm.

Here’s another LDN doc.

Skip to (12:20) to see Dr Edmond O`Flaherty who also treats PFS patients.


Has anyone else here had success with Low Dose Naltrexone ?


Since I upped my dose of LDN to 9mg I have alot more feeling in my genital area.

Great job. When did you get these results after starting at the higher dosage? One day, several days? How would you describe more feeling? More sensitive in all the area (penis, balls)? Thx

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