Almost finished my HCG,HMG,CLOMID,ARIMIDEX treatment.


As I said almost a month ago, I got to see a Specialized Doctor and he prescribed me a treatment with HCG, HMG, CLOMID and ARIMIDEX for 4 weeks.

I almost finished with the treatment but I will post the results as soon as I finish it completely.


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Can you give us any indication on how you have responded to your treatment prior to finishing it? Good, bad? Any improvement or waste of time?

Clomid and arimidex…

Great so the doctor has made it utterly impossible to ascertain your actual estradiol level despite arimidex and by mixing in so many differing medications has created his own little Chaos theory in your endocrine system. :blush:

Not only that if it works or fails, or has bad side effects he wont know why, he wont have a clue.

Sounds like madness and a recipe for hot flushes, back aches, low libido and erectile dysfunction…hope you are ok.

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to be honest, I havent experienced any benefits AT ALL. I also have to say that I haven´t felt any side effects. It feels like I haven´t taken anything during all this month.

I´ll get some hormonal tests this following week. I´ll let you all know the results.

There is no way of knowing proper why things have not worked out because;

A) There are too many variables given the cocktail of medications
B) You cannot test for estradiol despite arimidex because tamoxifen is also included in the cocktail and it blocks estradiol at the estrogen receptor sites and therefore its effects cannot be seen in the blood, so it is impossible to know what is happening with estradiol.

Obviously you can have SHBG, testosterone, free testosterone, DHT etc tested but estradiol is a key hormone and it simply cannot be tested for as the result/level will confer no meaning at all.

Out of interest can you tell me the doses/schedule involved in this prescription/protocol?

You said you were on HMG…Has this corrected your watery semen?

Haven’t seen a post from you in almost 2 YEARS…

are you fully healed?


Cepo was online a month or so ago when I was, I pm’d him 'cos he had kind of disappeared.

I don’t want to steal his thunder but he told me he’d got back to normal via the above, he was going to post a recovery but the section had just been locked.

He wasn’t a really bad case but it’s still an impressive recovery, his hormones were out of whack and he had the sexual sides.

Just because the recovery section has been locked does not mean he should not post about his recovery by updating his own thread. From there, the thread can be moved to the recovery section. If you contact him, please ask him to update us on this, here.

His last post, he said the below so curious how things changed for him, based on treatment, how long treatment was etc.


CEPO said:

Well we didn’t swap numbers or anything…
He said that he felt nothing and that if that was the way it was going to be he would just accept things and stop posting. Then shortly afterwards he said he got back to 100%.

I suppose it would be good for the Spanish and Portugese guys to know there is a doctor there with the experience and know how to potentially solve some problems.

yep, i will be very interested in knowing that doctor´s name, or at least the hospital or health company he went to get treated.

Well it’s really unbelievable that someone can experience all this and recover, knowing others are in despair and can’t be bothered to put a couple of paragraphs with some details down and say thanks, good luck and bye.

I agree Monty. It’s very sad but it’s the world we live in.

Hopefully TS can make a return. I cant completely blame someone for wanting to forget this forum even exists but ultimately it is pretty disappointing for someone to do that.

Personally, when i fully recover i’m intending on making a large thread step-by-step of things for a PFS sufferer to try. I wouldn’t post up until im sure things are better so maybe TS is waiting too.

Did Cepo ever come back and let us know if/how he recovered!!???

Hello all,

First of all, I would like to apologize for not keeping you guys up to date about my progress. It was a pretty scary experience the suffering of the side effects and, after everything I tried, I just gave up reading, searching about it, hoping everything would get back to normal in time. I needed to stay away from all this.

If I remember correctly, my last posts were about my treatment with HCG, HMG, CLOMID and ARIMIDEX for 4 weeks. After that, nothing seemed to change (I really did put all my faith on the treatment and I was expecting a “back to normal” recovery) so I focused on dealing with life. I was quite depressed at that time.

Not long after that, I met a girl and, as the relationship went on, that’s when I realized I was getting back to normal. Please do keep in mind that the whole insecurity aspect of suffering the side effects was still there, but I realised that my body was responding naturally, my libido was slowly coming back again and so on.

I knew I was back to normal when speaking with her about what I went through and realizing that those same side effects I was explaining to her were gone.

It has been quite many years already and I can say for sure that I am 100% back to normal.

I really do hope this post can help any of you, give you hope. I knew some of you are going through difficult times dealing with this but, there was a time when I also thought I wasnt going to recover from my side effects (ED, low libido, cold genital area, watery semen, etc) and here I am now, back to normal.

Again, sorry for not keeping you updated (and Please excuse my english).

Best regards.


thank you for coming back and posting, giving people hope

Crepo could u please write the name of the doctorÂż

Interesting thread

Indeed, is there more info about the exact protocol of @cepo ?