Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


What have you been doing diet wise?



More fibre, I definitely am not saying that this is what has helped however. It is unlikely to hurt you though.



Fibres change your guts flora, from what I understand.



Day 123 I ate only meat at dinner yesterday and took 2 pills of anti-histamin. I got knock out for good. Sleep 9/10. Is it because of no carbs ? Or the pills only ? Probably both.

Getting up from bed was hard. Gravity was really pulling me back ! Even after taking my wake up pills I stayed grogy for an hour or two. Then I was normal. It seems I can have a little carbs for breakfast as long as I’m active and burn it up after.

Anyway. I wanted a resful night, I got it.

Today I’m eating mostly fat grilled chicken, as that’s what available.
Tonight, I’ll take 1 1/2 pill of anti-histamin. That should do it.

Can’t wait to test Orexin at 6pm to see if it helps with circadian rythm.

I’ll post tomorrow.



Day 125 Sleep hasn’t come back. Last two nights, I slept some, then woke up and drifted in and off for the rest of the night. 3.5/10

I’ll have to eliminate things from my regimen. I’ll eliminate all new addiction from the last month. That’s Sulforaphane, St-John’s Worth, Schisandra and Bacopa. Might as well stop Horny Goat weed for 2 weeks, make this week a Pine Pollen week and the next one a Tribulus Terrestris. Maybe i’ll just stop the sex herbs later on. Never had much problem with sex plus I don’t care having high or low sex drive. I just have more or less sex and it’s fine either way.

I need to get my sleep back and I’m doing something wrong. Of course, I had crappy food while I was on the island for 4 days. So I’m also back to full ketogenic.

Update: Horrible day. I’ve been tired, had brain fog and was barely able to work. It reminds me of the last 6 months before stopping fin. I would have insomnia, and be incapacitated 4-5 days a week.

The amino acids were working fine. Even after a bad night, I would have nice, productive days full of energy and in a good mood.

I think it’s the Sulforaphane that messed it up. I noticed amino acids were not working as well with it. And with the extra herbs I’m taking, it’s now hard to find out what does what. So, I’ll reset to what it was before and this time I will not try to get it perfect, but just good enough so I can pass those few years and heal. (that is, I believe I can heal in 4-5 years.)



Day 126 Looks like it works. 9/10 Sleep. What did I change ?

First I went on a strict ketogenic diet, no carbs, high saturated fat and limited protein. So I’m not on a carnivore / ketogenic diet anymore. Just a plain keto one.
I just found what they call fat bombs… Basically 80% saturated fat with something to make it palatable, like cacao powder and stevia.

Second I stopped all herbs that are said to be for the brain. I guess its messed up enough already, don’t need to add more. That includes Sulforaphane. Bye bye !

Third, I was exhausted. ha ha. So I may not sleep as good tonight.

Nonetheless, now that I’ve made the relation between carbs and insomnia, I will try and reduce carbs to the least possible amounts (it is to be noted that the body can transform proteins into carbs.)

I used coconut oil and ghee, plus cacao and Equal sweetener (I know I know)



Day 127 Sleep 9/10. although it did take me time to fall asleep. that should teach me about NOT eating a cocoa fat bomb in the evening. Nothing wrong with the fat, but chocolate can have caffeine like effects.

Im surprised how fast I could get back to no symptoms at all. The secret: no carbs and exercise. And stopping stuff like Sulforaphane, St-Johns Worth, Bacopa, Schisandra. Plants with neurological effects are hard to control.

Plus they are plants and Im anti-vegan ideology. I think we should eat almost only animals (but dont tell all 7 billions of us, there wont be enough for everyone. I also think we shouldnt be 7 billion, but that`s another topic)

I will update my regimen under Ozeph Regimen and Supplement



Day 128 Sleep 9.25/10 plus I reduced Clonazepam by 0.5 mg yesterday . It didn’t affect my sleep.
I will reduce by 0.5 mg again tonight, which will bring me to the dose I was taking in January, before I had to go on a business trip and deviated from my diet. I’ll keep reducing the sleeping drugs as much as I can.

I write sleep 9.25/10 because it was almost perfect, except for the finale: I’m groggy from the sleeping pills when I wake up, it lasts about an hour. Let’s call this an artificial 9.25. and see if I can make it more natural, without drugs.

I also had 2 fat bombs yesterday. A chocolate one in the morning and a mixed berry and almond one in the evening. Plus I had 2 pieces of cheese before sleep which provides energy for the night, but also tryptophan, which converts into melatonin. (provided you have magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and zinc available but I have plenty of those). Not only I sleep good, but I managed to start gaining weight in fat. So far, all my weight gains were in muscle. If i start gaining in fat, I can adjust the fat bombs to just stay level. This way, I feel no hunger and I have the level of energy I’m burning each day.

So I’m symptom free during the day, and have been symptom free for three nights. Let see what’s next.



Day 129 Sleep 9/10. I did not and will not try to reduce Clonazepam by more than 0.5 mg a week. This thing is addictive and get stored in fat. Meanwhile, I’ll rely on 12.5 mg of Hydroxyzine to stay asleep. That and the 2 slices of cheese before sleep.

Again, daytime is normal and so is sex life. (if you can call normal the diet and supplements I’m taking to achieve this)

I eat cooked spinach almost everyday. I’ll try eating it raw instead and test the Dolichol theory. Looks like at least one guy recovered from spinach. Sounds like a lottery, you just have to pick your lucky supplement !
Plus it’s obviously harmless to try.



lol, unfortunately this seems to be true for the time being. Perhaps one day that will change.

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Day 130 Sleep 8/10 which I’m still grateful for having. I think that’s the effect of having decreased Clonazepam by 0.5 mg 2 days ago. This shit is addictive and the withdrawal effects are delayed. Let’s see if I can lower more in a week or if I should wait yet another week before decreasing (if I’m decreasing again at all).

Meanwhile, I’m chewing raw spinach. It’s less dishes to wash than having to cook it but it makes me feel like a rabbit or a cow. It also a bit hard on the stomach but hey ! It’s not like this disease is a fun ride anyway.

Aside from that, no new experiment. I’m just keeping the same heading and sailing smoothly until time decides I had enough and wave its magical wand to heal me.

The best to you all, I’ll keep posting as always.

Update: I felt demotivated all day. ! took an extra 350 mg of L-Dopa and decided to try 50 mg of Sulforaphane again. In my past attempts, it kept me focused and motivated but had a bad effect on sleep and made me depress. Let’s see if I can get my motivation back and if I get the rest with it.



Hve you tried glutamic acid? Its the precursor of GABA. As far as I can tell you only tried glutamine.



I didn’t. I should try.

Thanks for the tip !



Day 133 Sleep was around 7.5/10 for the last few days. It’s ok, I’m decreasing Clonazepam and tonight will decrease Hydroxyzine as it keeps me groggy all day long.

I started again Sulforaphane with various results. looks like at first, I get great concentration and motivation and after taking it a few days it does nothing and eventually start having bad effect. So I’ll see if cycling it yields better results. I will also use smaller doses. 30-40 mg is enough.

Aside from that, I’m not really trying anything new. I’m currently on Tribulus Terrestris but will soon switch to Horny Goat Weed, which seems to have a stronger effect on me.

Life goes on…

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Day 135 I had sleep 8 or 9/10 for the last two nights, despite decreasing hydroxyzine (and Clonazepam last week). That’s a streak of 10 days of good nights, ranging from 7.5 to 9 on 10, AND I decreased sleeping drugs.

What do I do ? I’m as ketogenic as I can, reducing even proteins to prevent their transformation into glucose (and of course 0 carbs) and I added fat bombs as dessert to my meal. The one I had just a moment ago was made of 75% coconut oil and ghee, the rest being heavy cream, almond powder and mixed berry juice as well as stevia. 1 fat bomb = 500 calories. As a result, I not only eliminated most anxiety, slept better, but also stopped losing weight. Ketogenic diet are known to make you thin and I’m as thin as I’ve ever been. So I need to stabilize and stop losing weight.

Second secret, 3 slices of cheese before sleep.

I have to add fiber to my diet though. I’m pushing the limits with this crazy diet. I ended up constipated, with blood in my stool.

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Day 136 Sleep 7/10 after oversleeping 11 hours the day before. I actually knew it would happen, if I want to sleep well, I have to set the alarm and sleep no more than 8:300 even on holidays.

So i want to try and test out what happens when I stop some of the supplements I’m taking. Today, I didn’t take my “right before lunch” amino acids. Those are 5-HTP 100 mg, L-Tyrosine 1000 mg and L-Dopa 350 mg (as well as vitamin B complex). around 4:30 pm, I started feeling insecure, a bit confused and started having anxiety. So I took the pills. I know, I could have went through the unpleasant experience and see where it leads, but what’s the point ? If I wanted to live the full spectrum of pfs symptoms I would never have taken on a diet with exercise and aminos to begin with.

Next week, I’ll see what happens if I stop Calcium Lactate and Pyruvate in the morning. I took those following the theory of narcolepsy in an attempts t have my Orexin receptors un-hindered by glucose. Lactate and pyruvate protects those receptors and makes Orexin more efficient. I already stopped taking it in the afternoon, now I want to see what happens if I don’t take it at all.

I’ll continue testing the elimination of supplements in order to only take those that benefit me.



What happens if you don’t take the hydroxyzine and/or clonazepam for sleep?



I don’t sleep at all. Eventually my alarm rings and it’s time to get up.

Insomnia has been building up in the last 4 year of taking fin, it became total after the crash 10 months ago.



Day 137 Bad sleep again 7/10 with 5 being the lower limit at which I can still have a functional day, but barely. below 5, the ship is sinking. I’m accumulating fatigue or at the very least I cannot function during the day. 1/10 would mean I can accomplish to brush my teeth, eat and maybe take a shower. that’s it. So at 7, I can function during the day, it’s just that the night was agitated and unpleasant.

So anyway. Yesterday, in an attempt to add fibers to my diet, I put a cup or red kidney beans in my evening meal. It’s got 13 gr of fibers, nice, but also 40 gr of carbs. As a result, I had anxiety in the evening and didn’t sleep well at night. Good news, I can go toilet and no longer have blood in my stool. So I will now purchase orange flavored dietary fiber at the pharmacy and eat the pumpkin seed sitting on my desk.

Ketogenic diet: Great ! No more neurological symptom, headache, sinusitis, gastric problem, joint problem, gingivitis, etc… BUT, you’re stuck with it. You eat carbs, you get your misery refunded to you.



Day 138 Sleep improving, 8/10. Carbs really makes a difference.

Yesterday I took Sulforaphane, around 11am, 40mg. It really helps clear brain fog, being focused and in a good mood. The body gets used to it pretty fast so I have to cycle it, 3 days in 3 days out.

I believe it’s by cycling things that we can trigger the body to fix and balance itself with what’s missing.