*** Post your Adiol-G (3alpha-androstanediol glucuronide) blood test results

If you have been tested for Adiol-G (3alpha-androstanediol glucuronide), please post your results.

Considering Adiol-G could reflect post-Fin 5AR2 activity and thus DHT metabolism in 5AR2-dependent tissues, it is important we track this particular hormone to see if there are consistently low levels/patterns among us, which might help shed additional light as to where problems lie.

Adiol-G is also metabolized by the enzyme 3a-HSD, which comes AFTER 5AR2 in the hormonal pathway… thus such results might also shed light on wether this enzyme is playing a role in our issues.

More info on 3alpha-androstanediol glucuronide, 3a-HSD & pathways:

I will begin by posting the results I am aware of on this forum.

Adiol-G (3alpha-androstanediol glucuronide) results:

Thanks guys.

NOTE: Please always assay total testosterone values simultaneously with 3a-diol-G. Looking at 3a-diol-G without corresponding testosterone values is USELESS because they are directly linked. Please post BOTH values. Thank you.

If you have already posted and have corresponding testosterone values, please add them to your post (edit).

The following labs in the USA CAN TEST FOR 3a-diol G:




PRIVATEMD LABS (No doctor required)

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Is this only tested in the USA?

Finally got my lab report back from Quest. An important note: Quest only runs this test on Tuesday mornings in San Diego, so time your blood draw accordingly (e.g. Friday). I also had my total serum T tested at the same time, as I’m varying it through different clomiphene dosages (see My Recovery via Clomid thread in Recoveries).

I was already on a month long clomiphene drug holiday on doctors orders to establish a fresh baseline. More on this when I update the thread referenced above. Extended the holiday by one week and had total serum T of about 300 ng/dL around the time of the Adiol-G draw.

At any rate, I have a reading of about 150 ng/dL (1.5 ng/ml). The Quest EndoManual puts the normal range at 260 to 1500 ng/dL (or 2.6-15.0 ng/ml). The conversion factor is 0.0213 for Si units which puts me at about 3.1 nmol/L in SI units. Elsewhere I had posted a study of Adiol-G in normal men, range was about 9 to 17 ng/mL (or 900 to 1700 ng/dL), see:

This is very sobering. . . . last took finasteride 7 years ago . . . for about 10 months. Two different serum DHTs came back mid range but we now know that DHT tests are not very accurate. Had a completely normal adolescence and sex organ development, 6 feet tall, in very good physical condition (interval train twice a week plus some weight lifting). Have most symptoms of post fin but none to an extreme or severe state.

PLEASE if you are a member here get 3a-Androstanediol Glucorinide tested we need to expand the database.

Here’s my Adiol-G result: 313 Ref 260-1500 ng/DL

I don’t see how collecting all of these results will help us any. Some things that I have found that can boost 5AR activity is an increase of IGF1 and creatine supplementation can do that. I have posted the studies on the site before.

Plan of action for me is that my DHEA level is low so Dr. Crisler is having me try DHEA for a month and get the urine panel retested.


this is particularly interesting considering all six of the guys Adiol-G (3alpha levels are near the bottom of the range. Maybe this is one of the consistent results that we could see in P sufferers. When we look a T levels both free and total there is no consistency. One guy has high Total and low Free, another low total and high free and some both.

I am do to have my fourth blood test next week. I’ll check to see if I can get this done as well. I imagine I would have to pay out of pocket for this.

Going to get this done…There is defiantly a distinct pattern here…

kazman, what does your endo say about your result?" .

I wonder what the doctors suggested to these patients after seeing such results.

My latest 3-Adiol G result is 0.64 (range 3.40 - 22)

I feel pretty awful - chronic insomnia and intermittent brain fog. I did think about re-testing though - does seem a particularly worrying result. I will see if the insuraance will cover it.
I’ve had sexual sides since 2007, but they’re not my main concern, and do seem to have improved a bit lately, oddly enough.

If some body’s LH and FSH are are low and his Total T and free T are low too, (clearly secondary hypogonadism) ,then how this test is going to help him?

I just bumped into this old publication stating that the main metabolite of DHT is Adiol-17 G and not 3adiolG in rat prostate.
I have never heard about it, but maybe there is a test available also for this metabolite?
endo.endojournals.org/cgi/conten … 123/6/2788


My results for Adiol G through Quest:

643 Ref Range (260-1500 ng/DL)

My T and DHT have consistently been low in all my testing, so I wonder if this reference range is not similar to what happens with T, I am supposedly “in range” but I am lower third and 27 years old…

Where the hell are everyone’s Adiol G test results? I don’t get it. The response to this possible breakthrough has been absolutely SHOCKING.

It is the ONE parameter that we are seemingly deficient in, and there have been only 8 people out of thousands who use this site to have theirs tested.

This could be a REAL breakthrough, and quite frankly, the evidence is there to indicate that DHT injections WILL restore Adiol G levels, and possibly restore sexual functioning.

Come on guys, get off your arses and get that testing done. Why the apathy? This breakthrough has been around since before September. Most chaps here live in USA and can easily get this test done for the cost of an expensive meal out (or otherwise covered by insurance) but instead, we’ve got men moaning away about how their lives were destroyed by a Propecia and how their dicks don’t work.

This is a disgrace.

We are lucky that one or two chaps have picked up on this important finding and that Mew has charted the results.

This is surely the purpose of a site like this. We need to unite and GET THIS TEST DONE. Quickly, before other men commit suicide, before more relationships fail. We need to stop suffering and get ourselves better.


Mew, where the hell is your test?? Lead by example, for God’s sake.

Let’s kick into gear NOW.

getting the test soon.
pain in the ass to find a doctor willing to do it. now i have found one who is supportive. i guess many guys are in the same boat.
probably have to pay out of my pocket, but that is more than ok.

Labtests done in 21/01/2009 in a Public Hospital / University while i was trying arimidex (0,5mg / day)

3 AdiolG : 16,6ng/ml (2,5 - 20,9)
Total T: 517 nd/dl (236 - 997)
Free T: 14,0pg/ml (8,7 - 54,7)
DHT: 174,6 pg/ml (250 - 1000)
Estradiol: 5,8pg/ml (0- 45)
SHBG: 16,7nmol/l (13 - 71)
LH: 4,6
FSH: 9,8


Firstly, thank you for adding to the database. Do you plan to take any holidays from Arimidex? Your estradiol is too low based on what I’ve read (18 to high 20s is the perfered range) - a dose of 0.5 mg just twice a week is more common here in the US. Then again this may show that strongly inhibiting T to E conversion it may favor higher 5AR2 activity.

Mew, if you add his results to the table I would suggest noting there that he is taking a pretty aggresive dose of Arimidex.

If anyone else posts results please be sure to note the medication you are on.

gcac, I will post up the other study I have showing normal ranges for Adiol-G tomorrow - here is the kicker, balding men have en even higher Adiol-G levels than the average population. Understand that since the test is used for hermaphrodytism in males this will skew the range. See my post above for a link to normal ranges based on studies done on normal men (900 to 1500 on the scale you are using).

Hi Maracatu

That is an interesting result: the first decent Adiol-G score we’ve seen here. Kazman is right, you were taking quite a high dose of Arimidex at the time.

As Kazman also says, that does point to the idea that aggressive blocking of T to E conversion can result in higher T to DHT conversion in target cells, and so a higher Adiol-G score.

This might help explain why Postfinsufferer is feeling better, too. His high-dose TRT regimen included 1/4 mg Arimidex a day, also quite a high dose. After a few weeks on that regimen, his total T had actually fallen, but his Adiol-G had doubled. Perhaps it doubled because of the Arimidex, and perhaps that is why he is feeling better.

Maracatu, can you remember:

Did you experience any symptomatic improvement on Arimidex? Better libido, better erections, better energy? How long did improvements last? I’ve read the post you made at the time saying erections were a little better, but it would be good to get more details. How far did improvements go?

How long did you take Arimidex for, and why did you stop?


Agreed. The lower my oestrogen, the better my erections. The more Arimidex I take, the better my erections…up to a certain point.

Arimidex can make one feels anxious and edgy, and too low E2 is bad for libido.

I take 3/4 tablet in 3 divided doses when on 150mg T per week. My E2 level is 40 where 160 is upper limit.