Are we fighting a lost cause?

I am just a lvl 74 scrub

I guess could help a friend with numb genitals like me? Maybe if we eat a burnt lobster we will be cured?

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I quit right after getting bandos and primordials. “So Tweaked” is my username lol

can you give me some free stuff? :wink:

I think your calorie restricted diet may have greatly reduced your androgens, leading to the same syndrome caused by finasteride and other substances.


It’s certainly theoretically possible, @arkaeik, but no doubt very rare. Having said that, given I’ve read your story, @joey10, on the number of occasions you have posted it, my first suspicion remains this nonspecific antifungal you mention. We do see these having quite profound effects, positive and negative, on PFS patients over the years. The broad “azole” class has very potent antiandrogenic effects and is coming under increasing scrutiny as endocrine disruptive. This would no doubt be an additive risk if your severe calorie restriction was at the same time. I have just shared a study recently highlighting the steroid-suppressive and endocrine disruptive potential of this drug class here:

(ps if a mod has some time maybe sum @joey10’s story posts together so users can keep track)

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Yes i think this is it. Did u take an anti fungal @joey10, thought u said u didnt take anything? These can fuck with ur CYPS and be very anti androgenic.

I have taken an anti fungal cream. I can’t recall the name but it was for a fungal rash on my thighs. I had been taking the cream since I was about 10. Pretty much and off. Basically I used a little package of it 3-5 times in my life. Never had any problems on it or off it. However I mentioned I was working on a construction site during this time. I was basically a garbage men, im wondering if i developed maybe lead poisoning or something like that?

Look there is no doubt I have Normal T but low DHT and E2 and the doctors are to lazy to figure out what the fuck is going on. This is not normal, and I have never heard of somebody getting these symptoms before in my life.

Is it caused by Lyme Disease, is it some kind of heavy metal toxicity, is it liver issues, I dont fucking know, and these stupid mother fuckers called "doctors’ have the nerve to say that they have tried everything and you just need a sex therapist…

The fact that the cream didn´t cause earlier problems doesn´t mean it can´t in the future. Also the combination of the cream and calory deficit diet can deplete ur androgen levels even more then it normally would when using the cream alone. I would not dismiss the idea of the cream having a role in this bro.

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Maybe you are right, I have elevated liver enzymes on all my tests as well. Albumin is elevated too, dht/e2 are low. SHBG seems lowish. I will be going to a hemetologist next week, If i do not get any answers I will be going on bodybuilders forums for a protocol for clomid or something to raise my DHT.

This is just soo wrong in so many ways. I/We should not have to deal with this shit. Especially at the age of 21. There are soo many stupid mother fuckers in this world, who do drugs, murder, sin and so much more but they are completely healthy. I never even smoked a cigarette in my damn life and I get this fucking garbage. Especially when I truly felt I was soo close to living my dream…


Yes it’s unfair in many ways, unbelievable shit. If indeed the antifungal has made this ruin, u are in a way quite similair to us. U should know that taking hormones will not always work when it really is caused by the anti-fungal. The problem lies ‘‘deeper’’ so to speak. I hope it’s not that, and that taking extra hormones would work for you.

I have said many times before. Looking back throughout my life, I can point to years where I had “High Hormones” where I had high libido, confidence, felt like superman, tan there were times I had “Normal/Low Hormones” Libido high, low confidence, shy etc.

This is now like I have NO hormones.Penis dead, cold, numb, scrotum tight and high, low semen volume and force, numb orgasm , musky body odor, dry tired eyes. What the fuck lol

These symptoms are regularly reported here, as you are aware.

I expect that, much as we have found that different substances have triggered our shared condition here, that we will find that it is possible for the body to be placed into the state which triggers the condition without an already documented substance acting upon the body.

For this reason, you are absolutely in the correct place here, whatever the label at the top of the page may or may not say.

It’s important that if you find others in your position, that you lead them here.

It may not feel like it but I am confident that the evidence and understanding is building.


People must always judge.
Agree with @Greek

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@joey10 I would like to understand one thing.
Did you take creatine before having this “PFS”?

I believe that the Creatine gave you PFS with the action on the 5-HT receptor. Many do not believe but creatine give PFS to rare people. I did a lot of research and I have the confirmation. The same thing happened @Rb26dett with a 5-HT supplement that acts exactly like Creatine.

A diet cannot do what you have.
Creatine is responsible.

This is my opinion.

@Rb26dett you have the same problems as @joey10? I know it may sound absurd, but if search the web for so many people they complain about ED, narrowing and numbness of the penis after creatine or 5HT. Look! I consider this the most logical explanation of Joey’s problems.

Starvation dieting can sharply decrease hormone levels:

After 5 days of starvation, the body weight of adult male Wistar rats was on the average 34% lower than that of control animals. Luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone in plasma were significantly decreased in the starved animals (−95% and −82% on the average).

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What do you think about my Creatine 5-HT theory? This could also have happened to me, me before Rutin I was taking chronic high-dose creatine for the gym. I do not consider the theory of the safe diet, since nothing indicates that it modifies the receptors. I consider it unconvincing.

I repeat do some research on creatine.
You will find people with a kind of PFS.