Any positive covid 19 cases for members?

Just wondered if anyone has had Covid 19 here and how they were affected and how they are recovering , any lasting issues that weren’t there before .
I’m guessing it will hit PFS patients harder than people in full health but was just interested to hear any stories …

There is some information out there that “suggests” we might be less severely affected by covid:

@Zonz2 is the only member I am aware of who tested positive, but there were probably others. It’s difficult to draw any conclusions for all the more data we have on PFS/post-drug-syndrome and covid.

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Yes I tested positive for Covid and was sick for 2 days. I felt amazing during those 2 days despite having a fever and nasuea. Covid weakens your immune system like the flu, This is why I was thinking PFS is autoimmune.


Wow interesting sources to read on - thanks for these ! Interesting about the male pattern hair loss figures for those hospitalized …

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I’m glad you are doing better ! That’s Greta to hear mate :pray::100: did you notice anything that has lingered from it or any symptoms that haven’t gone away?

Nope, I haven’t got any of the taste/smell effects, if anything I noticed my sense of taste and smell was better while I was sick.

Only @Zonz2 got tested positive in this whole forum??? I got tested positive yesterday.

How you doing @FinDestroyedMe

I am having fever, burning eyes, sore throat, constant diarrhea, weakness since yesterday. I don’t feel good at all.

Haven’t been sick in a while.

I had covid in late January-early February. It wasn’t too bad but I completely lost my sense of smell and it still hasn’t fully recovered. I’ll probably try smell training after the semester’s over.

I don’t have any problems with taste or smell or breathing problems… just the above problems.