Another finasteride sufferer based in UK

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Hi all. I took finasteride for 18 days starting from Christmas time back in 2019 and shortly after noticed some strange twitching in my toes and my sperm became waterlike. Then few days later I experienced a pain in my testicles and decided to stop taking finasteride as I already found some videos on Youtube where people were complaining about impotence.

Few days after I stopped taking finasteride I started to feel very tired and then one day I woke up with severe brain fog, tinnitus and severe panic attack. I even called 111 to tell them how I felt, but they just said I needed to book a non urgent appointment with my doctor. The second day was pretty scary too. I experienced my first episode of depression or whatever it’s called when I had extremely painful emotional experience. I remember I walked out from the house and was scared to go inside. I went to buy cigarettes even though I stopped smoking many years ago. I called my friends and was telling them about my panic attack. Eventually I got home and managed to sleep, but had horrible nightmares.

I went to work the next day and felt that I was in some sort fog. I could not do basic things and even simple tasks were very challenging. One of my customers started to question some numbers and I had a panic attack again. I called my boss and told him about my experience, but continued working.
Since then I live in a constant brain fog, have emotional bluntness and annoying tinnitus.
Since then I have daily depressive periods, especially in the morning, when I lose the will to live and have extreme sadness. When I do not feel sad, I am just emotionally dead person, feels like as if I have been lobotomised.

Sexually I cant perform as I did before taking finasteride. The pain in my testicles comes and goes and they have decreased in size. I personally do not care about my sexual life anymore. I just want my mind and my emotions back. I stopped my studies as I lost any ability to concentrate. I used to take blood pressure medication, such as Amlodipine and Losartan, but noticed that they negatively affect my depression, so I stopped taking them. I do not know if it’s because I stopped taking them, or because of PFS, but I quite often feel the pain in my heart and also tingling sensations in my fingers.

I went though a lot of information on this forum, but the posts are rather disheartening than encouraging. I saw my doctor, she would not have have a clue. I change her for another GP, and he was a bit more understanding. He sent me for a blood test and then they found out that my Vitamin D levels were lower than minimum, so prescribed strong Vitamin D doses, 20000 units per day. Testosterone levels were low as well. I also asked him to send me to a specialist who I am going to see in May.

Let’s see…


Hi @telpek. I can very much relate to the experience you’re currently going through; it sounds very similar to what I and many others here have gone through after crashing. Not particularly caring about the sexual side effects when considered against the horrendous impact of the neurological and mental side effects is a sentiment not uncommon here and one I had myself in the months after crashing.

Speaking for myself here but I can tell you that the depression, anhedonia and lack of emotion have improved for me. However, it did take at least six months for these improvements to properly begin. It appears that most patients experience improvements to a variable degree after the first 6 - 12 months. Please try to bear this in mind when things get really tough.

You might want to be cautious when supplementing Vitamin D. Another member here has stated he worsened his condition significantly with it

He took a big dose but its worth bearing in mind. Others have reported problems when supplementing it. Low Vitamin D levels are a common observation in PFS patients.

My testosterone levels almost halved after crashing. Around 8 months after crashing my levels came back up to reasonable numbers, though my estrogen remained significantly higher than pre-Finasteride readings. You should be cautious before trying TRT or something similar, many have had no change in symptoms or worsened themselves going that route.

Please have a read of this thread

Once three months have passed since your last dose, please participate in our Post-Drug Syndrome Patient Survey.

The data generated will help to characterize the condition(s) that have come to be known as PFS, PAS and PSSD, along with several other persistent syndromes resulting from various substances.
The survey can be accessed through the bar-graph icon at the top of your screen after you have posted a member story, and remember, the survey can be halted at any time and continued at a later time/date.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for taking the time to share what has happened to you here.


Thank you! I will have a read

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Hi @telpek , I am so sorry for what you are going through. So many of us, too many of us are going through similar effects. I would like to share a couple of things with you as well. 1st, you are not alone in this, we are a community and together we will get through this. I would like to echo @Tzinkman by saying vitamin D was no friend to my symptoms and I no longer take any supplements at all. Also, even though it’s been a rollercoaster, there are many things many of us have done with good results. Here are a few that I have had success with. Stress is not my friend. Try and manage this as it feeds PFS. There are a lot of great people in this community who by letting me know I wasn’t alone in this helped me ease being despondent. There are many good days to come. Breathe. A keto diet has helped my energy and overall feeling like crap. Some days I fast and I have much energy… Exercise daily or as you can tolerate. Cardio and weights have really helped brain fog for me. Swimming makes me feel normal and taking showers can help me avoid a crash. On bad days I use diversions like movies to sidetrack me. You will find stories of success. You are still pretty new in this, although this is life changing, it does not define you. Share with us things you are doing that helps you as well as things that don’t. Your story is important. You are important.

Thank you very much, Akiyah!. I will keep you updated!

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Hello Telpek,

How is your tinnitus currently? I also get the sides you describe such as these heart pains/stings every now and then.

Hi Casual. Tinnitus still going strong. My depression and suicidal thoughts are a bit better, but still having emotional flatness and skin got really bad - strechy like resin. Had a chat with a specialist today, he does not believe that I could have all these sides after 2 weeks of finasteride, but sending me for blood tests

hmm that’s messed up brother…I also have tinnitus very loud in my left ear, one of the most horrible damages this drug has done to me.

Good to hear that you have less depression, we somehow have to find a way to think and stay positive in order to beat this monster!

Did you gain more side effects as time progresses or have you gotten all of them from the get go? I am currently three weeks off.

I am glad I have not got that daily feeling of extreme sadness which made me to feel suicidal. I was advised to take antidepressants, but I did not and suddenly one day after about 4 months I stopped have that extreme depression. I also started to have nocturnal erections on regular basis. But I still have an emotional flatness, it just does not go away and also a bad memory. Skin gad got worse, but I cant even feel angry, always feel spaced out


My brain fog has increased which drives me insane. Not sure if I ever become normal again

i have been supplementing gingko biloba from the start of my crash and cold showers helped me to shake it off. i went to a massage salon to release the tension from my neck and shoulders.

Currently the pressure and fog have dissapeared completely

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Do you still take gingko?

I actually do take ginkgo 1x tablet a day. When I crashed I took magnesium tablets 2x a day for three weeks, however I stopped taking them, because some people advised not to supplement but try to heal naturally first…

Thank you. I wonder if for some people the brain fog is a permanent thing. Have you told your gp about your sides. My GPs deny everything I tell them. I realised how medival our medicine is

i don’t know if it could be permanent or not.
I experienced brain fog and brain pressure 3 days after quitting and it lasted severely for about 4 to 5 days, i felt literally dumb, as if my IQ dropped significantly. Things felt surreal like I was in some kind of dream, it was very very scary.
However, days after the fog dissipated and the pressure remained, this cleared in the last couple of days.

EDIT: No havent told them the sides, as far as im concerned they cannot and will not be able to help me. I have to figure this one out by myself, hopefully time will heal some of the damage done.

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The wont be able to help you and me, but they are offcial medical stuff and more complaints will force them to to make that drug illegal I hope

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With the greatest of respect, you need all the help you can get, reporting symptoms, increasing awareness, making sure the authorities know this exists is practically mandatory.

People trying to figure this out on their own has… Quite a poor record.

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Hey @telpek, how is the tinnitus doing? Hope you’re good

Hey. Still there. Maybe slightly better or maybe I got used to it, sorry