Androgen receptor overexpression and sensitivity to hormones reversed by epigenetic therapy that restores Pur-α to a transcriptional repressor complex of AR deregulated in HRPC

I’m in contact with him he’s still doing good


Ive stopped being vegan for months, been using bhb and eating meat + keto diet. Its even worse than before.
Sometimes its like some guys here think they have PFS but in reality they suffer from something else and that’s why they recover whereas their “cure” doesn’t work for people with PFS.
Back to vegan, the pain was less severe. I regret I tried bhb, keto, meat, …

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Bhb gave me bad anxiety @Xorack

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Do we have more people using BHB + Butyrate? What have been the effects so far?


Weren’t you doing well here with BHB? What do you have to say about progesterone? Is it still working?

Yeah I thought it was going well. But I was too optimistic as always when I feel better even for just one day.
I’m using progesterone 10 days a month, cycling. I don’t know what I m doing … I think I should stop trying to find my cure and let it go.


I hope you are still here. I think what you are doing is very beneficial. Ignore the haters.

How are you feeling these days?


Has anyone crashed severely from BHB + Butyrate? Worth a shot.

I have been taking it 2 - 4 times a week. I’m not able to take it everyday. I start getting reactions too it but mild in nature.

It has very positive effects so I will keep taking it, probably the best supplement I’ve tried so far since being pfs Helps with digestion, ibs , mental issues etc.
I’ve only tried the cal mag , but looking to get my hands on the sodium version. Looked yesterday on Amazon and couldn’t find any which I though was rather odd. I havent tried bhb.

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I’m taking Butyrate, 2 different kinds together with L Reutiri probiotics.
It helps my with gut/stomach problems which I had since I was a child, but does nothing to improve my finasteride issues. No effect on libido or ED at all.

Are you able to tolerate butyrate daily and for the long term?

I tried l rueteri but had an allergic reaction itchy skin almost immediately, histamine issues I presume in nature. Might try again as I believe my histamine is better controlled while trying to dial in the most effective dose of butyrate.

@Papasmurf has described a horrific crash he believes was brought-about by sodium butyrate:

I have been using for about a month and a half now. No issues for me.

Thank you so much Dubya. I have made such significant progress with my recovery thus far, it’s just not worth the risk IMO. I will stick to the natural approach - cold potatoes & chamomile tea. Thank you and all the best.

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Today I might have had a bad crash/ panic attack. It was really strange and I’m curious some how the butyrate was able to get into my bloodstream through permeable gut barriers which is concerning. Leaky gut/ibs is undoubtedly one of my biggest ailments that I’m trying to fix. Butyraye is meant to help with that. Fml thought I was really on to something here. Surprised and let down from this setback. Just goes to show you when someone says something is good it could just be a matter of time before an upswing turns into a downtrend.


Thanks for sharing that. Some seem to maintain noticeable improvements for years from treatments that have an almost immediate bad effect for others. It’s difficult to know with certainty the mechanisms behind these contradictory effects and the primary reason we ask member to not make direct treatment recommendations, even if they personally saw benefits. I used sodium GHB for a month at least and didn’t notice any ill effects except for rebound anxiety and water retention I presume is from excess salt intake. (The synthesis was incomplete and it tasted very salty). But I’m not exactly sure how GHB’s effects are comparable to sodium butyrate’s anyways.

Why not stick with the Cal Mag version?

This sounds super promising- sorry this is an old thread, but have you guys made any progress here? Have we received any large amounts of funding

If there is overexpression, why would “further increases of androgenic action worsen the symptoms?”
Not at all doubting you here, because Tribulus made me feel absolutely terrible and worsened my symptoms- but if these receptors are over-expressed, shouldn’t we all be hypersexual and losing hair like crazy? Bc now that there are more targets, shouldn’t even small amounts of the appropriate ligand cause strong effects?
On the flip side, if the problem is indeed overexpression, should forcing yourself to use Tribulus in large amounts force the body to downregulate the receptors to maintain homeostasis and reverse the problem?
Has anyone who felt bad on Tribulus tried large doses of Tribulus for an extended time? I know people have felt *better * on it- what about how those who had a bad reaction? Could this be therapeutic in them?


Tribulus is bs, i don’t believe it can do anything with most people here. A guy here tried with a much powerful drug proviron to downregulate his receptors.

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That’s what this guy did…

But u can’t expect such level of downregulation with some small doses and just taking a week.