AR upregulation


I too always thought there is a difference between Gene overexpression and AR overexpression. AR overexpression has different implications. I cited a paper in a different thread where men with cancer were given AR suppression therapy, and those men shared all of the same side effects that we have.

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Do you think we will ever have a cure?


Yes, but it will take time.

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Yes I do think we will find a cure, or treatment at worst

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It would be so beautiful, I miss women, happiness, my body, having sex, it would be heaven for all of us to come back as before! :blush::blush::blush:


It sure would be
Let’s hope someone cracks this or we all live in hell .

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I know this may sound like a blunt instrument in a highly delicate situation, but if our issue is related to AR overexpression in tissue, I wonder if an AR antagonist reduced the AR concentration and thus bring a relief of symptoms…

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its not Upregulation .Its pretty clear what could be the cause of our condition. The most likely major cause for the development of PFS is the influence and alteration of gene activity via so-called gene silencing. It is believed to result in decreased gene expression because the transfer of the genetic code from the DNA to the mRNA (transcription) is inhibited by, for example, DNA methylation. The altered gene expression is normally conserved, so that it is also passed on to emerging daughter cells, which also plausibly explains why the PFS usually lasts so long. Finally, PFS represents an iatrogenic disease, a disease that is triggered as a side effect of certain medications (Fin, ssri , accutane, saw palmetto) . Sry to say that guys but i think its not wrong to believe that its nearly impossible to fix that .


I believe he’s right and it is what Baylor discovered…Its gene expression, DNA damage why no test shows it and why it doesn’t go away and varies so much…


This has already been clearly proven persistently in PFS patients penile tissue in the di loreto study and was the precursor to the investigation going on at Baylor. This is a very complex area and I don’t believe it’s very useful to just be making off the cuff claims.


hey axolotl. havent known that. i always thought when dht receptors upregulate they will downregulate again after you stop taking the drug. my fault :sweat_smile: however, i dont have the scientific knowledge for this. i only wrote down the mechanism what they assume from pssd. because i believe its nearly the same mechanism. thank you for your input !


Saying that something up regulates doesn’t help. It’s permanently unregulated which is whole another animal. The whole point of receptors are to up and down regulate. Id they didn’t, the consequences would be dire.


An analogy has been made here before between the upregulation of AR due to a silencing of the AR signal and someone screaming because they cannot hear themselves speak.

Does this clear things up?


So gene silencing is the real issue and upregulation is just a byproduct…


I believe so, yes. From my understanding, there is either a gene that interacts with the AR to allow it to function correctly that is silenced, or overproduction of a gene product that blocks its normal effect.


What do you think about upregulation of 3α-HSD and 17β-HSD? A study says that my substances upregulate these two enzymes! Also SSRI! And if this is the cause? A total venom!


The 5-ari withdrawal theory paper provides evidence that total 3a-HSD activity is lowered in people with a dysfunctional androgen receptor due to genetic origins and applies this to explain the same of PFS patients. 3a-HSD activity is dependent on AR signalling to some degree.

Also, if a substance drastically increases 3a-HSD activity, it is liable to lower 5-ar metabolites, like DHT, at the same time, producing the same net effect on androgen levels as blocking 5-ar.


If its a gene problem, do we need some demethylation ? And why some people are practicing methylation protocols when it comes to ‘‘treating’’ undiagnosed problem.


Are there any treatments for genetic problems?

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Hei amico, tu hai PFS da intagratore di 5-HT?