Androgen receptor overexpression and sensitivity to hormones reversed by epigenetic therapy that restores Pur-α to a transcriptional repressor complex of AR deregulated in HRPC

Gent, thank you and congratulations again! :slight_smile:

Fish oil is important for the brain, you don’t need to take it every day, but taking it regularly is very beneficial.
PFS is no more that a brain fucked by Finasteride.

This is going to be my last post, I am going to disappear from this forum for a very long time, I will go back in months or a year to check guys how are you doing.
I am not interested in any other news related to study specialty Baylor Study.
I am enjoying live now like never before and the good is about to come.


Please, if you get worse, come back and explain it.
We deserve also to know if your story will be real recovery forever or not.

I will, every time that I had a crash I never delayed to report it, but I will not be posting anything else, I already posted everything, I am feeling amazing for awhile, no crash at all for the moment.
I am not currently taking anything, I am not taking any supplement, just regular healthy food and sometimes no so healthy.
I still walking for 45 minutes every day sometime 1 hour
I realized that since I started working as a security officer in 2016 everything started to get better, I notice that there were times that I walked a lot patrolling, maybe it help me with the recovery too.
Recently I read that walking 35 minutes 3 time a week for 6 months period reversed the aging market of the brain to the participants of the study, it reversed the aging around 9 years younger.
Good luck

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Hey man. Zinc Inhibits Expression of the Androgen Receptors. There are cases of people who got PFS like shit just from zinc in itself. Here is such a case:

And here a study on zinc inhibiting expression of AR:

I think zinc is what fucked you and further silenced your AR. Good luck man, i know how it is to lay in bed 24/7 due to a 2nd crash, I am in the same boat. You can PM me if you want to talk or just vent.




I can’t understand why… I took zinc in a supplement for Strengthen the immune system, made of Magnesium, Potassium and zinc.
I crashed many days after last zinc dose.
First months of PSSD, i already taken zinc, without problems. I think tribulus is the real guilty.

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Mm i see. Could be. All I know is that zinc is not something to be messed with in our conditions. It fixes things like acne for instance in people, that says enough about what it does to people and their AR.

‘’ Both topically and internally, zinc seems to also play a role in controlling oil production, possibly because it lowers the amount of the male hormones ( androgens ) that play a pivotal role in acne and oily skin.’’


@AnhedonicApe One thing is certain: my body was already set up. If it had been the body of a “healthy” person, after a few days he would have recovered. Sometimes I think I could have crashed without any substance doing anything (tribulus, zinc, NAC). My syndrome was simply progressing.


Reporting back, I still feeling really really good, the same, no more seat back, nothing changed, seem very permanent.
Good luck to all.


Moonchild, did you have severe ir mild ED?

''discovered that trichostatin A and other HDACIs suppressed AR gene expression in prostate cancer cell lines as well as in AR-positive breast carcinoma cells and in mouse prostate. ‘’ Seems like HDACinhibitors surpress AR gene expression. @MOONCHILD did you know this?

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I had severe ED, now I am normal again.
Libido is really really good what it make me really happy of enjoying life again.

Cancer cell are not the same as normal cells.+(Not all HDACIs are anti adrogen or 5ari)
Even though I stop taking it more that a month ago, because the lack of budget ’ Saving for Christmas​:santa::evergreen_tree::christmas_tree::snowman:" :smiley:"
It is good to know that suppress AR in cancer cell , it is plus to take it.
Butyrate and BHB have several health benefits, I planing to take it more in the future.

Hey Moon, first of all thanks for sharing your results, gives us a lot of hope.

I’ve got the BHB, Sodium Butyrate and even…GHB, another helpful butyrate. GHB helped increase my baseline for sure last year.

I know you take BHB 10-15g with 2g vitamin C. Now my question is, do you take it all at once? Do you spread it throughout the day, or do you take it multiple times per day?

Another thing, my libido is decent, its the cognitive symptoms I’m dealing with. A little brain fog, lack of emotions, no pleasure/excitement or passion. What exactly were your symptoms? Did this routine help with these?

I might have to stop the vitamin c if I react badly. Will this work without vitamin c?

Thanks bro.

I believe some but not all. I believe keto is a safe way to inhibit hdacs as long as you avoid poly fat and artificial sweeteners. Exercise is another low risk way. This list shows demethylation agents but they all seem to be very anti androgenic in nature.

MCurtone, which brands did you buy these three supplements? Do you have any source?

Its already in this thread. BodyBio Sodium Butyrate, PureBulk BHB, and GHB is street-sourced.

GHB is not BHB and it is not safe.

#1-Combine BHB and Butyrate.

Here is a pure BHB source

You can find it in Amazon

Here Butyrate

You can also find it in Amazon both

#2-Long walks are important like a hour every day.

#3-Keep hydrated.

#4-Fasting regularly ( You can dink decaf coffee it promote autophagy what is good for your good and your brain) Caffeine is not good for your sleep and promote anxiety. Note: If you are going to use decaf coffee I recommend water processed.

There is not an exactly a protocol with this as soon you walk enough, fast regularly, Keep hydrated, you take your BHB and Butyrate as the label instructions you should be fine.

Guys you can take all this advises as a treatment, always note that recovery can take time, but if you are disciplined you can recover from PFS nightmare.

I don’t care anymore about doctor, testosterone number, hormones and studies.

Good luck to all


It’s good to hear. I strongly believe most disorders here are a result of epigenetic programming which especially sex hormones seems prone do. Different effect on people with different ages (take estrogen after years of estrogen deprivation f.x have a different effect). There’s a lot more evidence in the hormone world.
IUGR seems to have a very high chance of getting fat later in life, HGH signaling is impaired in a epigenetic fashion-
Androgen-deprivation therapy loses it effectiveness in a couple of years… Could this be similiar to HRT and estrogen for women and not because the cancer “mutated”?

My own personal experience suggest as much, there’s something about the way that this disease manifest. I have had occasional “on” reversal of my PFS symptoms due to certain agents. One in particular I had a strong reversal of my symptoms (mood, libido, cognition, erection, skin). It’s nothing like receptor sensitizing/desensitizing in it’s time course.

One of the agent I tried was L-Carnitine L-tartrate which basically reversed all my symptoms for aproxximately a month. I’ve had a lot of help from Trib. Terr. but nothing I would call a reversal. I’ve had a few 3 day recoveries as well earlier. Sometimes I feel better with exercise, sleeping or doing something random. It could be other hormones raising and falling, influencing chromatin and gene expression slightly

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