A preliminary observation: male pattern hair loss among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Spain - A potential clue to the role of androgens in COVID-19 severity (04/2020)



A preliminary observation of high frequency of male pattern hair loss among admitted COVID-19 patients, and suggest that androgen expression might be a clue to COVID-19 severity.


Would this suggest that PFS sufferers are more or less susceptible to COVID-19 issues?

Do you think we might be safer from covid? I found one interview that might be interesting. https://www.futurity.org/covid-19-men-severity-hair-loss-2329142/

This was just one hypothesis. And it does not reflect the current state of affairs of Covid and how to treat it and who it affects. Some states women equal to or surpass men in cases or deaths. Corticosteroids can and are used at the right time for Covid patients. So this article is out of date.

Much more research is on obesity and inflammation–the only humans who seem to die of Covid19 at ages under 20 seem to be obese. Simple google search shows this, even with memorials and photos of large 10 or 14 year olds who passed away.

I am suspicious because the article mentions minoxidil–a potential red flag meaning someone who has worked with pharma and may be on the side of pharma to sell it or finasteride, etc. Read between the lines. Notice there is no financial disclosures. And the parent research article --if you found and clicked on it-- mentions a ton of existing pharma drugs that could be repurposed = potential lots of $. So there is that!

There is, however, research going back decades that baldness may have evolved so that as men age, sunlight hits the top of our heads and provides us with more vitamin D. More vitamin D is said in this research to help prevent prostate cancer, which has something to do with T and DHT and estrogen.

AND recent research on Covid states that people deficient in vitamin D experience higher rates of infection, and have more severe cases of Covid, and are more likely to die, than those with optimal vitamin D levels.

So let’s be happy we are losing our hair–it is nature’s/evolution’s/biology’s way of protecting us.

Oh, and one personal anecdote: my uncle and his uncle (my great uncle) both had prostate cancer–and both have/had a full head of hair. Uncle survived due to modern surgery, but great uncle died. And my uncle’s dad/my grandfather/great uncle’s brother died at an early age from another cancer, and he had a full head of hair his whole life. Hmm.

Get out in the sun, or travel to a place with a lot of sun, and get it on your body. And or take a large enough dose of vitamin D3 everyday! I think 5000 IU per day during winter and spring and fall (and also in summer if you work and live and play and exist mostly indoors). Everyone is deficient–we go from our house to our car to the store or workplace and back to our car then home again. Both highpaying MBA and lowpaying Walmart jobs are indoors. And farrmers use machines and sit in vehicles and wear clothing and hats if outside, or have others or big agra do the work. We all need vitamin D3. Youtube/google Covid and Vitamin D!