AR upregulation


A demethylating agent might help depending on what the problem is. We just don’t know for sure yet. One issue is that without targeted DNA demethylation, we can’t be sure we are having sufficient effect to turn the suspect gene back on without damaging off-target effects. I think it is too speculative to undergo a treatment of this calibre without having a therapeutic target in sight first. Some people are doing these types of treatments because they were popular for some time in the CFS community and some were seeing relief from treating a suspected lack of methyl donors based on 23andMe data showing that they had lower-functioning copies of methyl-donor producing genes. I got burnt badly last Summer by playing around with methylation supplements simply based on some other PAS patients saying they felt more energetic while taking them. I’m still suffering the effects and regret being that stupid.

We don’t have a problem due to bad genetics though, only a possible increased susceptibility. We were all fine before taking whatever caused this condition to develop in us.


Yes, 5-HTP combined with SSRI…


I know this isn’t going to help, but did tour doctor tell you take two serotonin drugs at the same time? Seems like this could generally be dangerous in terms of serotonin syndrome.


I did not know … There was nothing written about the side effects on the 5-htp bug …


I’m no endocrinologist, nor biologist. My background is in Electrical Engineering and systems control, and whilst I understand that many on this forum know considerably more about the potential processes at play here, I wish to bring attention to something which I feel has been overlooked of late.

That is the notion that perhaps our issue isn’t epigenetic, but rather a case of hysteresis of the HPT axis.
The body is a complex system and perhaps Finasteride and it’s cessation forced the body into an extremity wherein it became ‘locked’. Think of it as a valley whereby the HPT axis is operating in an abnormal state of operation. Increasing androgens to some degree may not be enough to push the system out of that state. In fact it could have the negative effect and push it further into the abnormal state.

Perhaps a more detailed understanding of PFS will allow us to realise exactly what needs pushing and in which direction in order to restore the HPT axis to a state of normalcy. I hope that the soon to be released Baylor study will provide illumination as to whether PFS is due to an epigenetic change or not.