Antibiotics. An awful dilemma

Currently in a nightmare scenario. I have an infection in my gums and cheek. Will most likely need antibiotics. Antibiotics have destroyed a lot of people. Anhedoinicape even wrote they are HCNI inhibitors much like sodium buyrate which nearly ruined my life. I am truly in an awful bind. Is there anything else I can do? Has anyone had this problem before?


You can use natural methods for teeth/gums. Since it’s typically localized to that area.
Natural mouthwash, rinse with sea salt, oil pulling, and turmeric (If you can handle it).

That combined should be a pretty good attack towards an infection. However, the antibiotics given for gum issues are generally “weak” compared to others given for other type of infections.

I personally have taken your basic penicillin after a tooth extraction without issue.

As a side note - I read your member story, I’m sorry. I noticed your free t was low (thus high SHGB) many years ago, have you corrected this since then?

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Thank you so much for your reply. I’m going to get oil of oregano and hope it’s seeps deep enough to touch the issue. I did a salt water rinse and it seemed to help.

Unfortunately no my t is still very low and very high shgb. I am doing my best to maintain but am greatly effected by all this

Not medical advice. But have you explored TRT, to bring that Free T up in hopes to alleviate some of your symptoms?

I have tried it I responded very poorly to it aswell as everything I’ve tried

I didn’t have any really negative experience with antibiotics. Conversely, at some point I even thought I had a brief improvement from ornidazole. I even tried it 2 more times later. It didn’t produce any desirable effect but it didn’t do much harm either. Maybe, that could depend on the type of antibiotic and your individual susceptibility.
And there’s at least one person on the forum with similar experience.

Yeah, I am waffling over life changing surgery to escape life long disability partly because of this. I am also indefinitely holding off on a bone graft. Such is my life.

You can’t just get the abcess removed or cleaned without taking the antibiotics?

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It’s between my mouth and cheek like deep down. There’s no entry point :frowning: unless they slice into my face or cut between my gums and cheek.

Went to dentist today soon ill need my molar and wisdom tooth removed. Until then they gave me Ani biotic mouth wash (even tho it literally can not touch the infection) and I’m crashing off it. My joints are cracking again like fuckn mad and i feel wabbly all over. Its been a while since ive felt this its absolutly the mouthwash. couldn’t image what would be done if I had to take a pill I’d be fuckn dead

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Here’s my toes cracking (gf watching a horror movie in back grund) Wrists fingers and neck are the same

Looks like im going to have to take them. Infection has doubled in size. Pain is almost unmanageable. This is it. This is the nightmare I have been dreading for years. Antibiotics are going to destroy me.

I’m really at a loss. I can’t sleep I’m so stressed mental.sides are raging. I CAN NOT go through what sodium butyrate did to me again. These antibiotics will be much worse than that. I only took a grain of sand amount of SB.

My literal only hope is they remove my teeth and can clean it out without having to use them. But the Dr said if my infection gets worse I’ll have to take them. And now its worse.

I just fucking can’t


For anyone curious about what sodium butyrate did to me

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Not all antibiotics are HDACi. Which antibiotics will they give you?

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Hang in there mate I know how worried u must be, being forced down the drug route it is a huge fear. I used oral antibiotic mouthwash 5 years ago when they grafted my gums and I was OK. I was in a much better position then though with only a few sensitivities. U might ok with it i :pray: for you my friend. Sometimes using things for the 1st time is OK, returning to stuff is much worse, just from experience


I don’t know which they want to putnme on I’d imagine amxicillan. Please tell which kinds are not

Thanks laz. Im using the wash right now although the infection is deep in my gums and the wash isnt touching it at all. I’m slightly crashed on it my joints are popping again. But the stress has me in a horrible derealization/no sleep state. I did not sleep last night for second and my intrusive racing thoughts/images are back. Like having a televison channel flipping in my head and repeated music on a loop. I’m only praying they can remove these teeth without resorting to antibiotics because I can not see that going well for me at all


Sorry mateci can relate. It often feels like a new horrible state but it will pass and you’ll be back to your baseline. How many times!!! Its super tough I know but try to know its not permanent I hope u get through it without the need for a bionics.


Thank you bruv. I managed to drag myself to work. Idk how i do it sometimes


Fighting spirit well done bro

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Please update. Did you take the antibiotics? How are you holding up?

I figured that you already read that it was amoxicillin that I couldn’t tolerate. I was offered azithromycin for the bone graft which I have been holding off on.

I have spoken with someone who crashed from antibiotic eye drops but they’ve fully recovered, just to put it out there.

Haven’t taken them no I’m.still on a wait list for the surgery i need 2 teeth pulled. Been pounding advil to keep the swelling and pain down. There is literally no way i can take antibiotics. That last crash nearly crippled me and put me in a hell beyond my worst imaginable nightmare and it was off a grain of sand amount of sodium butyrate. A full course of antibiotics I may aswell write my will

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