Androgen receptor overexpression and sensitivity to hormones reversed by epigenetic therapy that restores Pur-α to a transcriptional repressor complex of AR deregulated in HRPC

Haven’t people on here reported crashing from some of these substances? i definitely remember quercetin, and i think resveratrol but i’m not positive. Soy beans are estrogenic.

Have you kept any of your improvements with GHB?

And those crashes preceded completed suicides.

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GHB improved my baseline and it stuck since last year. I’m in a much better position and life is livable, but not optimal.

GHB basically helped with brain fog, eliminated my anxiety and improved my stress response.

I basically used GHB a couple times to knock me out into deep sleep. After that I improved.
A few weeks later I binged on GHB 3 days in a row, which was a bad idea and I got really bad withdrawl symptoms. I had terrible anxiety and depression which lasted 3 days, but on the morning of the 4th day I felt like a new person and my system recovered. Life has generally been better since then.

I think part of PFS is dysregulated GABA, so GHB helped work directly on GABA B and the neurosteroids it releases works on GABA A. Then when I took too much, my GABA was insensitive, so I had anxiety and then after a few days my GABA recovered to normal levels.


Who are you referring to?

Lashes_to_lashes (RIP), someone with whom I share similar circumstances as he suffered from severe insomnia like I do and took resveratrol. Whereas I took a potent brand of cacao nibs for fatigue which contains resveratrol and quercetin among a crap ton of antiandrogenic plant phenols like that chart that stronguy posted. I was actually on my way to recovery from finasteride and wasn’t active on the forum when I took the cacao nibs.

Lashes took resveratrol for a few days, had better sleep then crashed and killed himself earlier this year. He was a good dude. Similarly my insomnia has been greatly worsened by cacao nibs for 9 months and counting now with no improvement.

That isn’t to say that I am not determined to get better and share the same fate as him as I often caught myself ruminating about that for a good part of the year.

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People are careful to point out how these plant based HDAC inhibitors are potentially dangerous substances to us. So no one is actually taking them beyond talking about hopefully, except for one guy here who loves his chamomile tea.

Hello Moonchild. I sent you a private message asking some questions. When you have time, could you help me? Thank you!

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Passing by to drop my little support.

Interestingly Melcani study in Italy found altered gut microbiome composition.
Butyrate is made by gut microbiome, my first symptom was sleep pattern alteration and lack of sleep ( sleep problem in general )

Butyrate, a metabolite of intestinal bacteria, enhances sleep

I leave it to you guys to came up with your own conclusion.

Good luck


Definitely a possibility, reduced allopregalone in the CSF makes more sense to be a bigger contributor in my opinion.

Doesn’t allopregalone help the GABA receptors function and they are responsible for sleep, reduced allopregalone might be why we struggle with sleep and muscle twitches.

Moonchild, you said in the topic below in March this year that you had recovered your erections and libido using tribulus and mucuna.

So did BHB and Butyrate only improve your sleep problems?

Would BHB and Butyrate also regain libido? I’m almost buying the brands you suggested plus a ketogenic diet, but I need to better understand your healing process.

I just want to recover from my sexual problems, and I don’t know if I try Tribulus + Mucuna or BHB + Butyrate.

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BTW, I found a study that suggests butyrate is a strong HDAC inhibitor, much more so than BHB. But together they may have a synergistic effect. I have some butyric acid caps coming from Amazon but it’s going to take a while, like after Christmas. I might want to expedite things by ordering butyrate salts elsewhere with faster shipping.


Bro my account had been threatened to be suspended by moderators in this forum, I still don’t understand why, but I don’t care, the only reason I return back is to support with my experience those in desperate need.
Thank you :blush:


I remember why:

Cause you kept shaming people who didn’t want to try experiments and wanted to wait it out


Lakehouse, I never shame anybody, I never push anybody to any experiment, ok ?
The reason was clarified, was because a post that I did before posting about PSF saying that I should state ( I believe ) because users can take the post as fact…
You can ask [Dubya_B] if that is your concern.
And I will ask you a favor please do not talk to me, do not reply any thing to me, do not replay my post…
Anything that I post here is not for you…are we clear ?, put your nose where fit you better.

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Okay I’ll stop replying to you after this so you won’t be triggered by me anymore



after thinking further, i change my mind.

i will keep responding to you where i see fit @MOONCHILD

You know what, I will make zero post in this forum, I don’t need to be agraviated from people like you, I am feeling extremely good so I will going to live my life and it is very probably that you are going to stick for many years to come in this forum looking for a solution.



Season of goodwill guys. Cut the bickering out. Any further posts like that not relevant to the thread topic will be deleted.

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Has anybody tried bicalutamide, or know someone who did?..

Moonchild, where you at Bro, are you missed here. How are you doing?