Any Hope for Penile Numbness


Hey guys,

You have probably seen my previous posts on the board. My sexual sides keep getting worse and the numbness is just horrible.

I am trying to maintain hope, and might start trying the asparagus treatment some people on the board seem to have success with, but I just feel like the numbness is from an increase in AR receptor density and i don’t see how this can be fixed.

I appreciate all the support from everyone during this tough time, and any supportive words or success stories are appreciated. I just need some hope so push pass this horrible depression I am in.


@Ozeph and @hopeless94 saw better sensitivity with choline, betaine and vitamin A. Been trying to get the details on dosage and brand


Many have had improvements. I certainly am better now than I have been at other times

What have you tried?

Low carb diets and some of the vitamins and amino acids listed previously are very commonly linked to improvements. The low carb diet especially is, so it’s worth a shot if you haven’t already tried it


@Trinov, I just had a quick look at your story. It’s not entirely clear to me what you’re doing now but are you still taking anything? Am I right in thinking that you stopped taking everything at the end of March?

If that’s correct it is worth noting that a 6 week period is very short around here. People who see improvements often do so after longer periods than that. I think 6 weeks is nowhere near enough time to feel that you’re stuck in your current position.

I am an advocate for not doing anything without at least seriously researching it. Many people have made themselves worse by experimenting on themselves. Unfortunately, the variability of things means that some people benefit from particular substances while others do not. I believe some have been harmed by eating large amounts of innocuous substances like asparagus. You may find that one person is advocating a course of action that another has had problems with.

I personally would suggest taking some more time, avoiding stress if you can and trying to live a generally healthy lifestyle. I know it’s very depressing but you need to dig in and wait it out.

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I think penile numbness is a rather misleading and inaccurate term. The correct term, in my opinion, is reduced sexual pleasure or reduced libido. This has nothing to do with the tissue of the penis and everything to do with the way pleasure is experienced, which has to do with the brain – in my opinion.

Since you are asking for advice, Tribulus in high dose is helpful for me and for most others it seems. I am also losing hair very, very fast on it.


I belief the medical term is genital anesthesia, and no one knows if it’s rooted in the brain or in peripheral nerves. The fact that SSRIs almost universally cause genital anesthesia, and that it usually (not always of course — that’s what PSSD is) goes away upon discontinuation of the drug, makes me lean a little in the direction of that it’s rooted within the brain. People also get genital anesthesia when their prolactin is very elevated (eg after orgasm), and it similarly goes away once levels return to normal.

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I also believe it’s more brain related. At the very least, I don’t believe it’s long term or permanent nerve damage like some have suggested. Too many recoveries for that to be the case.

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